Wednesday, February 18, 2009


oh gosh all because of this website hahahahaha!

laughed until stomach ached and eyes teared just now >.<

anyways, just got back from PADI! gosh it was fun! so much laughing and firings hahahah put mf and char together and you shall be entertained for the night =p and i had nasi pataya for the first time. wasn't that fantastic, ok ok ny lah. but it was really funny, everybody giving funny/sarcastic/borderlinemean remarks to practically each other HAHAH then pao screamed and jumped when she felt a cat under the table, causing zhen ru and char to do the same HAHAAHAHAH char!

pao why you so fierce??!

almost everyone ate and most had nasi pataya T____T i didnt want to makan at first coz wanna save money hahah (pao pun!) so i only had a drink. but later see their food come and they makan so happily and pao like so sad cannot makan so she ajak me to share with her, which i happily accepted hehe

first time having nasi pataya! i only like the egg part :D

picture for promotional purposes only hahah ok lah this is not ours la its tkl's one actually coz ours not pedas no chilli wan.

we arrived, saw CM's shirt and terus laugh ady hahahahah coz its like those people in the detergent ads! Breeze or Zip or Daia something like those lah! you know the ads where the detergent will zap across the shirt and that particular part is super clean while the other un-zapped part are still stained?? HAHAHAHAH!! =p

then dunno what we were talking about when pao started eating that made her laugh! so the food was like stuck in between going in her mouth and the spoon hahahah so funny! and she was like half-choking like that (omg why am i laughing this is so mean *laughs somemore) and tahan-ing not to laugh HAHAH! i asked her to hold on dont move coz i wanna take out my camera and she so kwai really hold still let me take picture hahahahah die die also wanna camwhore! =p

ah another funny thing: pao was talking about something rather tragic and i ended her sentence with "fuck my life" and we both, being the only ones in the group who saw the site ady, starting laughing like mad coz we get it! then the others like quiet ny with confused expressions staring at us laughing, which made us laugh somemore. then hor then hor! chuan meng suddenly laughed his trademark laugh like so tiba2! we all looked at each other confused THEN EVERYBODY STARTED LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLY coz his laugh is so infectious!! damn loud you know hahahah until sakit perut wtf when asked why, he said he see we two laugh until very funny and this made everyone laugh again hahahah!!

hoho guess who found what on his plate! how gross! so meifong helped him talk to the owner and tadaa he's not going to be charged for that plate. the owner also offered him a new plate but i think he pun no selera wanna makan ady wan lah after discovering that. meifong very semangat fight for his right :D

this was our sitting positions! to help you understand better! eh dont get offended or anything ah this is just for fun i simply added cartoons ny hehe =p

but so kesian the waiter hahahahah our table was rather long so everytime the waiter serve the food on our (me&mf) end of the table. she'll ask him to bring it to the other side for them coz malas wanna pass one by one so mah fan lah right hahah few times somemore he did that until when mf called him about the fly thing he looked like takut wanna come to our table like that hahahahh poor guy!

then we talked about the fmylife site and gave several examples, which caused everyone to laugh at their tragicness hahah its so sad you know but so funny also >.< everyone started to come up with their won ones too hehe

"today my friends (and gf) jumped & shouted because of a cat under the table. i jumped and shouted too. im a guy. FML"

"today i so damn kap wanna go toilet but tahan-ing for home then they made me laugh so hard i cannot tahan had to go to the padi toilet >.< FML"

"today i danced and sang along to Uptown Girls by Westlife at After Seven. im a guy. FML"

"today i termakan a hidden superhot cili padi hidden in my nasi pataya. FML"

of course, these are just examples =p got la one more very funny one that someone said but so mean hahahah after that, me pao & tkl went to McD drivethru to get some vanilla icecream cones mmm~ pao&tkl cheng! thanksssss! it was an awesome night and i had so much fun hehe i hope you guys had fun too! :D

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