Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'll do a carrie bradshaw.

the word kasut reminds me of puan teh (whom we saw that ecm that day, still as cute as ever!). whenever she askes for an example, everybody will say kasut. it somehow relates to this guy in tuition but its an inside joke we never got hahahah

anyways, just feel like talking about senseless stuff today. not that i usually talk about intelectual world-changing topics anyways but hey who cares!

shoes. i love shoes. heels. i've said many many times that if i ever got heels i'd wear them 24/7.

i do have heels now. one pair. but i too sayang it to wear 24/7 hahah i wont wear it if they road is in bad condition, i wont wear it on rainy days and i wont wear it if im going to somewhere lousy coz nobody can see it. the more little times i wear it the longer it'll last right hahah i scared cannot find another one ady! T_______T (wah revelation. i sound like im talking about a relationship hahahah the less i use the longer it'll last and keeping it longer coz cannot find scared cannot find another one wtf sounds like the typical "dear thelma" dilemma WTF)

i miss australia dearly T_________T

anyways. yah my passion for shoes was revealed when i was in australia. coz the shoes on display are usually sized 8 (my size yo) and above so if i pick a random one to try on confirm will fit my feet wan wahahahaha and all that positive try-ons fired me up whoohoo! then come back kl after that, went to vincci and GOT MY FIRST VINCCI SHOES EVER T________T not that vincci is good but vincci is mainstream and i am now mainstream.

the whole bow trend.

and then i found kirst that day wearing the same one in the most delicious colour ever! my fave colour! a deep dark luxurious shade of rich plum >.< *jealoussss really damn damn nice laa! i want! she got it from nose you know. nose. hmph them and their fancy colours. *flips hair bimbo-style

this picture does it no justice.
ah mezzanine. the ultimate shoe-blog-shop! i love the shoes here! its part mainstream shoes part i'd-only-wear-it-on-a-super-special-occasion-like-my-own-funeral but yeahh omg i love love love their shoes! they have awesome taste!

omgggg >.< i'd die to own these shoes!

and then i found this! in a creamy white shade gahhhh do i have the boringest shade or what! (but i got mine for RM30+ ny HAH!) this colour look so dainty and delicate~ i guess the whole blair waldorf thing is still going on huh.

uber ballerina-like.

actually the main point i got mine was so that i could have something to wear with my tights/leggings/pantyhose/WHATEVERYOULIKETOCALLTHEM. obviously, wearing them with open-toe shoes are just wrong wrong wrong on so many levels and i dont have any closed-toe shoes except my schoolshoes hahah the bow came in as second point. satin-material third. price fourth. dad-payed-half fifth.

then one day holysweetmotherofcarriebradshaw i saw these. and died.

and gone to shoes heaven.

my ultimate fantasy in shoes.

buckles, laces, leather, black, heels. perfection babeh!

sadly, i wouldnt burn my money (its like RM50+ ny i think) on something frivolous like this (bad times, bad times >.<) so yah i cant get these. but i shall imagine myself in them before i go to sleep every night so i can dream about it and be happy and contented for a while. FML.

speaking of shoes, i still have my list! i have checked out flats/ballerinas so whats left is only wedges/espadrilles and fire-engine-red pumps (not shiny, not pvc, not peep-toe, heel not too thin, not expensive, not too high. is this asking too much??).

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