Wednesday, March 25, 2009

another loved-one one taken by this evil thing called cancer.


fuck cancer.

ops makan sihat: the sequel starts tomorrow!

everyone please live healthily.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

do i look phat in this?

another successful blog-shopping! :D

the poslaju-man is my best friend!

this time, its from phatculture!

i wantttttt these freakin cool shoes!

i was randomly clicking around when i saw the bag. i usually wouldn't pay much attention to it but it was still available and plus, i can order it through sms! which is, by the way, a great convenience. it was around 1AM when i sms-ed them (coz two numbers were given) and they both replied immediately! another plus, they were uber friendly and nice sigh i love shoppping online!

within 5 minutes, the deal was settled wtf i was quite scared also coz like tiba2 ny i had booked myself a RM50 (INCLUDING POSTAGE IS THIS A GOOD DEAL OR WHAT!) black faux leather bag! i am not usually that spontaneous hahahah usually i'll think a few days and when i finally decide it'll be sold out wtf

wrapped in another layer

transferred the said amount of money the next day and then the NEXT NEXT DAY she told me she already sent it with postlaju XD and tadaa i got it today! too bad i was still asleep when the poslaju people came so i had to go take it myself later.

ok the bag is almost exactly what i have been looking for for the past say few years. its black, leather (in this case, faux), not shiny, big but not oversized, affordable, has buckles and loads of compartments. at first i was like ok settle black one!


but but but...

just look at the white one >.<

so elegant and classy! dah lah white is the in-colour right now (randomly read it somewhere lah) and and its just so beautiful T_____________T so after i paid i told her i wanted the white one lah. then a while later i told her i wanted black one instead sigh ficklemindedness strikes! you know my motto : "when in doubt, get both" ? yah she offered me RM95 for both! >.<

the thing that changed my mind at the last minute? the presentiment of my throwing the bag here and there hahahah like throwing it at the back of my car when i get into the driver seat or throwing it on the floor when i sit etc etc etc you know lah im not exactly gentle HAHAH and a white bg does not deserve that kind of treatment!

(sigh does my 80 year-old self really needed to know so much details about the process of getting a bag?! this little memory-keeper-blog is turning into a nag of some sort >.<)

brown = rather unconventional = unique.

eh the model damn pretty and pandai pose hor! i wonder if the models = owners? so yah i finally got to open the package 3 hours later (late for work hehe =p) and it shocked me that the bag was so big and spacious! i expected it to be smaller! wah damn happy can throw anything and everything inside hahahah laptop also can fit you know!

numerous zipped compartments delighted the organizer/OCD-person in mebig big space :D

the smooth to the touch! and look so luxurious (meaning : expensive) imma bring this bag everywhere and anywhere you just see. the only complain though: there's this thick hard cardboard thingy at the bottom that cannot be taken out and it bothers me that whenever i sling it on my shoulder and put my arm down it hits against it. meaning i cant put my arm down properly >.<

ah another complain! i dont have enough things to fill up the spaces /wahaha

prefect size (except for that bottom part which shall be the bane of my existence)

doing what i do best/most.
honestly, do i look phat in this? ahah *attempts a funny/witty closing wtf

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"boom boom boom" : the longest post ever.

such a funny song hor! =p

ok let me warn you, this is going to be a very very long (and cheong hei yes limlulu i know you're going to say that =_=) extremely detailed post! but dont worry got alot pictures to entertain those people who dont read hmphh though i am fairly insulted when people say they dont read they just look at the pictures i mean how much more superficial can you get! you see pictures ady then you will automatically judge the person without even giving yourself a chance to properly know the person through their writing/rantings! see, wanna say i got alot pictures in this post also must take up a whole paragraph ady! my elaboration is really good huh maybe thats why can karut so much and get 3A 1B for STPM whoops did i just let it out?

hahahah no i am not boasting ok! but i cannot deny that i am proud. very proud. teehee wtf no lah i owe it all to lady luck/God. really! its like i did absolutely nothing and shitty education system did everything else for me hahahahah despite that, i dont think im smart. at all. i've always believed that upsr pmr spm stpm are lousy kayu ukurs in determining a person's level of intelligence. (they're very good kayu ukur in determining one's memory/skema-ness level though. except for certain subjects that actually require you to use that little mush in your skull. like add maths gosh i miss add maths and mr chan wtf)

now that i think about it i am in fact quite stupid. i dont know much, really. which is probably why i have much more respect for street-smart people then for people who get straight A's in tests. you tell me someone got straight A's and i'll be like "ok good for them crazy study people" but you give me a quick solution to a difficult situation and i'll be like damn respect kaukau man!

yah limlulu you're right. damn freakin cheong hei i dunno how you can tahan sure you see pics ny wan! >.<


results day on the 10th whoohoo! day-trip to kl cancelled boohoo! damn sad weih we plan kaukau ady then suddenly cancelled for the results sigh can we consider it postponed? *hopes coz i still want JOGOYA! XD

ANYWAYS!!! *stressed

i was pretty neutral about it if you know me well you know lah how i am about things like this hahahahaha =p i wasnt tense at all and in fact i was so tak han i watched Changeling (OMG BEST A.J. MOVIE EVER, WATCH IT!! CAN CRY MAN! i did. ) the night before until 5AM hehe

then the next morning i got woken up by a message from arti saying where the fuck are you results can take ady from the dewan at 10.30AM and i was like WHAT! then the next few minutes i dont really remember coz i went back to sleep for a while wtf

see, we're so nervous right!

i decided to wear my brand new top i got from padini/seed the night before (mom's birthday but i get new clothes pulak hahah but i paid half so tak kira as she buy for me lah hor or does it?) with my dark blue jeans and the ribbon flats! pretty "interview-ish" right but actually the word interview-clothes is rather misleading coz the appropriate clothes for an interview differs from each job. heck you dont wear the same thing for an interview for say a strip dancer as you would for say a business manager do you?? so it is misleading and my outfit for the day was appropriate for an interview to like work in a church or something hahahah

i pity those of you who are obligated to read all this shit just because you are my friends! but i dont care imma quiz you all later wtf

on the way to school. see got ribbon wan! and a very pretty colour if i may say so myself :D

love the redness!

this is my other new top i bought together with the green one. loooooong story but ok lah since im in an extremely chatty mood i shall indulge myself.

i tried this on to see if the cutting nice anot so i can buy for my mom for her birthday and buy i did. but then got hole at the side so we went to change it and after that she saw the ribbon wan and changed it to the ribbon one in orange (how appreciative of my taste hmph) but have to tambah some money lah then i pun like it and she already has this colour punya top (xmas present from australia from me) so she offered to pay HALF then i pun suka the red one so in the end got both i had to fork out almost RM30 myself T____________T but i really like padini's clothes! hahahaha did you get any of that? i bet you just skimmed through huh! so mean!

reached school and quickly went to the dewan coz arti was already waiting, result slip in hand but still not opened! ok let me tell you a secret. i like exams. first, coz we dont have classes like usual so dont have to sit still for 40 minutes and pretend im paying attention/did my homework/listening/a good girl hahah! second, coz i like to see how well/bad i did, its like a little suprise. third, the week after exams the teachers will usually be too busy to teach/masuk kelas so yahhh i like exams! freak. so i was rather kan cheong to know what i got for my stpm and speed-walked to the dewan hahah!

so kan cheong hor!

was really glad to see cikgu fauziah in charge of our class! but a little disappointed that rosina wasnt there coz then i cannot go all "HAH IN YOUR FACE!" look down on me somemore lah! again, was glad to see cikgu fauziah. if you're in sabs right now taking business for stpm please do whatever you can to get her to teach you. she is AWESOME. you'll for sure remember that day's lesson coz she'll make you. she's strict but very kind at the same time and no she wont make you do lots of nota (aka 100% photostat copy of buku rujukan wth i dont get people who do notes like that might as well hantar the whole book ny!)

nah if you dont know who i am talking about (*high fives coz most of the time i dont know the teacher's name pun hahahhah) here's a pic we took :D im so glad we took this pic.

(its been three days and i still have not finished this uber long post sigh its ok you can still quit now!)

actually my plan was to like grab that paper and cabut balik (like mf, who actually stuck to the plan) quickly to the comfort of my own home but hahahah a plan is a plan. we went there at 11AM and left around 1PM /wahaha coz too happy ady hehe (and had to wait for oldness for freakin ever!) let me tell you in great (no kidding) detail the moment i opened that slip.

i match teacher arti!

oldness finally arrived and was casually strutting int eh dewan cis i was damn geram you know practically shouted at him to hurry the ass up hahahahhaha so we gathered in a circle and i think aqid still was talking to cikgu fauziah when i just decided to rip off the corners. (pao said: " fold the sides first fold the sides first easier!!!") and sweet holy mother of three (HAHA) the image that was presented in front of me stunned me into temporary speechlessness. i dont quite remember what i said but i think i said "o. m. g." with such an expression that my friends must have thought i got sucky results! they were distracted from their own unopened slip and asked me "what what??!!" the next thing i know someone took my slip, looked at it and started hugging me and shouting in joy :D ok the next part is quite selfish but i think i ran away from the scene wtf to call papamamakongkongpohpohyeemakuche all to share my happiness, sorry friends i feel so bad about it! T_________T

no lah where got so bangga call everyone in the Tang clan called the important ones only (yes, YOU SLEEPING PIG/WOMANIZER =p) honest, i never expected such good results! good in my opinion lah, for you over-achievers i dont know lah hahahah i even had a deva ju experience just a few moments before and in that same dream i dreamt i failed T______T so evil they even said hope my dream comes true wtf oh gosh i feel like im talking to much, tempting fate too much that i might get a call in the morning telling me that i got the wrong results T______________T is that even possible??! or end up in some gawd-forsaken ulu university that i have to pay for myself and an unrecognized cert or the uni goes bankrupt omgggg *takut *go bake myself a humble pie with extra whipped cream >.<

of course, being so in the mood for merry-making, we had to go yumcha/makan! met up at char's house then decided to go Aliff near police station there for nasi beriani. to quote charan: "got aircond, lets go!" omg i've never been there before XD dah lah that day whole kuantan no water hahahah then they used polisterene plates cups bowls etc

use pao's version coz im secretly in it ohoh =p

we all ordered nasi beriani except tkl who went for nasi daun pisang. mine was ayam madu though HAH! but my goodness the portion was so big its triple the rice i usually take. (say ny big but in the end makan habis also HAHAHAH!) then got dhal, acar and papadam somemore mmmm~ good food, nothing beats good food with good friends on a good day :D

you could easily tell which are the foodie and which are the camwhore hahah!

this one confirm blogger lah! how to tell if someone has a blog anot: put something interesting in front of them and if they quickly take a picture, comfirm blogger dy lah hahahaha!

pencerobohan gambar! anda akan dispankdakwa!
im sorry im too happy and i love the colour of my new top!

yes i am back to making lala-poses heheh nigecha act cool yo *thinks of that video =p

you know one of the best things about sitting in the middle of a group is that you can simply ceroboh in any pictures! /wahaha later that evening we went for a quick "jog" (my already-low stamina = negative ady fuck!) and hehe i suggested GP!

a version of fmylife we created while passing by someone's house: "today i came back from college to find my car plastered with CJ7 plushies and stickers. i then went in my room to find that my favourite slippers got replaced by a new pair. a CJ7 one. im a 19 year-old guy. FML" hahahahahahah dont terasa pulak =p but very tragic hor!

then tkl came up with the idea of prank calling some people telling them that he's going to UK for studies ady this weekend! i was confident that everyone already knew he very pandai tipu (heheeee =p) wan and wont fall for it so i bet an ABC that pao for sure wont fall for it.

the process of prank calling.

well, to cut a long story short, she did. and so did sms. and michele. and charan (wth char i had so much confidence in you CIS). and arti. FML.

just cause she wasnt in the celebration day/night LANCI!

nightttt! ok since i had my class, i can only join them at 10PM. we were supposed to go to Checkers and yah we did but NO PLACE TO SIT WTF and its not exactly a club more like a pub so cant exactly join the non-existent dance floor either! char all so comfortable got place sit lah mahai but us late ones (but still not as late as..... =p) couldnt get a place so we decided to blah to TC instead.

took a pic in the bathroom as proof of presence
while we were standing at the car waiting to call pao & mf, char and zr were walking out pulak. they decided to move to TC as well whoohoo the more the merrier thank you char & zr! reached TC to find tkl's classmates all there! kong also, just saw him from class earlier hahahah but they pun have to balik ady. pao & mf arrived soon after.

poser gila!
wear so selamba hor hahah i had no time to dress up/put on more makeup!
zr was really nicely dressed up though, so blog-shop pretty =p oh last time hor if i see people wear heels to tc i'd be like "yer so vain/stupid wear heels beach, how can!" but now im the idiot who wears heels to the beach HAHAHAHAHA we were all so dressed up except mf & pao who were partly dressed up because they got the news early cis but i was so glad i wore a t-shirt and knee-lengh shorts only ah and thank you tkl for belanja-ing me mcnuggets! (i shared it with pao coz i didnt really feel like eating sorry >.<) at one point i raided mf's hp playlist, hence the post title hehe some of us soon got bored and felt somewhat unfulfilled because we got all dressed up for nothing and after a looooong time discussing it, we finally decided to go to After Seven....

...punya opposite for loklok!

HAHAHAHAHAH gotcha wtf i dont club i dont drink i dont smoke i dont do no nothing naughty ok! *coughs extremely violently until blood comes out wtf

back-up plan. pandai! =p

the music from A7 was really good though omg low and even akon mmm i totally love akon nananana~ of course i know what song they played, the played so loud from mega also can dengar lah! oh and saw ema & friends there too, i somehow knew i was going to meet them hahahah too bad couldnt join them though! :D next time ok babe? for sure.

loklok kn best =p

Saturday, March 7, 2009

random pictures day #2

just cause i took 2 really interesting/nice pics today hahah but dont worry my face is not in it wtf

but before that! charan and all have been talking about this popular nasilemak/minyaketcetcetc stall behind alliance bank (kuantan la mana lagi =_=") and the last time he brought us there it was closed hmph so today me and limlulu went for a try (it was on the way mar hehe) !

went there and like wahhh so many cars/people! the tables all goes up until the playground there somemore hahah must be pretty good huh!

it'd be interesting to eat in a playground hehe


quite a variety of food there actually! and most people there are like those working people! even met the super-nice astro boss there (where i was supposed to work sigh can get RM2000 a month k! but long story lah point is i feel so bad and they're such nice people>.<) and she was so friendly gosh i'd so love to work with her! but but.

after class just now, we all went to medan feri again. the usual gang plus meiyin & haoyi tonight hehe wahhh mf so hungry! hahah and pao didnt eat. me pao & zr all drink ais kosong je aawww faster call tv3 bersamamu! ohhh when i got into the car...


i love pineapple tarts! and this fooahpao made it herself during CNY and kept some for me until now T_____________T so touched! so yummy sigh~

ah peach shandy! its goooood! really like it. the peach flavour is really subtle so definitely not overpowering =) all the way from HK siot *hehehee emot

a secluded area of gelora was discovered!

am currently reading the diary of anne frank. barely reached the middle part hahahah and milk is part of ops jimat duit and ops makan sihat. (i havent gone to hoiyin since that first time! VOLUNTARILY! :D)

"working" also can lie down read book sip milk hahahahaha!

finally, the pics i wanted to show! i took this while waiting this morning. showing off long (and thicker wtf) hair, 3 years-never-wear-ady "new" jeans, bag from HK and the absence of "P" on my car hahahah ohh btw, photoshop is cracked and ohohoho so is dreamweaver! can make my own web layout ady then people wont curi ahahahaha!

my much-loved cinema effect taking effect


the other day we went for...something i dont quite remember but after that we went to tc and somehow ended up in jagung-ais place and then ecm! so ngam limlulu is looking for a cap too (white cappppp! you'd think it'd be just about everywhere at dirt cheapp prices but apparently NOT.) so we went to roxy to take a look and wahh quite alot caps but not really my style la. i dont really dig roxy. or immitation stuff, actually, since we're on the topic of expensive brands with plenty of cheap immitations everywhere. unless got no choice lahh hahahahah then use ny lah sigh!

i've been really into checks/plaids/tartan (oh red tartan shorts wherefore art thou??) for quite awhile. but the roxy heart killed it.
i really cannot tahan when i've been wanting/looking for/into something for quite awhile then suddenly its the new trend/in-thing and everyone has it then everyone thinks oh im just following the trend cis is it just me or is everyone feels like this actually??

like i saw a star-printed scarf that day in vincci and someone said yahh star-printed stuff are everywhere now huh in a its-so-in-trend-and-you're-part-of-them voice gahhhhh! ok maybe the voice thing was my paranoia getting to me hahah but i still dont like that said situation ok!

hahahahah with all said and done, for the record, my little bow and pearl hairband plus the bow flats are so following the blair waldorf trend sigh but i cant help liking the look can i now~?

this one not bad! but abit too girly and its not a white cap hmph.

just got this just now.

Lumae lah.. says:
eh today i saw a tiny hotdog toot-ing a huge dalmatian
Lumae lah.. says:


Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'll do a carrie bradshaw.

the word kasut reminds me of puan teh (whom we saw that ecm that day, still as cute as ever!). whenever she askes for an example, everybody will say kasut. it somehow relates to this guy in tuition but its an inside joke we never got hahahah

anyways, just feel like talking about senseless stuff today. not that i usually talk about intelectual world-changing topics anyways but hey who cares!

shoes. i love shoes. heels. i've said many many times that if i ever got heels i'd wear them 24/7.

i do have heels now. one pair. but i too sayang it to wear 24/7 hahah i wont wear it if they road is in bad condition, i wont wear it on rainy days and i wont wear it if im going to somewhere lousy coz nobody can see it. the more little times i wear it the longer it'll last right hahah i scared cannot find another one ady! T_______T (wah revelation. i sound like im talking about a relationship hahahah the less i use the longer it'll last and keeping it longer coz cannot find scared cannot find another one wtf sounds like the typical "dear thelma" dilemma WTF)

i miss australia dearly T_________T

anyways. yah my passion for shoes was revealed when i was in australia. coz the shoes on display are usually sized 8 (my size yo) and above so if i pick a random one to try on confirm will fit my feet wan wahahahaha and all that positive try-ons fired me up whoohoo! then come back kl after that, went to vincci and GOT MY FIRST VINCCI SHOES EVER T________T not that vincci is good but vincci is mainstream and i am now mainstream.

the whole bow trend.

and then i found kirst that day wearing the same one in the most delicious colour ever! my fave colour! a deep dark luxurious shade of rich plum >.< *jealoussss really damn damn nice laa! i want! she got it from nose you know. nose. hmph them and their fancy colours. *flips hair bimbo-style

this picture does it no justice.
ah mezzanine. the ultimate shoe-blog-shop! i love the shoes here! its part mainstream shoes part i'd-only-wear-it-on-a-super-special-occasion-like-my-own-funeral but yeahh omg i love love love their shoes! they have awesome taste!

omgggg >.< i'd die to own these shoes!

and then i found this! in a creamy white shade gahhhh do i have the boringest shade or what! (but i got mine for RM30+ ny HAH!) this colour look so dainty and delicate~ i guess the whole blair waldorf thing is still going on huh.

uber ballerina-like.

actually the main point i got mine was so that i could have something to wear with my tights/leggings/pantyhose/WHATEVERYOULIKETOCALLTHEM. obviously, wearing them with open-toe shoes are just wrong wrong wrong on so many levels and i dont have any closed-toe shoes except my schoolshoes hahah the bow came in as second point. satin-material third. price fourth. dad-payed-half fifth.

then one day holysweetmotherofcarriebradshaw i saw these. and died.

and gone to shoes heaven.

my ultimate fantasy in shoes.

buckles, laces, leather, black, heels. perfection babeh!

sadly, i wouldnt burn my money (its like RM50+ ny i think) on something frivolous like this (bad times, bad times >.<) so yah i cant get these. but i shall imagine myself in them before i go to sleep every night so i can dream about it and be happy and contented for a while. FML.

speaking of shoes, i still have my list! i have checked out flats/ballerinas so whats left is only wedges/espadrilles and fire-engine-red pumps (not shiny, not pvc, not peep-toe, heel not too thin, not expensive, not too high. is this asking too much??).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the valentines day that wasnt really.

the closest thing to celebrating valentines day hahah i've never celebrated it nor acknowledged this very commercial (i feel obligated to say this just because i dont have a bf hahahah) day! no lah actually last year we did kinda acknowledged it in a way by wearing red clothes to tuition wtf but that doesnt really count does it?

this year pulak, we already have a plan for that night hehe but i shall not talk about it here!

anyways arti called me up and suggested that we should be each other's valentines and do a little something (coz we were bored)!

next thing i know i was already out printing some pictures hehe i planned to make a card with our pics in it and damn it was the awesomest card i've ever made! sometimes i get so creative i swear i am creative hahahah let me tell you how good i was with making do with what i have.

knowing her, the beauty queen (the RM60 pot of beauty! *inside story), and knowing my lack of artsy fartsy materials at home, i decided to use magazines! yes, old mags!

breast cancer ad, lipstick ad, foundation ad, yosushi ad all sapu ny *proud

sigh it is my masterpiece. i spent 3 hours on that wtf the glue was not even dried when she came in my room! >.< wait lah one day i go her house take pics of every page and show you all k hehe (if she hasnt already thrown it away somewhere, that is. or use it as a coaster wtf)

nice isnt it!

i also packed some bubblegum (coz she always snatches one whenever someone brings some to school =p), choc (BOUNTY!) and candy in er the purpleridinghood's costume netting (ah memories *sour/bitter/soreloservibe). she was already coming and at the last minute i didnt know where to put them in and couldnt find a little plactic bag to tie them in so just grab the netting je lah hahaha!

gosh i love giving meaningful gifts and going all craftsy :D

so that was my gift to her! she saw the card and like teared up aawwww XD

sigh i am uber proud

so her gift to me was...

#1 - her trademark halfcircle-twirlywhirly-pattern card: special edition. special edition coz its water-coloured hehe not like the usual highlighted or colourpenciled. in my fave colours : black & red! (you missed out dark purple wtf)

love love~

i am awed by her creativity in forming sentences using the little decos!

#2 - a hersheys chocolate bar! :D thank goodness its not some local-made cadbury hahahah once you've gone imported chocs, you never go back! =p

anything chocolate is good whoohoo!

all these was packed in...

#3 - a PAPERBAG FROM JAPAN! japan! when i saw it i said, "oh it looks so japanese" and she was like "yahhh it is from japan you fool!" and continued with an explanation of how she got it.

i was so late i was still in my towel >.<

it was really fun! we should so make it our yearly tradition eh hehe it was an awesome night/morning too that we had, didnt we? =p

she then proceeded to make me take pictureS of her purple highlights =_="

ah and another little valentines suprise! as i mentioned in the last post, me pao & lulu went to mega for pao's valentines shopping. instead of buying something for habibi, she got me something instead *cue audience's aww

can you spot it!

we were waiting in line to pay for the soon-to-be gift for habibi and she suddenly asked me which yanyan flavour i wanted coz she's going to get me one! omg i was damn touched/shocked you know :') pao jarang belanja wan mah (hehe dont terasa pulak) so this was a really pleasant suprise :D thank youuuuuuuu!

nah "uber grateful" picture! got hearts somemore weih!


why are my friends so nice! it was an awesome valentines-but-not-really-valentines if you know what i mean hehe i feel so contented XD