Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the valentines day that wasnt really.

the closest thing to celebrating valentines day hahah i've never celebrated it nor acknowledged this very commercial (i feel obligated to say this just because i dont have a bf hahahah) day! no lah actually last year we did kinda acknowledged it in a way by wearing red clothes to tuition wtf but that doesnt really count does it?

this year pulak, we already have a plan for that night hehe but i shall not talk about it here!

anyways arti called me up and suggested that we should be each other's valentines and do a little something (coz we were bored)!

next thing i know i was already out printing some pictures hehe i planned to make a card with our pics in it and damn it was the awesomest card i've ever made! sometimes i get so creative i swear i am creative hahahah let me tell you how good i was with making do with what i have.

knowing her, the beauty queen (the RM60 pot of beauty! *inside story), and knowing my lack of artsy fartsy materials at home, i decided to use magazines! yes, old mags!

breast cancer ad, lipstick ad, foundation ad, yosushi ad all sapu ny *proud

sigh it is my masterpiece. i spent 3 hours on that wtf the glue was not even dried when she came in my room! >.< wait lah one day i go her house take pics of every page and show you all k hehe (if she hasnt already thrown it away somewhere, that is. or use it as a coaster wtf)

nice isnt it!

i also packed some bubblegum (coz she always snatches one whenever someone brings some to school =p), choc (BOUNTY!) and candy in er the purpleridinghood's costume netting (ah memories *sour/bitter/soreloservibe). she was already coming and at the last minute i didnt know where to put them in and couldnt find a little plactic bag to tie them in so just grab the netting je lah hahaha!

gosh i love giving meaningful gifts and going all craftsy :D

so that was my gift to her! she saw the card and like teared up aawwww XD

sigh i am uber proud

so her gift to me was...

#1 - her trademark halfcircle-twirlywhirly-pattern card: special edition. special edition coz its water-coloured hehe not like the usual highlighted or colourpenciled. in my fave colours : black & red! (you missed out dark purple wtf)

love love~

i am awed by her creativity in forming sentences using the little decos!

#2 - a hersheys chocolate bar! :D thank goodness its not some local-made cadbury hahahah once you've gone imported chocs, you never go back! =p

anything chocolate is good whoohoo!

all these was packed in...

#3 - a PAPERBAG FROM JAPAN! japan! when i saw it i said, "oh it looks so japanese" and she was like "yahhh it is from japan you fool!" and continued with an explanation of how she got it.

i was so late i was still in my towel >.<

it was really fun! we should so make it our yearly tradition eh hehe it was an awesome night/morning too that we had, didnt we? =p

she then proceeded to make me take pictureS of her purple highlights =_="

ah and another little valentines suprise! as i mentioned in the last post, me pao & lulu went to mega for pao's valentines shopping. instead of buying something for habibi, she got me something instead *cue audience's aww

can you spot it!

we were waiting in line to pay for the soon-to-be gift for habibi and she suddenly asked me which yanyan flavour i wanted coz she's going to get me one! omg i was damn touched/shocked you know :') pao jarang belanja wan mah (hehe dont terasa pulak) so this was a really pleasant suprise :D thank youuuuuuuu!

nah "uber grateful" picture! got hearts somemore weih!


why are my friends so nice! it was an awesome valentines-but-not-really-valentines if you know what i mean hehe i feel so contented XD

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