Monday, April 20, 2009

the one where we had all those sushi :D

forgot to post this one up in the last post hehe but anyways we had a Little (little with a capital L wtf) Tea Party hahahah original plan was to go to midnight but noooooo someone had to be a diva sigh so yah we had a little thingy hahah

#1: me + espresso! not something you'd see everyday hahah and the thing is, i actually liked it! (damn hiao the face, sure limlulu will say this CIS)

#2: the thing in which the espresso is...made? boiled? whatever lah but it looks pretty cool

#3: our er scones =p pieces of bread with butter and honey mmm~

#4: italian espresso :D its bitter, but not like in-your-face kind of bitter wtf i suck at explaining things but the point is i like it.

#5: nah the other 2 person hahah i finally got the meaning of the "jason. jacuzzi. bad idea" statement!


the point of this new post! note: am still blonde in this period.


where all the sushi on the belt is only RM2, whatever colour plate they may come in! :D

philly cheese i think? normal ny lah. interesting concept though

is this awesome or what! dream come true hahahahah :D we waited for this day for weeks! and everyone was pretty much fully prepared for this, not going to kfc that often, controlling those blog-shopping urges and someone even wore a big shirt just for this hahahahah!

when charan went to take some sushi from another side (coz the good ones didnt stand a chance to reach to our table area >.<), someone noted that the shirt looks too big on him and zr said he memang senjaga wear that shirt so can eat bnyk2 LOL

we actually went there at 11.30AM but it wasnt long before it got full and people had to start queing up!

as soon as we sat down charan & zr (who sat nearest to the belt) started grabbing plates so quickly!

oh then so mean you know as i was eating zr suddenly exclaimed "sue ann, your friend!" and i quickly turned to see who it was. it was a girl with gray/blonde hair WTF zr learning alot bad things from char ady these days tsk tsk tsk

nah limlulu look! our fave!

all in all i had 8 plates, tkl had 9 i think, mf had 5 i think and zr + char had 17? total cost was only RM90 smtg :D i had 3 plates of unagi (hehe it was as good as those unagi in unadon), 2 salmon, two mixeds thingys and 1 lousy chuuka kurage (so little they put until can see the rice below you know!). too bad dont have baby tako >.< char and zr were like stalking the ebi tempura sushi all the way from the sushi-makers to our table, only to have it taken by someone else before they could get their hands on it hahahah ohh got one funny story!

rare rare pics :D

one rare ebi tempura actually survived to our table and as zr & char were watching it come closer and closer to our table, this little boy (whose table was beside ours across the belt) was staring at it too. and just as it reached between both our and little boy's table, zr reached over and snatched it so quickly the boy's eyes widened in dismay HAHAHAH teacher chow how can you crush the dreams of a 10 year old right in front of his eyes! damn funny hahahah poor kid!

for emphasis on our total amount of plates. ni pun havent siap makan!

after makan, we went trying on dresses at MNG and omg i found the nicest dress ever! there's 2 pieces that i tried on. one is with dull silver non-shiny discs all over it (not labucci/sequins coz its not shiny) and the other is cream with pretty patterns over it. both are RM100+ i think? but the silver one is RM129 WTF

but but...i love it >__________<

it fits well (i never knew mng could fit me wtf), it looks great and its very er club-ish =p WANT!!

sigh next thing i know someone will buy this dress just coz i post it up here coz some people dont have original ideas of their own nor original inspirations to speak of sighhh such is the dilemma of life. but you shall all bear witness that I SAW THIS FIRST wtf hahahahaha! *emphasis emphasis

in case you're confused, im talking about the silver one. seriously considering getting it as soon as i get my pay ohohoho :D

awesome, no? phew one post down another 1 to go before i post about my new hair heheeee ♥♥♥~

it'll probably be brown by then wtf

"Part of me wants to show her who she's really screwing. Cause she's got nothin' real, taking everything that she can steal just like it was her last meal. How long is she gonna be around? How long do we have to watch her dumb it down ? 'Cause when it's cheap it fades fast. How long does she think it's gonna last ?"

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Excuse me for my lack of updates recently, for I have been rather busy and streamyx is being quite a nasty little biatch.

The theme of this post is: work hard, play hard.

candid! and love how my hair looks here!

Though my “playing” isn’t exactly as “hard” as it used to be (OMG THAT SOUNDED SO WRONG!) for now I am actively involved in wholesome activities and that only!

(never mind the fact that After Seven got closed for 2 weeks cis)

(though what has that got to do with me I have absolutely no idea *whistles and walks away nonchalantly wtf)

Anyways, here’s little snippets of what has been going on in my life in the past week/month.

The first word that comes to mind is : YC.

Usually the same old same old places like medan feri, kfc,mcd, gp, midnight and a couple times at Red Café too.


#1: meifong and her lala hahahah she had been ccraving for that for so long and finally got it that night!

#2: fooahpao and our RM10 lamb chop! Gosh that night, all the foodies did not eat anything and all the non-foodies ate so much until the table really cannot muat all the plates!

#3: oh look iz very-dirty-blonde me! And photo-crasher tkl humph lanci lah got gf ady so happy wtf eh lamb chop was pretty good you know! ONLY RM10 UNBELIEVABLE! Im in an ABC-phase these days, by the way. Yam flavoured ice cream too mmm~

#4: flash? Checked!
(cannot bising about him ady coz his internet connection ok dy wtf but guess what fooahpao punya pulak yang mati ohohohoh!)


#1: sotong celup tepung for RM9! Eh blogging this way so much easier lah hahah just combine the pics, number them then describe them in a sequence. Am I genius or what!
(you’re not allowed to say “what” ok!)

#2: ZR so cutely-determined to photograph nigecha =p ah reason for the nigecha hehehe its not derogatory ok it’s a combination of NIGELA LAWSON & CHARAN RAJ coz he’s so domestic these days! Its pronounced in an Indian accent though so =p

#3: one is oh-so-obviously posing. The other two not so sure

#4: UNDER A HUGE TRUCK :D It was nearby. I had a camera. We are camwhores. ‘nuff said.


Yam ice cream = ♥♥♥~

ONIGIRI :DDDD uber cute and surprisingly yummy omg I love it! Bought it for us to share hehe

What are we, just married??

#1: promoting my awesome new sunblock that’s so awesome coz it feels like nothing mere seconds after applying it! Plus, it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft~

#2: three words. hurts like hell. I was yelping all the way though >______<

#3: such a funny pics, arti watching aqid so adoringly hahahah and people around us watching suspiciously wtf coz arti tried fake it by getting aqid to carry her up! I even took a really funny video of it but don’t want to post lah scared people copy pulak wtf *inside joke but not really a joke more like a sarcastic comment HINTHINT

#4: just plain old having a good time~ what with my sunnies and handbag and sandals and blonde hair, I couldn’t look more out-of-place in gelora!

Heavily pregnant arti working out a sweat. (JOKING LAH BODO) Heavily aged aqid struggling to fight the process of again (NOT JOKING ANYMORE). And lazy-ass brat stubbornly refusing to lift a single finger (unless the finger is lifted for the purpose of taking a photograph =p )


I love these pics! Someone said its not nice to use the baby as a camwhore-prop but look at her working it y’all hahahah! I generally do not like kids and stuff like that but quiet adorable ones like our darling here, I absolutely adore XD she’s puan zuriati’s, by the way. Yah we finally went for a visit after so long she had been calling us hehe with the help of the Official Guide to Puan Zuriati’s House : aqid. Wah she have this pet white bunny that’s so ganas you know biting off pieces of cucumber so viciously I was damn afraid it’s going to bite my finger right off! Went for ABC at midnight after that hehe with mf and mr.b wtf

the moment of bonding or something cheesy like that wtf


#1: Ahh there was one day where tkl mf & mr.b wanted to climb up bukit pelindung but I was too lazy (and to be honest, quite scared. Childhood trauma wtf) so I decided to wait for them down there while they went up hahah sure the first thing that comes to your mind is “so sad!” wtf but really, I don’t mind being alone sometimes with just my thoughts with me. Loner tendencies sigh~

2: still waiting~

#3: the teh o peng at the stalls behind alliance bank there omg look at the ratio of tea to sugar water: diabetes-inducing man seriously! But hehe nasi minyak! And omg they damn keng man tkl & mf had 2 plates while mr.b had 3 freaking plates WTF nigecha came to join us as well~

OK THE END I shall blog about the sushi king adventure and bbq party next!

Gosh my posts are all so outdated sigh here’s new news: I dyed my hair AGAIN.


here, appreciate the blondeness before i post up pics of my new hair colour hehehe
nice anot the effects :D

"I can't believe she bought it. She got too close and she caught it. Had a point but she forgot it. When you skip steps on the way up the gaps have a way of catching up and you can't cover that with make-up"

Monday, April 13, 2009

pre-dumb blonde era

gahh 3 words!

(no no not charan nigecha amazonian!)
##EDITED:oh sorry my previous title was "hairy business" hahahahah##


its been like what, 2 weeks?
so 2 weeks ago, we ALL (ok fine tkl & limlulu tak join but dont care lah they mmg lanci like that wtf) a hair makeover and everything

the process~
before this was a hairCUT makeover but now most of us (ok fine so its only 3 of us) had a HAIRCOLOUR makeover whoohoo!

as usual we made ourselves at home hehe i got there at 1PMplus only to find out that my appointment was actually 11AM wtf but whatever lah miscommunication (or is it miscomunication?? im pretty sure its the first one gahh ok i'll just call it misCOM) so i was the first to go coz well, mine will take the longest >.<

like the 5 hours kind of longest >___<

charan came too! XD super sharp eyes spotted my car parked deep inside the backlane and came in to pat hahahahah so fun

tu pun nak camwhore

ng came a little later, only to go out then come back again later hahah make yourself at home k ng! meifong came lagi awhile later poor girl man she had to wait like HOURS for her to start! i felt so bad T____________T

but im sure it was all worth it huh =p

heck yah!
itu fooahpao punya before/after gambar but hers no colour lah (hmph another lanci fella!)

NIGECHA --> ni...ah duwan say lah scared people call me racist pulak wtf

but nice right?? ZR also had a haircut but hmm dunno why jarang have pics with her. well actually never had a pic with her pun T__________T ah suddenly remembered! "got alot mosquitoes bites" HAHAHAHAH near jungle mah hahahahwtf *inside joke (luckily his internet connection like shit cannot come to this site phew!)

last, but definitely not least teehee wtf (you know it really annoys me when people blog blog then suddenly got teehee sounds so bimbotic!)

this is my haircut makeover!







or more specifically, light grey green according to Mr. B (pao calls him that =_=")

damn damn cool and unique and definitely nobody has it punya colour :D

oh yah charan left his original ray ban shades there so heheheeeeee tau tau lah what we did with it XD you know a few days before that i was telling limlulu that my whole head of hair have to be bleached for this colour and she said she heard before that some people's hair fell out in chunks after they did it WTF so evil! but i am here to bust that myth IT IT SO NOT TRUE.

it only fell out in strands. lots and lots of strands wtf

hahahah no la *nervous laugh

but then.

the sad reality checked in T____________T that grey faded after a week or so. into this.


(the right side one!)

i am now a constant target for dumb-blonde jokes by nigecha thanksverymuch >.<

yesterday i decided to have my whole head dyed again since its already bleached and all. i decided to go with my dream haircolour: red. as in paramore-girl-punya-hair-punya-red-RED.

then suddenly meifong told me about the usm test thing T_________T and i found out that there could be more tests/interviews for other unis in these month or so. FUCKKKKKKK means cannot dy lah coz if they see my hair so red they'll assume in those trouble-makers-teenager-stereotype and you know what they say about first impressions T_______________T why oh why we takde jodoh T____________T

"There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honored by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up."

Monday, April 6, 2009

★★ byebye liyuen! ★★

Two words.

so cute! XD




THIS HAPPENED MORE THAN A WEEK AGO! I have lost my drive to online instead I stay up late watching tv almost every night instead >______<

fake lashes are awesome! :D
So a couple weeks ago (can't be more than 2 weeks ago I reckon) we had a farewell dinner for NGLIYUEN! We actually wanted to go croc rock wan but unfortunately it is closed on Mondays fuck them lah so we went to Cherating Steak house instead.

Ah before that! I went and did my hair heheeeeeeeee :D ah yah the previous post, a tribute to aprils fool HAHAHAHAH CRAZY AH WAN DYE MY HAIR BLONDE UNTIL LIKE THAT YA TUHANKUUUUUUUUUU!

not blonde!making ourselves at home hehe
Mine took 5 hours WTF (i'll talk about it in the next post k!) by the time I was done (6PM!!), MF was still there and our dinner is at 8PM! At 8plus, me tkl & pao dropped by to see if she's still there and she was omg tak sempat do her highlights though so that was saved for another day! She was so late our help was desperately needed to blow-dry her hair so 3 person handled it! KENGGG hahahahah!
must take picture first..

cool anot cool anot ohohohoho

After she was done, he saw pao’s hair like not so nice dy so he offered to blow-dry her hair as well!! AFTER THAT HE DID MINE TOO. And get this: FOR FREE ohohohohoh! XD

any opportunity to put myself in a picture hahahah

excited wheee~

Reached CTH (8.40+PM >.<), opened the menu, looked at thin thin wallet and contemplated coming up with an emergency and just leave. Then remembered that I came with kinleong wtf ah the misery of not having a car sigh oh wait but that time that thing still havent happen so I still have my car huh ok tukar ayat ah the misery of a car-curfew!

No lah hahahahah where got so kedekut wan.


They have salmon sashimi, suprisingly! But I ordered a black mussels risotto and tomato&onion soup. The risotto was average but the soup was yummy I really enjoyed it~ no drinks for me oh no.

the risotto and me. or is it the risotto and i? english teacher konon hmph

yummy yummy soup!!

Belum mula makan sudah mula camwhore kaukau coz the dress code for the night was: DRESS UP! Ok that's not really a code more like an order hahahah but some people tak follow pun hmph

its really fun to dress up really nicely and camwhore like nobody’s business! FUN :D

not shy, totally want!

hahah bodooo!

babi womanizer kept intruding in on my er self portraits!

limlulu wore a dress omgg how's australia btw! nice anot shit behind the bush /wahaha

anti-deforestation (recycled caption wtf)

♥ the lashes
There wasn't much people there so we simply got up and camwhored full-lengh style and bising-ed all over the restaurant =p

nice big mirror for camwhoring purposes

guiliana rancic of enews : so who are you wearing tonight? you must be so excited to be nominated wtf

im wearing blog-shop, thats what.

Wahh really damn full you know the portions for my risotto was pretty big so I couldn’t finish it so wasted T________T but then again before that I was already stuffed with the vegetables & mashed potatoes from pao and limlulu’s chicken chop thing. Ohhhh limlulu brought a bottle of wine so we shared it among er 10 of us? SOME people who didn’t want to drink was sibuk borrowing glasses of wine to camwhore pulak like that also can!

shit behind the bush hahahahahahhahaahhahahahaha!

er...where's ng?

gadis2 elegan wtf

perfect pic ♥~
I am absolutely ashamed to confess that I only have one satu ii yat ichi picture of ng in my camera


Next table was a bunch of dressed-up girls celebrating a birthday. They gave us super-delicious cakes (wonder where they bought it hmmm) so nice hor! Everyone got a piece :D

i ♥ cakes~ dont look at man behind look at the cake dammit

We got pretty pumped up with the dance-y music playing so we decided at around almost-12AM to go…

pandai lulu keep clicking the camera nons-stop and here are the results tadaaa! not bad ah every picture different pose/stupid face!

Well, you guys know lah =p