Monday, July 6, 2009

unreleased photos of early 2009

ok here are some pictures that i er uploaded but never got around blogging about them!

kirst just got back from australia! so we went hoiyin and i was really suprised that she didnt have any aussie accent at all! *coughLIMLULUcough* cute hairband and cool snake bracelet from diva :D

in memory of dead wing phonestrap wtf stupid thing kept coming off sigh so i ordered new ones off the net hehe coz they were too cute! quite some people didnt like it though but who cares ahahahah so now one's on my camera another's on my phone hehe

ohhh there was one day where we went for badminton! julianne-darling was there too. it was such a hot day it was the first time i sweat so much till it literally dripped off hahah why am i describing this omg damn disgusting!

ohhh japanese sweet-stuff! my boss just came back from japan with some goodies :D damn cute the fish bag that the few of us had to play one-two-som to see who gets it hehe

these are from my other boss. caramel! i love them caramels! got azuki flavored ones somemore XD the pretz were good too.

juli-baby was back in town err quite awhile ago we went to lepak at tc one night. amik bnyk2 gmbr la hehe i love the bottom left picture, zr & char seems to be fighting and so does mf and halim. i think this is where to "2nd place" tradition started. coz first we were at mcd, then went to saimailou THEN went to kfc pulak hehe

we camwhored kaukau dengan tak malunya at tc playground! people were looking hahahah sigh damn pretty lah my babeh who's going to US soon T_________T

ok the end hahah actually got alot more one but sigh malaslah i didnt bring that much stuff from kuantan. today's my first class in usm! but in the afternoon so now can lepak2 abit lah haha just got back from breakfast! :D


  1. cheh always cough my name!!
    haiyah cz i mix with australians mar then tend to speak like them mar wtf

    i got that red bean sweet fr u!feeling so honoured wtf

  2. lulu:

    i got h1n1 i wanna cough then teringat you then cough up your name lor hahahahah mix your grandfathers bald head lah mix!

    honoured leh hmph of course lah! see how nice i am wtf