Monday, April 6, 2009

★★ byebye liyuen! ★★

Two words.

so cute! XD




THIS HAPPENED MORE THAN A WEEK AGO! I have lost my drive to online instead I stay up late watching tv almost every night instead >______<

fake lashes are awesome! :D
So a couple weeks ago (can't be more than 2 weeks ago I reckon) we had a farewell dinner for NGLIYUEN! We actually wanted to go croc rock wan but unfortunately it is closed on Mondays fuck them lah so we went to Cherating Steak house instead.

Ah before that! I went and did my hair heheeeeeeeee :D ah yah the previous post, a tribute to aprils fool HAHAHAHAH CRAZY AH WAN DYE MY HAIR BLONDE UNTIL LIKE THAT YA TUHANKUUUUUUUUUU!

not blonde!making ourselves at home hehe
Mine took 5 hours WTF (i'll talk about it in the next post k!) by the time I was done (6PM!!), MF was still there and our dinner is at 8PM! At 8plus, me tkl & pao dropped by to see if she's still there and she was omg tak sempat do her highlights though so that was saved for another day! She was so late our help was desperately needed to blow-dry her hair so 3 person handled it! KENGGG hahahahah!
must take picture first..

cool anot cool anot ohohohoho

After she was done, he saw pao’s hair like not so nice dy so he offered to blow-dry her hair as well!! AFTER THAT HE DID MINE TOO. And get this: FOR FREE ohohohohoh! XD

any opportunity to put myself in a picture hahahah

excited wheee~

Reached CTH (8.40+PM >.<), opened the menu, looked at thin thin wallet and contemplated coming up with an emergency and just leave. Then remembered that I came with kinleong wtf ah the misery of not having a car sigh oh wait but that time that thing still havent happen so I still have my car huh ok tukar ayat ah the misery of a car-curfew!

No lah hahahahah where got so kedekut wan.


They have salmon sashimi, suprisingly! But I ordered a black mussels risotto and tomato&onion soup. The risotto was average but the soup was yummy I really enjoyed it~ no drinks for me oh no.

the risotto and me. or is it the risotto and i? english teacher konon hmph

yummy yummy soup!!

Belum mula makan sudah mula camwhore kaukau coz the dress code for the night was: DRESS UP! Ok that's not really a code more like an order hahahah but some people tak follow pun hmph

its really fun to dress up really nicely and camwhore like nobody’s business! FUN :D

not shy, totally want!

hahah bodooo!

babi womanizer kept intruding in on my er self portraits!

limlulu wore a dress omgg how's australia btw! nice anot shit behind the bush /wahaha

anti-deforestation (recycled caption wtf)

♥ the lashes
There wasn't much people there so we simply got up and camwhored full-lengh style and bising-ed all over the restaurant =p

nice big mirror for camwhoring purposes

guiliana rancic of enews : so who are you wearing tonight? you must be so excited to be nominated wtf

im wearing blog-shop, thats what.

Wahh really damn full you know the portions for my risotto was pretty big so I couldn’t finish it so wasted T________T but then again before that I was already stuffed with the vegetables & mashed potatoes from pao and limlulu’s chicken chop thing. Ohhhh limlulu brought a bottle of wine so we shared it among er 10 of us? SOME people who didn’t want to drink was sibuk borrowing glasses of wine to camwhore pulak like that also can!

shit behind the bush hahahahahahhahaahhahahahaha!

er...where's ng?

gadis2 elegan wtf

perfect pic ♥~
I am absolutely ashamed to confess that I only have one satu ii yat ichi picture of ng in my camera


Next table was a bunch of dressed-up girls celebrating a birthday. They gave us super-delicious cakes (wonder where they bought it hmmm) so nice hor! Everyone got a piece :D

i ♥ cakes~ dont look at man behind look at the cake dammit

We got pretty pumped up with the dance-y music playing so we decided at around almost-12AM to go…

pandai lulu keep clicking the camera nons-stop and here are the results tadaaa! not bad ah every picture different pose/stupid face!

Well, you guys know lah =p


  1. 1) wth is that shit behind the bush thingy over and over agin har har har har?!sure smtg you made up, AGAIN! *breathes in, breathes out*
    2)sorry,i didnt meant to be in ur pictures k..!just that THE photographer thinks that MY presence is ESSENTIAL!!hahahahah *with bitchassness accent
    3)you waste-food girl! yuno,children in africa no food ok!!tsk tsk tsk these rich girls nowadays, tsk tsk
    4)WHAT?? no pictures with NG?? hey NG you dun friend her dy la. you friend me enough hmph~~ heeeee
    5)i misssss you! haha c u soon i bought ur rimmel dy, its $9..i cant find ur johnson2 lah, dun have the flavour you want!!i haven seen the jellybeans as well.
    6)i also bought 1 waterproof eyeliner, 1shimmer eyeliner, 1 mascara wahahahaha its sho worth it.

    till then. loveloveloveheartsheartsLOL

  2. 1: why breathe in breath out?? sexcited izzit hahahah no no pao copy and pasted a part of your msn conversation with her (aww you miss me nyonyoyno) then got one part u were telling about camping and those type that have to shit behind the bush punya camping hahahahha damn funny!

    2:wahhh baru few days in melbourne suddenly so confident ady *proud =p

    3:eh dont bising my pit got bottom wan not like you /wahaha

    4: you also dont have!! pot calling kettle black hmph NG MUST FRIEND ME I SO NICE WHO DUWAN TO FRIEND ME HMPH

    5: i mish you too :'( $8 wtf why so expensive dy wan! cheh say ny you buy but other people paid for it wan hahahahah con woman!

    6: what brand??? im so proud of you! dont save it for kl only ah i tell you you better wear it in kuantan tooooo! dont keep pretty lulu for kl people ny T____________T

    tillthen. lovelovelvoeheartsheartskidneykidneywtf

  3. This is a spectacular blog! Keep it up. I'm watching you constantly. I have eyes everywhere. LOVE.

    Till then,

    Gossip Grill.

  4. LOL Gossip Grill? seriously? hahahhaah oh well i like GG too! thanks though :D

  5. u r sooo haaawwtt lar now tang!!! =)