Monday, February 2, 2009

di luar kelinik pergigian.

t'was the day after coming back =)

and already in full camwhore mode hoho (to make up for lost time i suppose!) arti didn't know i was back in kuantan (deluded by my telling her i wasn't going back to kuantan till later, of course =p) so i decided to give her a little suprise! so i got in touch with oldness and he also pakat to tipu her hahahahah apparently i was "halim"! we were supposed to meet at......HOIYIN =)))))

little packets of assorted chocolates for those peeps whom i cannot find an appropriate souvenir sorry ah hehe note the elianto bag (and my obsession with the yarn) am i genius or what
but then......
a little present (doubled up as souvenir am i cheap or what hahahah) for her!
she suddenly cannot come out pulak coz have to go to the dentist sigh so fine lah we (me & pao) quickly went to her house instead and tadaaaa show myself! and omg her reaction HAHAHAHAHAHAH like those people in Pimp My Ride or Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (oh how i miss this show) or [insert random suprise makeover reality tv show] like that! backing away from the camera, closing her mouth with her two hands and saying "omg omg omg" LOL!

after getting over the err shock of seeing me we quickly went in and she ripped off the wrapping paper like nobody's business hahahahah so violent! and oohhh what is this i see on her table? a pretty collage of pictures of her & her friends wahh she so semangat wash out the pics hehe im 2 of them omg now only i realized it 2 ONLY WHAT IS THIS!

a marilyn monroe calendar! i was extremely tempted to get one a gwen one for myself ohh speaking of which, good news! :D but i'll save that for later.

anyways so since she had to go the the dentist we decided to follow her also lah and off we went to Jalan Gambut there. i've never been there before and my gosh so hard to find parking la that woman even cursed in italian hehe so funny! pao and arti were like trying to cover themselves though coz they were wearing short shorts teehee wtf

the next thing i know, she went in and we were left out in the wildness, hungry and cold. well, hungry. to distract ourselves from the cruel starvation, we decided to camwhore!

(well, it wasn't so much a decision as it was an instinct.)

we started of slow with our matching hairbands :D (i think by now you can basically see everything i bought in australia ady, which isn't really much to begin with anyways hahah)

standard pose - got so many versions ady my goodness but i really like this!

a very rare full-lengh shot so better appreciate it while you can hahah
then things started to get dangerous with oldness having to climb up the roundround thing to take this picture from this angle hehe

you see!! YOU SEE!!! gahhhhhhhhhhh kirimi wtf
and whoohoo we found another thing to play with! this was in the playground with actual kids running around and old(er) people staring at us.
this shows that anything can be camwhored with.
the lengh some people go to to get an interesting picture hahah but this beats the lala poses right??
look how something as simple as correcting the contrast can make such a difference! this was also cropped coz i dont like how i look from the back hah
pao said: "Sexy legs!"
tang said: "............"
then tadaa arti came out at last! she was like scolding someone hahah so we quickly dragged her to take a picture with us and everything was okay ady after that you see how camwhoring can be so therapeutic?
standard picture. all smiles again hehe
family picture taken by this random auntie there hahahah no lah her brother took this for us
after that we get to balik yays quickly send her brother back home and we left for hoiyin. it was already like 11+o'clock that time and we still haven't had breakfast you know.

(not that i was hungry pun hahah just being dramatic just now)

and guess what!



sighhhhhhh huge disappointment so we came down the car and walked to McD to see if they still have prosperity burger or not but see see it was still the breakfast menu (ah it must have been 10+AM then whoops sorry factual error just now) but but but fear not for prosperity burger is still available! we had to wait awhile so we jalan jalan and found solid proof that Bay 2 is really called Teluk Tongkang omg i always thought it was just a local's nickname or something!

it was soon 11AM and we walked expectedly into McD only to find out that none of us have much money with us WTF i have like RM13, pao has RM10, arti has RM5 and aqid has none! how to have prosperity burger and other-things-enough-to-feed-us like that T_______T discuss discuss for so damn long only to finally decide to go back to arti's house and order McDelivery instead WTF

see how disappointed i am over hoiyin wtf
went back and tried to order it online but see see the online menu no prosperity burger pulak so FINE HAVE TO GET THE NUMBER AND ACTUALLY CALL THEM ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT IT WILL ARRIVE IN 45 MINUTES W.T.F.

i couldn't decide which solo pic to put up so i put both. when in doubt, take both right? which one is better though?
i sounded very angry but actually i was not at all hahah coz arti was belanja-ing me the prosperity burger (sigh try to count how many times the word "prosperity burger" has been said already, including this coz im so tired of typing it i only randomly move my fingers in hope of getting the spelling right coz my brain is barely working wow i am blogging like how i used to already so chatty and detailed and only-for-my-own-reading-ish maybe i should just put this in my private blog huh sigh whatever lah life goes on wtf)


i forgot.

uhm......yah if you actually read my last post you will know that i had my stomach-thingy going on at that time so i wasn't that hungry anyways so the somewhat minor delay did not cause me much trouble nor got me upset. i was just neutral about it hahahah i can't wait to watch the Big Bang Theory on my pc now than finish this post sigh but i have to finish what i started i suppose so ok life goes on again

nothing to do while waiting so camwhore again lah sigh check out arti's italy buyings and play scrabble and pao&oldness played chess can we get anymore boring/nerdy hahah

hahah remember the pink-tee one? ohh my sakura-cardcaptor wing phone strap can be seen so clearly here hehe :D and arti's italian jeans too as a matter of fact.
whoo my partner (and snow white) come join me ah? love the curtains/lighting in arti's room!
FINALLY the food is here! stomach was being funny again but for prosperity burger (count COUNT!) i will do it XD the lovely twister fries was a little soggy though but yummy nevertheless. arti put down some newspapers on the floor and we had a little McD picnic there hahahahah i couldn't finish it completely though so eat the beef and left some bread uneaten sorry >.<

i like the tin foil packaging but why no jasmine tea this year wan i loved that so much =(
pao seemed pretty contented with her bigMac though :p
makanmakan full ady then tido hehe

yah it was so comfortable in the air-cond room that we all felt rather lazy and sleepy hehe but still can camwhore! some quite alot more wan but malas lah post here hahahah you shall live in perpetual suspense jengjengjeng

we counted. we actually hung out together for like 7 hours that day, most of it being in arti's house ahhhhh so nice~

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