Friday, January 30, 2009

night at the funfair : version '09

do you know that it is one of my life dreams to go on a ferris wheel?
not this one lahh goodness no! i want to go to those in Japan XD ever since Honey&Clover, i've always had this wish.
why version '09, you may ask. well you see, last year i went to the funfair before and blogged about it before too! ok let me post the last year's one up for fun :D here it is!

Nyaaaaaaaa~~! XD

Just came back from the FUNFAIR!!!
(or should I say “allegedly” FUNFAIR?)

It was the typical small town funfair. Bright colorful lights, cheesy music, rip-off rides & tacky games. Nice~~ HAHAH!

Me kirst khoo & limlulu were in Old Town Kopitiam yc-ing at around 8+pm. Then Khoo left for somewhere early and so we decided to go “follow the light”. There’s this spotlight that’s been beaming (?) towards the sky for the past couple of days dy and we wanted to follow it to see where it was coming from.

So follow lah.

Went all the way to Tanjung Lumpur there and as predicted/expected, it was a funfair!! Yay! (lulu says: bumper cars!!!!!)

I’ve never been to a funfair before! I think I’ve been to one when I was like 6 7 years old but I’m not really sure (so kira as never go before lah k).

We parked along the road there and had a very soggy and mushy walk towards the funfair grounds. Wet wet puddle-y funfair grounds, I mean. Coz of the rainy season and everything lah. (And I was wearing my little black-less-than-one-inch-“heels” sandals so had to practically tip toe all the way there!)

Reached there, lulu says: bumper cars!!!!! Went to change for the tokens (Wah had to pay wan! At first when I saw everything like so open like that I thought there was no need pay tim wtf) with the leftovers from the yc money. One token RM2 wth! Got 12 tokens.

Bumper cars!! 2 tokens each. Very very fun! Bang here bang there! So ganas! But no idea how to control the stupid cars! *toot* But VERY fun hahaha!

“Haunted House”. 1 token each. Fucking rip-off! Went in less than one meter, train got stuck. Cannot move at all. Then Stupid Moron asked us to go down and wait there. That time we were halfway in the “tunnel” dy so had to squeeze out! Some people sitting behind (the half that wasn’t in the “tunnel” yet) don’t want ask them to go down wor, die die must ask us! Discrimination!! *toot* Then Stupid Moron said to wait there first and when the train started to go in dy, we quickly jumped in.

While waiting for Stupid Moron. Wah lulu's facial expression! Keng! Damn dramatic!

Go one miserable, miserable round, less than 15 seconds (literally), then stopped for a while. SM dunno went for back up or something then came back to continue. Went 3 miserable rounds. Nothing AT ALL. Don’t say scary, surprising also takde wtf! Just got one statue of a Pontianak in a dim lighting, then one person draped in white. That person stand there like bengong ny, no sound, no movements, no nothing. At least attempt a miserable “boo” lah! So nice his job just stand there make stupid ny…

Still waiting for Stupid Moron wth.

It was definitely an experience! Then walk walk around…see people play games…wah all the games (surprisingly) have very high chances of winning something! And by “something” I mean made-in-china-probably-costs-50cents-max toys.

There was this game where they give you 3 small hoops and you throw it, if it loops around any vertical stick, you get a prize. 1 token for 3 hoops. There were lots of those vertical sticks and you don’t really need to stand far away so this guy kept getting it real easily. The prize was a can of fizzy drink for each loop. Coke, F&N etc etc. Not bad right? And it looks easy. So we used our last token for that. Each got a hoop.

I threw first. Tak kena.

Lulu threw next. Also tak kena!

Kirst threw last.

*doki doki*


Zhadou. Thought will kena at least one! HAHAHAHAHAH bodo ny we all!

So walk walk then balik lar, coz started to rain dy!

Oh yah, the reason we didn’t got on the other rides: All look so brutal. Ferris wheel span damn freakin fast! ALL the rides span damn freakin fast and high! Even looking at it made me felt sick.
Sent Kirst back, went ta pao McD (lulu wants, not me k!) at TC, then balik~

Nice la the FUNFAIR~ Fun! Interesting!


and that, my friends, was last year's. (see how i write in my private blog, totally uncensored and straightforward hahah no filtering at all! i actually prefer to write like that sigh) this years? well it started off with a yc-session too, with charan, tkl, kirst and pao at TC. sai mai lou wheee littlegreentadpoles wheeee XD and kirst gave me a little pressie aawww a star-necklace! me loves stars! thanks kirst!

oh yah forgot to say,

so anyways after that we went to Soon It's house coz they it legal for me to say it publicly ah?) money all. hahahah then we lepak lepak there watch them play then limlulu came to pick me kirst and pao up!

star cardigan...limlulu how could you... T________T

before leaving, khoo (sorry not used to calling you sean laaa hahahah) told me: "take care of kirst ah".

i said: "orh".

*sends kirst to death-defying ride wtf
*and asks her to pose so i can take picture put on my blog WTF
*and camwhores happily while she risks her life eh eh eh check out my pearl hairband hohoho nice leh guess where i got it from!

after the ride. limlulu like no more soul ady hahahahaha =p

and then we played BUMPER CARS!! 3 ROUND WHOOHOO! how exhilirating! the first time, it was only the four of us in the whole area! so we went bumping-crazy HAHAHAH shouting and crashing so violently! that limlulu so ganas! for the third round, we paired up coz tak cukup tokens. kirst lost her 2 tokens somemore =( or dunno who steal cis! so yah i paired up with limlulu and she offered to let me drive and i gladly took it.

but when the game starts....

she so ganas omgggg ask me to "turn here!" "turn there!!" "press harder!!" "PRESS HARDER!!!" (ok this sound so wrong hahahahaha!)coz i don't really know how to control it properly, she helped me turn lah but i was so scared of her i quickly let go the steering wheel and just tekan the bottom peddle hard hard ny HAHAHAHAH her eyes were so...merciless *whimpers

showing foreigners how big our asian eyes can go hahah

we had some extra token after that (but not enough for another round T__T) so we went and play this ball-throwing thing. for everyball we could throw in the netting-thing, we get a coupon.

RM2=1 token=5 balls to throw.

we used up 2 tokens only to get 3 coupons hahah kirst wanted a rubik's cube so we got that for 2 coupons and left one more we took a random large pencil ny lah hahahah!

tadaa! our winnings! XD


sorry ah khoo i bet you regret asking me to jaga her right hahahaha sorry sorry! *shy

pao sho cute!

this girl made soooo many poses with the pencil! got one of her pretending to bunuh diri with it somemore hahahahahh dunno can post here anot =__="i joined her sigh this is the taikor one hahah got one is the spanking one RAWR

this is the force : hasil kerja limlulu! i need my ingredients for char siew pao mahhh
hahah we're like 2 little gremlins XD
my camwhoring partner oh how i've missed you!

later we went to Taj makannnn! then hor..someone hor..found an insect in her maggi goreng! then someone quickly took it out and said: "dont look dont think just eat" HAHAHAHAHAH

note: names concealed to protect the identity/reputation of the victim.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

perth, australia.

yup, thats exactly where i had gone missing to for the past month hoho

it. was. so. very. unbelievably. awesome.

but sadly, i can't post up much pics here because it involves other people (family members, friends, random strangers etc) that might not be too pleased to have their pictures taken and shown to the public. oh boy i took LOADS of pics. 1100 pictures, actually.

yeahhhh im the typical tourist/camwhorer/blogowner huh. i took pictures of everything and anything hahah but unfortunately, i hardly took any pictures of myself. most of my activities involves the whole family so its rather awkward to pose and take pictures of myself in front of everyone. luckily, in several occasions, i was offered to be taken picture of so phew~
and i cannot go much into detail so i'll just mainly list out a few things that doens't really involve anyone, ok? ok hahah here goes!

this is in the PM!

weather: rather inconsistent. super hot one day, perfectly cool another (despite summer). it ranges from 19degreescelcius to, the highest, 41.5degrees. the temperature is closely monitored for each week so the under-35degrees days are very much welcomed. emphasis on very much. the heat, when its 41degrees, its like opening up a heated oven. it hits your face like ouchhhh. luckily, it only went up like that on a couple of days of the one month i was there. other days, it was fine. most houses are fully air-conditioned anyways. i love the cool weather though, especially when its down on 20s. very confortable XD no need to on fan and so nice to sleep or go out hehe nights can be pretty cool though, i wear my cardi to bed hahah love~

spotless skies are suprisingly calming

humidity: never really grasped the full concept of humidity before. i just couldn't imagine it (which says alot for someone like me who can pretty much imagine anything and why does that sound so wrong hmm). until now. when i stepped out the airport, i felt so...light. really. as in, breathing is much easier, like a huge weight being lifted of my chest. and i dont sweat. hah it feels so good! we can walk around all day in the sun and not sweat AT ALL! awesome! XD

places i went to:
Fremantle (or as the locals call it, Freo), King's Park, London Court, Caversham Wildlife Park, the City, Swan Valley, Cottlesloe, Leighton Beach, UWA, Whiteman's Park, Harbour Town (factory outlets of every brand possible = cheappp!), South Beach, Port Mandurah, Market City, Heathcote Park, Penguin Island, Heathcote Park and Church. (for more info on these places, use google hahahahaha or ask me yourself.)

as you might have noticed, i went to many parks. parks are a big thing in australia. so are picnics. my gosh picnics! thats it. australians take their picnics seriously. i went to numerous picnics, one every few days, on average. i think its coz the weather is so good and the parks are so well maintained/beautiful. the parks are so full of families having picnics and just plain chilling out. King's Park was the best. some parks have like fully-gassed bbq pits (free to use somemore!), tables & chairs and taps, catered for the avid picnicers hahahah people here are pretty laid back, if you ask me. so cool sigh if only malaysia is like that.

see what the girrrrl is wearrrrring on herrrrr head hahahahah

this pic was taken on my first evening, several hours after we arrived. it was Carol's in The Park. it was a pretty big event, taking up the whole oval (australian word for "field" hahah) and organised by the church. the church even sponsored some rides like bumper cars, mini ferris wheel and the bull thing (where you sit on it and see how long you can hang on while it rocks that thing) and services like manicures/pedicures, face painting and farm animal pettings (bunnies etc XD). did i mention that it was open to all, christians and non-christians, for absolutely FREE? yah, everything. it was about the church giving back to the community. and it was so fun, very carnival-like XD but very cold as well, i was practically freezing, even with my cardi and blanket! this beats the pantai-sepat-sleeping-by-the-beach kind of cold-to-the-bones-cold. btw, sun goes down at 8.30PM!

xmas = candycanes + sparkly baubles

isn't this absolutely stunning? i can hardly take my eyes off this picture. we went looking at christmas lights one night. these houses are decorated with loads of lights for christmas and the best one will win a contest! lots of people actually drive around the areas and go down to take pictures/look at them prettiness. its not like a whole row of houses like these though, its all rather far-between. so we did have to do some driving around the neighourhood. cool night though hehe luckily my camera was good enough to capture it so beautifully. it wasn't as pitch dark as it might seem in the pic actually, just my camera. =)

i love taking walks here

close up!

this, my friend, is the park near the house. its reaaaaally gorgeous, especially with the purple jakarandas blooming. we were very lucky to see it though coz a few days later all the purpleness dropped off (spring's over dy mah hahah). its like only a minute of walk from the house. we often walk here after dinner, which is around 8, before the sun sets. usually we can see people having picnics here as well. on days when we're really semangat, we take a bigger walk up to the next few neighbourhood, which takes up to an hour so you can imagine how far hahah all these activity has lead to my not gaining any weight at all during this whole holiday period whoohoo! and i would know, coz there's a freaking scale in the bathroom so for once i actually know how much i weigh hahahah coz my house takde mahhh hehe well, actually in the first 2 weeks i gained 1 kg but lost it pretty soon hahahah yah i actually check everyday, so fun =)

stunning view sighhhh~

above DNA tower. i did enough "exercising" in this trip to last me 2 years, seriously.

these were taken in King's Park, a gorgeous view of the city. the park was really big and had lots of stuff to see, like an aboriginal art gallery, statues and memorials. i took like 60 pics around here actually hahah but not suitable to be posted up here so too bad lah~ unless you guys wanna come my house and see! oh yah, we had a picnic there. had ginger beer for the first time mmm~ second picture was taken above the DNA tower, called so because the two stairs up interwined in that shape. its a fancy viewing tower, basically hahah

some dude putting on a little show

the fruit area! peaches mmm~

this was in Fremantle aka Freo. its kind of by the beach and wow i love the building and shops here! perfect for walking and browsing about and it gives off a kinda chic-bintang-walk vibe. LOVE IT. we went to a friend's japanese restaurant for a behind-the-scenes look at house things are made hahah damn cool XD then after that we went to the market. it was so big and merry and colourful and lots of thing for sale! oohh you know those japanese koi fish flag they put up on a pole during children's day or something?? they were selling it there damn lah i want! got pirate flag for sale also hahahah lots of random things! it was after church and i walked around there for a couple hours on HEELS you know omg so proud of myself hahah i love my new heels XD first time in my life i have heels sigh aussie size suits me so welAlign Centerl hahahah i've said before that if i ever have heels i'd walk in them 24/7 but not sure if i can live up to it now hehe but i'll try oh boy will i try. wish i'd gotten another pair! what if it dies omggg it costed me AUD16, btw.

kangaroooooo! yummmm~ hint: "how you doing~?" (if you dont get it then sudahlah hahahah)

mass of white: sheep being sheared. mass of grey: the wool.

Caversham Wildlife Park! lots of animals like kangaroos roaming around freely for visitors to pet and touch and feed! koalas and wombats too XD and bustards hahahah but have to pay la to get in, im not sure how much ady. there was a demonstration of a sheep being sheared, that was reaaally interesting! they sheared a sheep right in front of our eyes! i even took a video of it hahah it looks cruel but its actually not so dont worry. we were also given a chance to milk a cow, but i didnt go for it hahah sissy! ah this was the day that i went out under the sun the whole day without sunblock hahahahahaha came back with tan lines on my feet (sandals mah)! it was not really hot though, just rather sunny. i don't hide & run from the sun as i do in malaysia (you guys know the extent i will go to to avoid the sun right hahahah) coz its just not hot! i dont know why but it feels kinda good to get tanned like this hahah liberating whoo! after spending 2 hours there we went to Whiteman's Park nearby for a picnic. i love the chips we have during picnic mmm~ the salt&vinegar flavour is so good XD oh on the way there there was a sign by the road that said "anything free is good" HAHAHAHHAHA so i was reminded of one of my favourite blog-reads. irrelevent.


"anything free is good" huh..

these were taken on the day we went for a drive around Swan Valley and went to a chocolate factory! went to a winery as well but thats not as interesting as the choc factory lah of course hahah there were sooooo many vineyards there at the valley! every few metres of driving sure can see a vineyard on the left and right ady! and most of them have signs outside offering free wine&cheese tasting. we went past some ice-cream and chocolate factories offering free tasting too hehe but didnt go lah coz they said the ice-cream okok ny nothing fantastic. but the choc fact that we went to was great! free tasting bowls of 3 types of chocs were put there for everyone, in the form of chocolate chips. the prices for these chocs were rather pricey though so we didn't get anything.

sunsets and boats make a pretty combination

cool effect! hehe it was night time but i turn on the flash and it was in a white bucket.

the fremantle jetty! thats where we were on new year's eve with a couple of other families. again, lots of food and picnicing hahah but we were actually there for crabbing and fishing! well, some of us, that is. others (like me) were just there for fun hahah the weather was great that night as we watch the sun set. got only one miserable crab though this year and few fishes T__________T they said last year, they got like few BOXES of crabs you know! and everyone eat until wanna die ady hahahah yah, everybody shared. and dang you know what they used as bait? LAMB wtf damn mangada these crabs! where got crabs eat lamb wan hahah but there is a reason for it lah. its coz it has to be submerged in the water for quite some time so if it's chicken, it'll disintegrate really quickly and lamb is just more...tough?

sitting near the dunes~

very postcard-y right?? ahhhh so pretty~

ah another picnic! XD dinner,Align Left this time, at leighton beach. ohh the sand is soooo fine and soft! and the water, from the indian ocean, is damn cold weih hahah this par of the beach is allowed for dogs so we brought Olie there. is this my worst nightmare of what hahahahah but it really isn't. not really anyways. i did had some fear that some random dog will come and maul me to death but luckily i stick close to my cousins hahah then we watched the sun set, it was postcard-worthy. absolute gorgeousness.

arriving penguin island!
sea lion! this is only one of the maaaaany that were lazing around!

shockingly, this wan't my idea!

ah i only put this up coz i look pretty decent here hehe and im not afraid to admit it RAWR

Penguin Island! its not like a huge island island, by the way. its so near that we can actually WALK to the island. yah, we saw some people walking but we're not dressed for that so we went on a ferry instead. its not very safe to walk also coz there might be a strong current and the tide might go up. ohhh we saw some penguins being fed and moulting! we also walked to the other side of the island after the (again) picnic, and gosh everything is just so beautiful. the beaches, the scenery. it feels so good to be surrounded by so much beauty XD after that we boarded a ferry for a cruise to nearby islands/rocks to look for sea lions and we found 'em! big lumps of sea lions basking in the sun~ took many pics of them and then we blah to other areas. lots of seagulls and pelicans hmm in the middle of the ferry, the bottom is made of glass/clearplastic/whatever so we got to see whats going on below the ferry. it was very very windy! another tanning day hahahah

and that's basically it! well, not really lah hahah but i really malas wanna post up so many pics, took me 2 days to finish this post ok sigh and i know there's not much interesting pics, all my face only hahahahah scared you say i tipu you all! its prove that i was there and i did not google all the pics and pretend they're mine hahah *paranoid so yes all pics are from MY camera ok!

ah yes environment: you know the skies are usually cloudless, not a single hint of them marshmallows. hence, hardly any rain. hence, water is really precious here! you're only allowed to water your lawn/garden twice a week! neighbours can report to the authorities if they catch you watering more than that. even the toilets have like half-flush buttons hahahah and most people here bring their own environmentally-friendly bags when shopping! all houses have a recycle bin too i think.

so yah this is my perth-trip post! no more ady after this hahah but i think in the next post i'll talk about what i bought there heheeee shopping in perth is AWESOME! its the sale season. well, from the day i arrived until the day i went back, it was still sale-ing so yah hahahah Christmas sale, Boxing Day sale, New Year's sale, Holidays sale, Back to School sale and Australia Day sale whoo~ XD