Monday, April 20, 2009

the one where we had all those sushi :D

forgot to post this one up in the last post hehe but anyways we had a Little (little with a capital L wtf) Tea Party hahahah original plan was to go to midnight but noooooo someone had to be a diva sigh so yah we had a little thingy hahah

#1: me + espresso! not something you'd see everyday hahah and the thing is, i actually liked it! (damn hiao the face, sure limlulu will say this CIS)

#2: the thing in which the espresso is...made? boiled? whatever lah but it looks pretty cool

#3: our er scones =p pieces of bread with butter and honey mmm~

#4: italian espresso :D its bitter, but not like in-your-face kind of bitter wtf i suck at explaining things but the point is i like it.

#5: nah the other 2 person hahah i finally got the meaning of the "jason. jacuzzi. bad idea" statement!


the point of this new post! note: am still blonde in this period.


where all the sushi on the belt is only RM2, whatever colour plate they may come in! :D

philly cheese i think? normal ny lah. interesting concept though

is this awesome or what! dream come true hahahahah :D we waited for this day for weeks! and everyone was pretty much fully prepared for this, not going to kfc that often, controlling those blog-shopping urges and someone even wore a big shirt just for this hahahahah!

when charan went to take some sushi from another side (coz the good ones didnt stand a chance to reach to our table area >.<), someone noted that the shirt looks too big on him and zr said he memang senjaga wear that shirt so can eat bnyk2 LOL

we actually went there at 11.30AM but it wasnt long before it got full and people had to start queing up!

as soon as we sat down charan & zr (who sat nearest to the belt) started grabbing plates so quickly!

oh then so mean you know as i was eating zr suddenly exclaimed "sue ann, your friend!" and i quickly turned to see who it was. it was a girl with gray/blonde hair WTF zr learning alot bad things from char ady these days tsk tsk tsk

nah limlulu look! our fave!

all in all i had 8 plates, tkl had 9 i think, mf had 5 i think and zr + char had 17? total cost was only RM90 smtg :D i had 3 plates of unagi (hehe it was as good as those unagi in unadon), 2 salmon, two mixeds thingys and 1 lousy chuuka kurage (so little they put until can see the rice below you know!). too bad dont have baby tako >.< char and zr were like stalking the ebi tempura sushi all the way from the sushi-makers to our table, only to have it taken by someone else before they could get their hands on it hahahah ohh got one funny story!

rare rare pics :D

one rare ebi tempura actually survived to our table and as zr & char were watching it come closer and closer to our table, this little boy (whose table was beside ours across the belt) was staring at it too. and just as it reached between both our and little boy's table, zr reached over and snatched it so quickly the boy's eyes widened in dismay HAHAHAH teacher chow how can you crush the dreams of a 10 year old right in front of his eyes! damn funny hahahah poor kid!

for emphasis on our total amount of plates. ni pun havent siap makan!

after makan, we went trying on dresses at MNG and omg i found the nicest dress ever! there's 2 pieces that i tried on. one is with dull silver non-shiny discs all over it (not labucci/sequins coz its not shiny) and the other is cream with pretty patterns over it. both are RM100+ i think? but the silver one is RM129 WTF

but but...i love it >__________<

it fits well (i never knew mng could fit me wtf), it looks great and its very er club-ish =p WANT!!

sigh next thing i know someone will buy this dress just coz i post it up here coz some people dont have original ideas of their own nor original inspirations to speak of sighhh such is the dilemma of life. but you shall all bear witness that I SAW THIS FIRST wtf hahahahaha! *emphasis emphasis

in case you're confused, im talking about the silver one. seriously considering getting it as soon as i get my pay ohohoho :D

awesome, no? phew one post down another 1 to go before i post about my new hair heheeee ♥♥♥~

it'll probably be brown by then wtf

"Part of me wants to show her who she's really screwing. Cause she's got nothin' real, taking everything that she can steal just like it was her last meal. How long is she gonna be around? How long do we have to watch her dumb it down ? 'Cause when it's cheap it fades fast. How long does she think it's gonna last ?"


  1. tang~ dirty blonde suits you well..looks cute =)
    maybe after the interview for uni u can dye it back..hehe.. =D

  2. thanks elly! ade jugka org yg suka colour ni *terharu hahah maybe huh =p i miss it T___________T

  3. Cute blog! I found it when I was looking for photos of Jack Sparrow lol

  4. hahah yahhh im a huge fan of JS!

    cute, but not as cute as yours! :D you take awesome pics!