Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the one where we go to gelora everyday

this, is the reason i've been out everyfreakinday since i've been in kuantan! so its not like i go yc everyday ok! (more like every other day actually hehe)

so from the same wholesome people that brought you the scrabble game day, this is our gelora project!

yes, believe it or not, i, have been going to gelora practically everyday!

if you really know me, you'd have probably fall off the chair from shock now hahahahah but fear not, for i have my explanation(s) ready though i dont see why i need to explain myself but oh well more words to write/read huh hahah

#1: my month-long stint in australia. i had my hands (and tummy too as a matter of fact :p) full with constant activities here and there everyday go here go there everyday go out for long walks blablablabla to the point that i got used to it ady.

#2: my week-long stint in KL right after coming back from aust. i could die from the inactivity omg everyday wake up online eat online eat bathe drinktropicanatwister online sleep. literally. i was sitting in front of the laptop onlining all freakin day! that, and watching downloaded movies on laptop as well! all. week. long. dah lah stupidpongpongboy have to work cannot bring us out gahhhhhhh T______________T

#3: mah peeps XD we're making up for lost time hahahahah and going to gelora is free! "anything free is good" right? well, petrol is not really free but well...we're carpooling! save the er environment wtf dont worry i'll make it up to you tkl everyday follow you T________T /blush

#4: GP. 'nuff said. and karipap.

yup yup thats it. my (somewhat twisted) reasons :D well, most of them lah hahahah so everyday wait for kinleong to come back from work (like a father HAHAHAHAH) then he'll come pick me & pao (and sometimes fauziah too! *inside joke wtf) up and ohhh we have a new addition! pao's twin brother hahahah meng hung!

omg speaking of which, we had the most hilarious conversation that day! it was soooo funny omg we were laughing like mad until sakit perut >.<

ok so pao and menghung have the same birthday, born in the same room or something like that too i think (he is an hour older than her though). so that day tkl was complaining about how stressed he is and he like marah2 like that so we decided he is like an over-worked father and we are his kids hahahah some more pao was mem-bisinging and kena "marah" by him, like the anak bongsu kena marah! and since my birthday is on the 2nd (HINTTTTTTT!), i am two days older than them.

then suddenly came out the theory that we are triplets HAHAHAHAH and after i came out of the womb pao&menghung were stuck in there for two whole days WTF damn kesian our "mother" ok! then dunnowho's head got stuck in the errr youknowwhat hence the one hour difference between their birth LOL! and you know lah if the head got stuck in there so long sure the anak come out got errr masalah wan right hahah!!

ohhh did i mention, our mother's name is julianne. (the name is totally 100% absolutely positively made up. any coincedence with the living or the dead is just purely coincedence. purely coincedence. so dont get no funny ideas.) the story is that father and mother were kindergarden sweethearts aaawwwww how sweet blablabla (HAHAHAHAH I AM EVIL)

yah that's the story lah hahahah we were laughing so much XD

first day going to gelora with them. before.

note how cool and composed i am in that after pic hahahahah i am not hardcore like them! they walk 50% then jog/run 50% crazy people i pulak walk 95% then jog 5% wtf no kidding!

waaay after hehe
kam yu poh!

the routine: we walk a full round first as warm up. tkl&menghung then start to run. awhile after pao starts to jog and i am left behind T_________T i usually try (key word: try) to err jog with her but i dont have the stamina like them to jog non-stop for more than a round lah T______T so they'll all be ahead of me! and i cheat somemore i use shortcut wan WAHAHAHAHAHAH but then not long after they'll cut me and be ahead of me again this is so depressing T__________________T

but then hor hehe life's not all about jogging and how-many-rounds-you-run-i-run-2-rounds-ady-siot its about camwhoring too!

the roots of a fallen tree! we're like hunters proud with our catch hahah

but thats not it. there's more.and more.

there's actully MORE pictures but ahaha malulah wanna put here shyshy mah heheee (bullcrap)

huhu yesterday was interesting! we heard birds chirping and waves crashing! (inside joke sorry who never come cannot know hmphh) and we didn't actually jog/run hahahah we walked abit and then got the idea to go for some currypuffs at the other end there. but see see they were closing their stall ady =( so we just got some cucur and keropoks lah. of all the days, i didn't bring any money with me! (coz usually i'll bring a one ringgit note, my IC and housekeys) so i couldn't buy anything lah hoho i suppose its a blessing that that stall not opened huh hehehe

we went to the err thingy there to sit and makan (they offered to share with me XD) coz the pondoks (or gazebo wtf) were either taken or dirty. then hor!! dont know who gave the idea to go to McD to tapao omg i really dont know who is that *shifty eyes so off we went!

click here to see tkl's post about it: click! (got pictures somemore, very rare!)

like i said, i had no money so i had to borrow la hahah we were supposed to go there for ice-cream only but suddenly tkl remembered that he had coupons for set meals of spicy chicken mcdeluxe and the timing was just right! guided by the devil's pujukan, they BOTH got a set each omg IT WAS DINNER TIME BTW!

i had an ice cream only hehe

oh how the world had changed it is now not uncommon to see guys camwhoring sorang2 ady hahahahah!

and this tkl ah, like dunno how many years never eat ady, diedie also wanna eat in the car wor! scared his parents found out so he faster faster finished it so that menghung can throw the rubbish for him when he send him back HAHAHAHAH what kind of sneaky way is that!

"look ma, no hands!" see, car moving also must hold the burger box so tightly before its actually safe to eat!

this concludes this post with the fact that yesterday's Gelora Project FAILED! but made us all very happy and satisfied mmmm~

going to gelora everyday is fun! :D and can see so many interesting people and give them nicknames like askar, neon shoes, blueshirt, cutebutt and greenclothes hahahahah you guys know what im talking about! ♥~

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