Sunday, February 15, 2009

mari makan yeesang & nasilemaktelurayam!

fine la blog la blog

damn malas lah so many things so write about. i feel like im handing in some assignment late with every post i posted up! heck CNY is already way over and i havent even talk about the day everyone came over to painin. and the day we went to gerv house! >.< (yee sang whoohoo!)

there's just so many days. maybe i shouldn't even talk about it huh? but so many nice pics to post up! and this is my diary of some sort and if i dont post then i forget about it then when im 80 somebody asks me what i did on February 12th 2009 then what do i say??? i feel irrelevantly pressured T_____T how how how?? gahhhhh *pulls hair

fine start with gerv's house! she was back for a weekend that er weekend and so we went to her house to painin (eventhough CNY almost over ady hahah shy ny)

must take a pic in front of the house first hehe so cute right this pic!

look, camwhoring with habibi! /blush (cannot see him?? there, on the phone screen lah duh the wonders of techonology! can camwhore with people from another side of the globe wtf)

we were the first to arrive! then er several seconds later charan arrived and later arti. then we makannnnnnnnnn hahahah and talk and talk and TALK. the "peanut-butter" biscuit thing are yummy! oh oh and her mom got us some yee sang! do you know that up until a year or two ago, i've NEVER had yee sang before?

how vibrant hehe

where's the hostess??!!

whoohoo let the mixing begin!

nah our darling hostess hehe

there was quite alot to finish and it was only us so in the end arti had to finish them off hehe she was like "nooo duwan duwan" but in the end makan jugak hahahahah nevermind lah, once a year ny wat right! =p (note to self: next birthday present for her!)

after that we talked somemore about the same particular topic that we'll always end up talking about when we gather: the past. mulalah, last time who in what class do what, "no you're in 1A! no im in 3D!", oh there that junior ah, neh the who-who punya sister punya bf that one lah BLABLABLABLABLA. always end up talking about this hahahah that day in medan feri also the same thing happened! all like wanna fight like that, arguing who was in whose class and who lupa their own classmates HAHA!

so the other day we went to medan feri (again!) coz arti wants the nasi lemak. so tkl went and picked her & aqid up from mega and pao finally gave arti her birthday present!

nice hor this pic! got present, card, wrapper and the pesertas!

its a marilyn monroe bag/pouch! so pretty the print!

this girl ah..wont behave wan! ask her pose properly, she will but at the last moment she'll do something unexpected wan ya tuhankuuuuuu *inside joke then she'll say sorry sorry ok ok another one k then SHE"LL DO THE SAME THING AGAIN gahhhhh >.< /killz

then people give chance to do stupid face she dont know play what there *shakes

nasi lemakkkk hahah all so happy eat the nasi lemak ayam telur RM3.50.

let me tell you something really funny! its funny to me lah but to you i dont know. you see, that limlulu finish eating ady sien ady hor so her tangan also gatal ady! gatal ady nevermind you know, but she ah, take the straw and simply play with it! burn it lah, cucuk the ice lah, bend it lah. take straw play nevermind you know, but suddenly burn a straw into pieces and found out that its actually pao's unfinished drink punya wan! kek sei pao HAHAHAHAHAH and play with fire nevermind you know, coz fire very safe wan wont kill people wan, but she go and satay-ed an ice with a straw and put it over the fire! the ice mah melt on the fire and extinguished it ady lor! boohoo no more romantic fire to put a beautiful glow on us ady! then hahahah she went to the next table to steal their fire HAHAHAHA!! :D

look, arti's eating! and oldness is keeping warm hahah like those hobos in movies who stand around the fire to warm themselves on a cold night.

arti obsessed (in every sense of the word) with her purple hair! nah everybody see! i have like 30 pics of her hair like this anyone want any? hehheh zebra top!

look who came to join us later! liyuen and leeboon!

and chuan meng too hehe FOREST hahaahahahahahahahaah!

i love this pic! the flashing lights, the natural-ness and limlulu smiling naturally! (and my hair & red nails look great =p)

new phone wahahahahah!

no lah actually swapped hp with limlulu for a couple days ny hahah limlulu your hp camera is AWESOME!

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