Saturday, February 7, 2009

of pink lemonades, amber & harajukulovers ♥~

a couple days ago, i woke up to find a package for me sitting outside in the living room. so before i could even brush my teeth or wash my face, i quickly grabbed it and took a picture with it wtf

i ♥ ♥ ♥ receiving packages :D

guess what shirt im wearing hahahahah

high. school. musical. on ice or something like that =__="

i totally knew what was in it already hahah coz i just paid for it two days before! i actually ordered it a couple months ago (during STPM itself wtf) but i tak sempat paid for it for i was sudddenly whisked off to KL and soon, australia. so it was only when i got back to kuantan that i could finally paid for it! poor dude i bet he certainly wasn't pleased with such a long-ass delay but i guess better late than never right? =) i like the fact that all the item were beautifully bubble-wrapped, individually too in fact.

so what i actually got was....MAKEUP!

lots of them at dirt-cheap prices! mostly from this site: ELF.

most of the stuff costs USD1 only. yes, USD 1! amazing isn't it?? even after converting to malaysian ringgit its still damn cheap! but of course, after shipping is included its not so dirt-cheap anymore huh hahahah all in all, i paid nearly RM50 for 5 items, including shipping and poslaju. ok wat right?? the average price of a makeup from shops here is around RM10+ already so this is a pretty good deal hehe here's what i got and what's my take on them:

#1: lipstick from NYX. shade: apollo. well i dont really like the colour, its unexpectedly metallic-ish T__T i'll have to mix or layer it on my other lip-stuff i suppose sigh but the texture is really smooth so i wouldn't mind getting another shade.

#2: all over colour stick in pink lemonade. meaning for lips cheeks anything lah hahah i love this product! its smaller than expected but i really love it! gives off the nicest faint pink flush with a hint of shimmer. smells good too hehe the texture is smooth and somewhat creamy. im addicted to it XD so convenient and easy to carry everywhere for a little quick fix!

#3: concealer. well its a tone too dark for me so boohoo but i guess i'll make it work somehow. its really watery so it can be worked as a foundation as well huh hahah very easy to blend! i like the scent very much as well, rather citrusy. the colour is all off in the pic though coz of bad lighting with my hp camera so sorry lah hahah its actually much lighter!

#4: therapeutic conditioning lip balm in vanilla creme. oh gosh the scent is so perfectly delicious! but then again i've always loved the scent on vanilla so :D the one thing i dont like about this though the fact that it leaves residue on my lips =( meaning when i put some on straight it leaves white marks and i'd have to rub it in with my fingertips. other than that, i really works to give me super smooth and soft lips hehe

#5: eyelash curler. hmm i've read before somewhere that guys are actually afraid of eyelash curlers hahahah i wonder if it's true! i haven't really used them properly yet so i dont know how well this works gosh my so-called reviews sucks lah hahahahahaha!

ohhh and the other day when i was in mega with oldness & arti i got myself a hair dye! coz im pretty much sick of my ahbeng-like gold/blonde streaks already and i wanted a change. something subtle and more classy. i got it in Amber.

tadaa no more gold streaks whoohoo! i really like this colour! it came out really well on my bleached highlights (with a slight hint of red) and on my original hair colour its a very subtle chocolate brown (only visible under bright lighting) so yah this is absolutely perfect i love it! XD

yes yes i have very exciting news! it has been an exciting week indeed! remember this post where i didn't know which harajuku watch to get only to pick one in the last minute and in the end got none?

i was deciding between this:

and this:

but now, in the end,

i got this!! ♥~

i know i know its pink and i usually detest pink but this is so unbelievably awesome i have to have it! its so classy and cute and whimsical but not too childish at the same time! i love the little diamantes at the four corners and the stars and the circus-theme going on :D

its awesome isn't it?? and the best part is, it is considerably cheaper than those two! the beige one was USD95 while the blue one was USD55 but this one, this one, is a mere USD29.99!! *weeps tears of joy omg so so so lucky right! i got it off ebay actually but dont worry its brand new!

however, shipping it to malaysia costs a bomb (USD28 wtf) but i have a relative in the US who will be coming down to malaysia later this year so i got it shipped to their place instead! clever, no? better late than never :p i can't wait to get this and hold it in my hands and just bask in its awesomeness i think im over-using the word awesome huh but i dont care its awesome and thats that.

i love stuff from harajuku lovers!

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