Friday, February 13, 2009

thoughtless thoughts.

am hungry. wanna post coz everybody's posting. am being promoted but secretly a cover for her malasness to blog cis.

p : says:
p : says:
promote yr blog 99
p : says:
actually i malas to blog only
p : says:

am still hungry.

what an interesting night tonight! forest unleashed HAHAHAHAHA! (inside joke sorry) backfires! japan vs. korea! api terpadam! hot & cold! kucing bodoh! tkl tak makan kfc! phone swap! more gossip about the past hahahahah!

pics and stuff later.

my nails are red. and short. i didn't eat nasi lemak just now. their drinks suck! i owe limlulu her change. i have my class tomorrow. i need a job. a cool glamourous wan hahahah i am dreaming. i wanna work at body shop 30%! i want the cherry blossom range but im afraid's its not selling anymore sigh. a small centipede just ran across my pc table. i bashed it up real good. everybody's teaching. i can't teach. im learning something new. two things, actually. dreams are being turned into reality. i have faith. i feel alive. yet i sound dead wtf

omg what to wear this sat???

red = links.

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