Saturday, March 7, 2009

random pictures day #2

just cause i took 2 really interesting/nice pics today hahah but dont worry my face is not in it wtf

but before that! charan and all have been talking about this popular nasilemak/minyaketcetcetc stall behind alliance bank (kuantan la mana lagi =_=") and the last time he brought us there it was closed hmph so today me and limlulu went for a try (it was on the way mar hehe) !

went there and like wahhh so many cars/people! the tables all goes up until the playground there somemore hahah must be pretty good huh!

it'd be interesting to eat in a playground hehe


quite a variety of food there actually! and most people there are like those working people! even met the super-nice astro boss there (where i was supposed to work sigh can get RM2000 a month k! but long story lah point is i feel so bad and they're such nice people>.<) and she was so friendly gosh i'd so love to work with her! but but.

after class just now, we all went to medan feri again. the usual gang plus meiyin & haoyi tonight hehe wahhh mf so hungry! hahah and pao didnt eat. me pao & zr all drink ais kosong je aawww faster call tv3 bersamamu! ohhh when i got into the car...


i love pineapple tarts! and this fooahpao made it herself during CNY and kept some for me until now T_____________T so touched! so yummy sigh~

ah peach shandy! its goooood! really like it. the peach flavour is really subtle so definitely not overpowering =) all the way from HK siot *hehehee emot

a secluded area of gelora was discovered!

am currently reading the diary of anne frank. barely reached the middle part hahahah and milk is part of ops jimat duit and ops makan sihat. (i havent gone to hoiyin since that first time! VOLUNTARILY! :D)

"working" also can lie down read book sip milk hahahahaha!

finally, the pics i wanted to show! i took this while waiting this morning. showing off long (and thicker wtf) hair, 3 years-never-wear-ady "new" jeans, bag from HK and the absence of "P" on my car hahahah ohh btw, photoshop is cracked and ohohoho so is dreamweaver! can make my own web layout ady then people wont curi ahahahaha!

my much-loved cinema effect taking effect


the other day we went for...something i dont quite remember but after that we went to tc and somehow ended up in jagung-ais place and then ecm! so ngam limlulu is looking for a cap too (white cappppp! you'd think it'd be just about everywhere at dirt cheapp prices but apparently NOT.) so we went to roxy to take a look and wahh quite alot caps but not really my style la. i dont really dig roxy. or immitation stuff, actually, since we're on the topic of expensive brands with plenty of cheap immitations everywhere. unless got no choice lahh hahahahah then use ny lah sigh!

i've been really into checks/plaids/tartan (oh red tartan shorts wherefore art thou??) for quite awhile. but the roxy heart killed it.
i really cannot tahan when i've been wanting/looking for/into something for quite awhile then suddenly its the new trend/in-thing and everyone has it then everyone thinks oh im just following the trend cis is it just me or is everyone feels like this actually??

like i saw a star-printed scarf that day in vincci and someone said yahh star-printed stuff are everywhere now huh in a its-so-in-trend-and-you're-part-of-them voice gahhhhh! ok maybe the voice thing was my paranoia getting to me hahah but i still dont like that said situation ok!

hahahahah with all said and done, for the record, my little bow and pearl hairband plus the bow flats are so following the blair waldorf trend sigh but i cant help liking the look can i now~?

this one not bad! but abit too girly and its not a white cap hmph.

just got this just now.

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eh today i saw a tiny hotdog toot-ing a huge dalmatian
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