Tuesday, March 17, 2009

do i look phat in this?

another successful blog-shopping! :D

the poslaju-man is my best friend!

this time, its from phatculture!

i wantttttt these freakin cool shoes!

i was randomly clicking around when i saw the bag. i usually wouldn't pay much attention to it but it was still available and plus, i can order it through sms! which is, by the way, a great convenience. it was around 1AM when i sms-ed them (coz two numbers were given) and they both replied immediately! another plus, they were uber friendly and nice sigh i love shoppping online!

within 5 minutes, the deal was settled wtf i was quite scared also coz like tiba2 ny i had booked myself a RM50 (INCLUDING POSTAGE IS THIS A GOOD DEAL OR WHAT!) black faux leather bag! i am not usually that spontaneous hahahah usually i'll think a few days and when i finally decide it'll be sold out wtf

wrapped in another layer

transferred the said amount of money the next day and then the NEXT NEXT DAY she told me she already sent it with postlaju XD and tadaa i got it today! too bad i was still asleep when the poslaju people came so i had to go take it myself later.

ok the bag is almost exactly what i have been looking for for the past say few years. its black, leather (in this case, faux), not shiny, big but not oversized, affordable, has buckles and loads of compartments. at first i was like ok settle black one!


but but but...

just look at the white one >.<

so elegant and classy! dah lah white is the in-colour right now (randomly read it somewhere lah) and and its just so beautiful T_____________T so after i paid i told her i wanted the white one lah. then a while later i told her i wanted black one instead sigh ficklemindedness strikes! you know my motto : "when in doubt, get both" ? yah she offered me RM95 for both! >.<

the thing that changed my mind at the last minute? the presentiment of my throwing the bag here and there hahahah like throwing it at the back of my car when i get into the driver seat or throwing it on the floor when i sit etc etc etc you know lah im not exactly gentle HAHAH and a white bg does not deserve that kind of treatment!

(sigh does my 80 year-old self really needed to know so much details about the process of getting a bag?! this little memory-keeper-blog is turning into a nag of some sort >.<)

brown = rather unconventional = unique.

eh the model damn pretty and pandai pose hor! i wonder if the models = owners? so yah i finally got to open the package 3 hours later (late for work hehe =p) and it shocked me that the bag was so big and spacious! i expected it to be smaller! wah damn happy can throw anything and everything inside hahahah laptop also can fit you know!

numerous zipped compartments delighted the organizer/OCD-person in mebig big space :D

the material...so smooth to the touch! and look so luxurious (meaning : expensive) imma bring this bag everywhere and anywhere you just see. the only complain though: there's this thick hard cardboard thingy at the bottom that cannot be taken out and it bothers me that whenever i sling it on my shoulder and put my arm down it hits against it. meaning i cant put my arm down properly >.<

ah another complain! i dont have enough things to fill up the spaces /wahaha

prefect size (except for that bottom part which shall be the bane of my existence)

doing what i do best/most.
honestly, do i look phat in this? ahah *attempts a funny/witty closing wtf

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