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i got the contact lenses i ordered a couple months ago! XD ng passsed them to me last sunday when they all came to painin and i was like, "YESSSSSSS!!" hahahahah i dont even remember how much i paid for this already but it was almost RM60 lah. i got them in gray baby gray! (or is it grey? gray looks nicer though hahah!)

nevermind the can of shandy behind.

of course, i didn't know how to put them on (i did did some research online before about it but now im just too lazy lah hehe) so i got arti to help me (limlulu you sleep until dunno what time cis :p) i went to the optometrist the next afternoon (which was monday afternoon) to get a bottle of the solution (first time must hear the optometrist's opinion wan mah just to be on the safe side) and it costed me RM20 per bottle! i was like, "which is the best and why ok i'll get it then" hahahahah so senang kena tipu! (oh how many more brackets shall i put you through hmm?)

my hair is beyond words. not in the good way. but i look ok here so whattheheck~

brought it to arti's house so that she can teach me the proper way to do everything. of course, i didn't just randomly pop out at the her house just so she can teach me the ways of the contact lenses! we had plans to go to aqid's house later to see the tiny little new kittehs XD

arti's words: "i just left you alone for 2 seconds and you're already nicely camwhoring in my room".
being the good hostess that she is i was immediately offered some water and OMG BROWNIES! arti's brownies! the last time i had them was in the last few days of school of lower six! sigh they were good~ too bad there were too little to have another piece huh heheh :D

scattering crumbs all over her room >.<

she then gave me all the precise instructions and i was soon ready to put them on! impatient to put them too, actually.


i was so scared hahah ok first i washed my hands with the grape washer and she even took a basin in her room to catch any falling solution sigh so helpful/considerate =) washing rubbing cleaning rinsing then finally, the moment of truth. i was really excited hehe!

jengjengjeng! italian PLAYBOY WHOOHOO! suprisingly classy!

*takes deep deep breath and i try putting it in my eye. the first attempt wasn't succesful because my body just feel weird poking something in my eye i suppose because my hand instinctly pulled back whenever the lense comes close to touching my cornea(?). so i tried again and again and finally got it in! it felt so weird hahah tears started falling down my cheek, lots of them hahahah to the point that i had to be given a tissue >.<
with that said, it should be no suprise for you to find an extra amount of pictures of yours truly posted here today for i am mighty proud about my lenses i dont love them but i like them enough :D

scary or not hahahahah XD

so with that done, we were ready to go visit some little kittens hehe funny thing is, we were supposed to go at like 2PM like that but by the time we got ready and everything is was already like 3PM hahah there were so many things of interest in arti's house, what to do! when else am i going to get another chance see garnier shampoos and italian playboy you tell me.

we love them kittens XD
look at them go...
arti said: you should post this up and caption it "panda on a panda" WTF
so frizzy hahahahah!
kitteh iz hungwy.
look at the little paws *sighs
hahahah i look so kayu in the below picture coz actually i never did dare want to hold this particluar err kitten (Simba) coz it was pretty big and big scratchy animals scare me but then oldness was like holding it and shoving it in my face asking me to hold it wtf i practically screamed in protest so in the end i just let it be put on my lap take a picture as proof and call it a day can you see the fear in my newly-gray eyes huh

and then we got sick bored of all the excessive cuteness surrounding us and i bet his family got bored of our neverending "aawwww"s as well so we left them balls of fluff outside and went in the house. [advertorial starts] by the way i think oldness is looking for anyone who wants them coz they have waaaaaay too many for comfort so if anyone wants a little kitteh please dont hesitate to ask or something [advertorial ends] it was getting rather warm outside too >.< went in to look at some pictures on the pc and then my camwhore aura suddenly infected them hehe
gosh i so want a cap! a white cloth one like the one i always wore in perth!
westside yo
we're so fly uh uh uh

is the lighting awesome or awesome?!

pao's here in spirit but not physically because there's no ayam masak merah cis or so she thinks muahahahahaha :p

after awhile we got bored again hahah (no more props to use for camwhoring ady T________T) so we decided to go to pantai sepat! pantai sepat is actually quite ugly wtf

see, nothing in particular that's especially attractive.

until something miraculous like this happens :D (i meant the sun and the water in that angle, not us being there duh)

layanglayang! *teary eyes i havent played kites since i was small~

aqid doing his hocus pocus focus thing

and little miss mariah carey here does not want to step on the little sand balls and so had to be carried to the other side =_____="

i like this picture alot =)

arti said: "put your hand up on your head and do a fierce like how tyra likes it"

tang said: "aduh sakit kapla la" HAHAHAHAHAH

the leg pop hahah water looks unbelievable, no?

The Old and the Beautiful (no i am not that full of myself it is a play of words you fool) ahh am loving it~
gray eyes gray eyes falalalalalalalala XD

gorgeous shot! love the hair in the sun!lame friendship circle bullshit again HAHAHAHAHA! we were desperately hanging on to each other so as to not fall!
this is more like it :D
and we found another prop and just couldn't resist hehe
bff and all that bullcrap hahahah

tadaa the end! gosh it was so mah fan having to carry around that stupid pink bag sigh but i had to coz all my wallet keys hp tissue lenses case were in there! and i was wearing the loose pants HAH its loose again hahahahah but my appetite is back in the game again whoohoo no more stomach discomfort! XD and that, my friends, signals the beginning of the CNY cookies/oranges craze for me! better late than never eh? it has been an exciting week XD

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