Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Chak Fan Experience

(Well, actually, its chap fan. But its chak fan here coz arti says so.)

After STPM.

This is the time where young people like us (well, most of us :p) could go crazy doing everything and anything we‘ve always wanted to, taking advantage of such unadulterated freedom and the fact that we’re all way past the legal age of 18.

Drinking, drugs, late nights, smoking, parties, clubs.

Well, that’s the stereotype huh?


We have chak fan picnics.

Uh huh.

Really. Seriously.


para peserta.

Arti, being a chakfan-holic, one day suggested we all have a mass chak fan thingy (coz we’re all very free and got nothing else better to do mah) hahahah so a couple days ago, pao and i went to school first to take the pin number thingy and after that go tapao the chak fan from the err satay zul there that one kedai kopi somethingorother.

It was…weird hahah I’ve never tapao-ed chak fan by myself before, never go to that restaurant before, and lagi never to take the lauk myself before!

So after I take the stuff I wanted, pao (who at first don’t wanna eat coz very full ady) annot tahan see the yummy yummy food decided to have some as well muahahahahah welcome to the dark side! =p

Meanwhile, arti and aqid already tapao-ed earlier and we met at the beach.

menganjinging me is it cis

To avoid the sand from getting into our food, we went to the pondoks there instead to eat. The only relatively empty pondok has an old guy lepaking there alone so we were like whattheheck sit only lah what can he do to us cis

look what we found =p

It was like 3PM that time so we were all pretty hungry and after looking at each other’s lauk (and taking picture, of course!) , we quickly dig in!

Well if you know me well you’d know I don’t like to eat plain white rice so I finished all my lauk and some of the rice pretty quickly. Honestly I’ve never seen anyone so appreciatively like arti eating chak fan before it was quite a sight hahahahah!

anyone lost a hobo?
By the time everyone was done, we were all groaning on how full we were but the little snacks were taken out and finished in no time as well hahahah ayam gempak wtf

oldness was suprisingly agile to jump over to the rock!

Friends. Eat. Drink. Chat. Laugh.

Life. XD

Being rather bored of the inactivity, arti came up with the great idea of dressing pao up in her beach towel hahahahah which resulted in a hilarious set of outfits! Can post this pic anot ah pao oh pao?? Heavily edited hahahahah coz I just downloaded a new photo editor thingy hehe! (my photoshop expired ady T______T)

artist hard at work
tadaa! cute leh~

And then the worst happened! Someone we know so ngam walk past there and saw us and he was holding a camera some more and quickly took a pic of pao /wahaha (creepy laughing panda) this is too funny!

i suddenly remembered my self-imposed ban on the kawaiii pose! T______T
Play play play then we sien ady then we blah to McD for ice cream pulak! But then we got distracted by the rocks and started playing/camwhoring there instead hahahah and went searching for starfish (but couldn’t find any pun cis)

sibuk mencari

look look!

So fun to play with the waves hahah we held hands and when the waves came crashing to our feet we lifted up our hands and go “aaahhhhHHHHH!” like a bunch of construction workers curi tulang *inside joke

sexy back wtf


finally went to McD where they had an ice cream but i didn't lah coz i dont know why so while they ate i camwhored omg damn tak layan weih this post! so boring and fact-sy! sorry im tired i was out since early morning!

pao and her makhanhan!

see see one of the t-shirts we all got for oldness!

coz of what he drew on our hands!
i like this effect. its called "cinema" :D

sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy >.<

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