Friday, February 27, 2009

5 in 1

sigh sien dy lah i dont wanna update so much ady lah. takkan every time i go out also must talk about it meh! if so then i still have LOTS more i have to post T_____T but i have now decided to not post it hmph unless got something really important/interesting lah.

besides, in my (exactly) one and a half years of blogging, i have used 603MB (58%) of the 1024MB available! crazy right?! pao told me she blog so long ady baru 20% like that ny and i was shocked. but true lah my blog have alot of pictures wan hahah

you think this is full of pics? you havent seen my private blog hahahahah you think this is cheong hei? you lagilah havent seen my private blog! oh and just a note, i have 3 blogs now, including this one. just started the new one not too long ago heheh and all damn regularly updated some more! and all also some people can see wan hahah but dont bother googling coz its privated hah!

but the point is, less is more wtf so baibai long picture-y posts that dont say anything much!

so there was one day a couple weeks ago that i went for my first HOI YIN CURRY MAIFUN MEE NO SIHAM of the year! can you tell i was happy? i was.


but before that, arti and i actually went to gelora at 7AM (MORNING!!) to jog wtf and the crazy tkl also joined us! we do the craziest things i tell you hahah and we were trying to see if there were any people there who are from our age group. there was. like, 3 of them wtf.

after that i went to her house for a shower and change of clothes.

(tkl sudah pegi kerja lah duh hahah)

another memorial-like picture huh hahahah!

waiting for the queen in her car

we went to hoi yin and met up with lulu and char. i think i was the only one eating wtf so sad lah! but im not sure lah if lulu ate anot. hahahah everybody so nice teman me ah~ while i was eating arti was doing her nails there, french manicures!

(oh wait. damn. i forgot lah who was there! i think we went to pick aqid up already at this point! was lulu there?? i pretty sure she was.. crap forgot dy lah hahah damn long ady you know! >.< )

anyways after that me arti and aqid went to mega to just look around and thats when i bought my that hair dye hehe then hor, on the way out to the car, arti suddenly asked me to camwhore then and there at the side coz i supposedly look so hiphop! XD

( oh oh i remember! i was avoiding the burning sun and the cap was offered as a shade then tadaa im hiphop like that ady! )

yes yes the shoes.

no i did not wear them shoes on purpose! i wore it for the jogging thing and then i forgot to bring my sandals T_________T damn weird you know walking around the mall with those shoes on! like, so tak ngam like that sighhhh

selepas itu kami pergi ke ecm pulak sebab aku mau cari sunnies. er..sunglasses. at the parking lot we spotted a really cool car and proceded to camwhore with it like nobody's business hehe anything can be used! nothing is ever forbidden for the true camwhores and true camwhores have absolutely no shame at all whoohoo! =p

being all cool yo

we then went to the shop beside MNG and tried on practically all their sunnies, taking pictures of us trying them on! but i couldn't really find any suitables one =( not even in my fave shop, padini! and arti's taste is waaay too daring for me =( i can't pull off alot of things laaaa *whines

here's one among the many many pics hehe

big night out =)

just a few nights ago, we went to STARBUCKS!! :D

we were kinda tired of the same old same old padi/medanferi/tc so one night me and pao decided to act rich and while the other young people around town go clubbing get drunk on a saturday night, us elegant posh people went for a drink at starbucks instead hehe but sad lor we two shared one cup of vanilla cream blended ny T________T so the 4 of us huddled over one tiny table with one glorious cup of drink in the middle hahah

heaven :D my absolute fave!
the joys of whipped cream mmm~ ok that sounded wrong =_=" we scooped it of little by little XD so jarang can enjoy this.

mf & ng joined us later (like, an hour later than the meeting time! =p) and ohhh look what we got!

a rare never-seen-before picture with ng hahahah!
mana itu mf ah??

guess who we saw! phei yee and her friends! wahh everybody like so pretty ady nowadays hahahah pao was not-so-secretly hating her for her dress (quote: "phei yee i hate you!") and i was secretly hating her friend for her quirky owl necklace =p

that night was rather quiet though, no fire hahahahah but nothing wrong with some peace and quiet once a while huh hahah and then i think in the end they cannot tahan the posh-ness ady so everyone desperately wanted to go somewhere else cis

thoroughly satisfied with life :D

took a long time to decide where to go! some wanna go tc some dont wanna so in the end settled for charan's house. what an unusual place to lepak hahah and i followed limlulu's car but when reached there she said ah i dont wanna go in lah my curfew is up. then i asked why she followed, she said she just wanted to see where his house is hahahahah =_________="

we talked and planned and laughed until nearly 2 or 3AM! and his house so meriah hahah my house would be dead quiet and dark by 12AM but his house at 2PM pun, still got his family members going in out like so party like that ("hello teacher!"). so nice lah!

eyes were getting tired though boohoo

one day, out of the blue, fooahpao called me and told me to get ready for she is coming with limlulu to pick me up RIGHT NOW. so i quickly got ready and threw on any old clothes on. and hairband. and contacts. and eyeliner. and laced up shoes.
with or without laces nicer ah?
pao wanted to go valentine shopping so we headed to mega! at popular, we saw this girl getting the whole bloody twilight series! so thick-ass the books (and expensive too!) also she can just casually get it all at once. wahhhh salute \(>.<)> see, so many!

hohoho ini fooahpao yang er gate-nya terkena kereta limlulu oleh itu dia harus men...wipe itu kereta kerana cat biru gate-nya tercalar terkena. fuh my bahasa damn good.

valentine shopping soon turned into clothes shopping hahahah while pao tries on clothes, my and ini limlulu camwhored outside =D yesh, i am wearing a skirt ohohohoh.

nah limlulu now you cannot complain "yer i look so ugly" ady hmph drastic measures.

well, in the end pao did not get anything for habibi. what i mean is, she didnt get anything in ready-to-use form lah haha but she got something for someone else! a pleasant suprise! (next post lah k and habibi jangan fikir yang bukanbukan =p)


oh we had some coupons for mcd the other day so we went to mcd for breakfast! omg i love their sausage mcmuffin with egg and hash brown! it was only RM6.20 (including tax) per set, with coupon. cheap hor! but arent you proud of me for not going to hoiyin hahah i've only went to hoiyin once so far this year! *bangga

or. gas. mic.

mf came to join us later and we all had a good steady flow of conversation hahahah and another member of The Club is discovered wtf (im talking nonsense dont listen to me) ohhh did you know that you can ask for extra mayo??

there this girl got some and dipped everything in it hahahah i know what to get you for your next birthday also!

gosh seriously, sausage mcmuffin is awesome man. really. no shit.

mf had to go back ady a couple hours or so later. ohh ohhh then we went to the boutique opposite pantai selamat there, next to khoo's house, according to pao hahahah tzatza is it? yah there la. i like the deco and the atmosphere of the shop but clothes-wise, likethat likethat ny la.

then we went to limlulu's (old) house! which is next door to her new house wtf where got people pindah so near wan hahah so funny! :D

shandy mmm~ then i forgot what happened. so much for good memory huh fps? hahah really, i totally forgot!

(no lah i actually have a terrible headache now >.< caused by lack of sleep, im sure. and i just have to finish this post! that day iw as offline but writing in this page then suddenly tertekan [backspace] and everything disappeared T_________T damn. sakit. hati! dah lah i was in such a good mood and my sentences all so funny wan you know! >.< )

everyday so many things to write about but no time T______T and i have 3 blogs to keep updated practically daily wtf yah, seriously! can die! and when i dont update some people bisingbising pulak gahhhhhh kirimi wtf

are you as sick of picture-perfect smiles as i am wtf

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