Sunday, February 1, 2009

19 going on 33~

i know i've been procrastinating on my what-i-bought-in-australia post >.< i've also been procrastinating my full-detailed-what-i-did-everyday-in-perth-but-not-meant-for-here post right? right?? >.<

oh look new mattress at last! no more bruises everywhere thanks to stupid spring cis and if you're wondering why i so sad no bed wan got mattress stacked up together ny you better go find a certain missmichelelee&mrdarrenlee and demand a proper explanation hmph.

oh gosh i have been eating so little its not funny anymore. it started on the 27th Jan, when i was in Sitiawan. me dad n pongpong were going to have a trip to Ipoh (about an hour a way) to grab some stuff from dad's rented house (he used to work there). all the way there my stomach was feeling a little discomfort already so i didn't talk much and tried to sleep it off. but that didn't work. when we got to 2nd uncle's house for lunch, my stomach was hurting so bad ady and i was feeling rather nauseous too coz dad kept braking and accelerating so ganasly T________T we all then went to Chicken Rice Shop for lunch and i literally ate half a spoon of rice and felt absolutely terrible gahhhhh!

went to uncle's house after that to try to puke it off but cannot keluar pulak cisssss so fine we went to the rented house to get the stuff but found out that the key wasn't where it was supposed to be so wasted ny lah our trip!

then on the way back...

i puked. twice. 2 plastic bags.

(yah our car always got plastic bags wan coz i used to get motion sickness like this all the time when i was really young. this hasn't happened in like years though sigh)

stomach was hurting like hell so i tried to sleep it off again sigh reached sitiawan in the evening and i went straight to bed until like 10PM. covered myself with blanket. its weird coz i felt so very cold but i was very hot as well! i touched myself (HAHA wtf) and i was burning up! but my family can go painin somemore wtf i woke up to a very empty/dark house boohoo still stomach ache sigh so sit outside watch the simpsons for a while on laptop.

next day, didn't had any breakfast before leaving for kl. no breakfast! i dont ever not have breakfast voluntarily ok so this is big deal! had a bite of kompiang though hehe but no motion sickness so ok ok lah. reached kl and pongpong said wanna belanja properity burger wor!!! (which is my favourite McD food ever!) but i cannot eat coz i just can't =( he very (shockingly) nicely bought me the RM3 nuggets though and i had a very very hard time finishing it >.< dinner that night, barely touched the food. 4 bites and kautim.
since then, i still dont have much of an appetite T______T CNY cookies? no feel. my favourite mandarin oranges? lagi no feel. delicious bakua? none. chocolates from australia? forgotten all about it. uber yuumy yim kok kai (salt baked chicken) from Ipoh? who cares. arti's bday cake for aqid? turned it down with a heavy heart. titties cake? dont even mention it.

the very aptly named titties (AS IN TITS, YOU FOOL) cakes.

its like everytime i eat, my stomach feels funny and ready to kill me ady =(

lets i woke up at 11AM and ate nothing until like 2PM+ where i had a piece of the yim kok kai coz then at least i can say i ate something. then the peeps came and i had some of the snacks that was passed around. it felt...ok. and dinner just now i actually finished my 5 spoons of rice with lauk! so my stomach thing is ok ady huh now i just have to solve this appetite thing >.<


the point is, we had a suprise birthday party for amirul aqid yesterday! this thing had been put into plan since...before i even left for australia HAHAHAH so me & pao arrived at arti's at 7PM+, picked up by habibi thanks ah brader wtf practically everybody were there already, busy getting ready and before i knew it a bagful of ice was shoved to my face and i was soon sent to labour >.<

while shopping for his present, tkl got an eye checkup HAHA so random!

nah let you see nearer to make up for the lack of pictures in his blog
pao also got a checkup! jengjengjeng! can pout somemore!

just coz this is my blog HAH.

when everything was ready we lepak awhile until arti & aqid came back from their little picnic. light the candles 10 minutes before wtf hahahahahah no lah when we got a text from arti we quickly off the lights draw the curtains stuck the candles in one by hard one and light it!

sorry ah blur coz it was dark. its so classy right, silver sugar beads on chocolate. complete with intentional misspelling of name :D

when we came in we went SUPRISE!!! with poor halim having to hold the cake a full 5 minutes i reckon with the candles lighted up and already burning halfway down hahah and sources told that aqid actually went teary aaawwwww but so far no proof of that hehe so reputation still terjaga hor.


ahem ok continue. we sang him the song and he blew the cake. aww sho happy aww aww aww wtf nah pic of him blowing the candles hehe but blurry again gahhhh!

being made to fake a blowing-candle pose coz previous picture was unsatisfactory.

we got him 2 t-shirts that was so him! arti actually advised us to get the one of the moon-man with rainbow (which we spent so much time looking for it only to find out that its not literally man on the moon with rainbow cis) but me and pao were really feeling the cloud-vomiting-a-rainbow one coz he drew it before. so with habibi's advise, we got both lah hoho problem solved!

"when in doubt, get both." i very often put this motto into practise what with the HYDE CDs last time and the hairbands and the ipanemas sigh.

opening our present! it was from me pao kinleong & habibi!

one of arti's numerous presents for aqid! loving the corset top XD

oh yah did i mention, we actually wanted to get him a small box of Anlene Gold too (HAHAH) but it was so expensive so i took a picture of the Anlene (we were in Cold Storage that time) and mms to him as a "present" HAHAHAHAHAH good joke right?? =p

after a while arti decided to have a change of clothes like those brides in wedding dinners and tadaa must camwhore lah!

this one is just plain camwhoring for no reason hahah not that we ever need one anyway

and guess what pao and i discovered that night! fourfeetnine OMGGGG!! no, not the popular blogger herself hahah but instead someone err height-challenged like her! =p HAHAHAH dont know why pao and me damn excited squealing and running around trying to get a picture with the said specimen! no lah actually we always wondered how someone with a height of fourfeetnine would look like so tadaa wonder no more!

with said specimen hohoho

so after a loooooooooong time deciding to go or not to go out, we finally went out! only to have to wait and decide where to go pulak sigh and we met a new friend mr.wong hahahahahhaaha *private joke wtf so we went to midnight. so many people. no nice place sit. so sit out there and camwhore lah.

like this. tkl you open your leg so big for what ah why dont wanna join da club =phahahaha all damn camwhore man!

tkl. please. stay. away.arti said: "make a nice pose!"

then charan came and someone suggested we go medan feri lah coz got nice nasi lemak so we went off to medan feri pulak hahahah so indecisive lahhhh

only tkl so happy cis always wanna be special wan wor

aqid and his stupid pringles he brought everywhere and oh look its me why i didn't notice i was in the picture oh how nice WTF

sorry lah sien lah coz i cannot eat sigh

then we lepaklepak watch pao kena kacau by the cat then left for KFC pulak wtf how many places are we supposed to go in one night! tkl and his kfc cis but we follow only lah coz meriah mah hahahahah got there and saw khamaltheDAN7***! he was celebrating his birthday (it was past 12AM ady) with his whooooole family!

see this girl like wanna go oscars like that wear so nice tak takut kena rob ke HAHAH nah pao got big eyes whoohoo! =p
and we shall end this long post with me being in kfc.

end dy lah!

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