Thursday, February 19, 2009

kanak kanak riang di taman gelora

ye betul we are kanak2 riang hahahah honestly! why la we so pandai memalukan ourselves! our friends must be really thick-skinned to hang out with us hahahahah XD
yah so that day we had karipap! the other day it was habis ady but thank goodness this time got loads of it hehe so we got 'em! XD damn i miss these karipaps (yes i am actually quite aware of the existence of the word "currypuffs".) la and if i remember correctly they used to be spicier, chicken-ier and bigger!

show off hmph

the kids all looking at pao us ny >.<

we decided to be adventurous and do some exploring! rather ethereal isnt it? like a fairy garden hahah
CAUGHT CAMWHORING EXTRAVAGANTLY! these people also =__=" the result hahahah! just wanted a pic with the lotus pond as a background hehe

jalan-ing out also wanna take picture hahah it was rather swamp-y.

it was not a complete fail as we did walk/jog a little after that but for a while ny lah hehe all malas ady! and some people got stitch!

but then some people no stitch also wont run wan laaaa hahaah *kutuk diri sendiri sigh

see whose car simply park in the middle of nowhere!

and then simply masuk masjid ny tsk tsk tsk bad sense of direction lah!

so another day we were feeling adventurous again and decided to go to the new tracks pulak! there the the way in there..roadside there..that one lah! such an exciting life we lead wtf

reason to camwhore (not that we actually need any): limlulu joined us!!! :D

and oldness' bike lookalike! its there everyday man!
igreensheep hahahah "8GB not big ah" i'll never forget that sentence!

hoho you know when we were waiting for pao in the car me and tkl wanted to make a bet! he asked how much i wanna bet that pao is going to bring the igreensheep to gelora and i (without hesitation whatsoever at all) said RM10 she's going to show it. but then he also wanted to bet that she bring it! so cannot bet sigh coz both also agree hahahah then he asked how much i wanna bet that she's going to show it to us when she gets in the car and (without a hint of doubt) said RM5 wtf but he also wanted to bet that she's show us so sigh cannot bet again T___T should get someone who doesn't know pao well to join us hahahahah!

camwhoring with sunbeam :D

this new area is suprisingly pretty! and i was rather shocked to know that i actually has a lake and bridges too! not bad huh hahah and there's benches all along the way to take a little rest one. it definitely feels cleaner here but the thing is, its quite sempit lor the pavement!
pretty right?

and the pavement is raised so when somebody wants to cut pass us (we're just strolling around nonchalantly =p) we have to stop and turn ourselves a little coz if wanna step down on the sides very difficult - its high up mah. whereelse in the old place, its very rata so if anybody wanna jog past we mah walk on the sides ny lah no biggie hahah understand anot?? yah lah i very cheong hei wan sigh

then walk halfway this child wanted to play/camwhore at the playground!

guess who so pandai take this picture! guess guess!

sho cute hahahahah children!

then dunno who came up with this idea (ok lah i confess la if you keep insisting to know sigh its me wtf) to play scissors paper stone then if you win you take a step back and the loser take a step in front, kangkang-ing big big! and kids, dont believe it when tehy say its a game of luck, coz ITS NOT! its about predicting what the other person is going to er come out with! and i suck at it, apparently.

in front of the kids!! >.<

oh the humiliation!

oh the camwhoring opportunities! XD

ok la serious lah a while after that pao & lulu started running and i am left behind wtf after a while ny i started "running" and then a while more later i saw them at this bench then a while some more tkl came and joined us and so ends the awhiles.

the tree behind. they seem really familiar. i dont get it. which chapter of my life?

berak merata rata! hahahahaah!

i need upbeat music to "run" with. whine up is the best hahahaah!

the making of the above pic hehe

wah this post is so...weird hahah the above part damn no mood but the ending here so chatty ady pulak hahahah am i bipolar wtf

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