Friday, June 12, 2009

getting surrounded by a bunch of vicious monkeys is not my idea of a great picnic. funny, though!

our plans of a road trip to cherating/kemaman went down the drains very very recently so we had a picnic to make up for it! (what kind of logic is this =_=")

oh it was ZR's birthday recently (forgot the date dy wtf) we had a suprise birthday party and all pictures and nag-y descriptions in the next post k hahahah coz this post more interesting pictures and er something happened! *jengjengjeng

so today damn early morning i got the message from 4ft9 confirming the picnic wheee ohhh ohh OHHH then afternoon got a call from arti (yes, it was that important that she called with her HANDPHONE!) saying this RM120+ dress that i've had my eyes on for quite awhile has been discounted to RM36 wtf the whole store sale sale sale up to 70%! quickly told MF coz she's been wanting another dress as well and we met up at ECM at 4PM (picnic was at 5PM). bought a nice white top for RM23, discounted from RM40+ :D about that dress, still thinking about it hehe arti bought quite some stuff as well! it was that cheap, pretty camisoles for RM9 & RM13, tees for RM15++, shorts&skirts at RM20++ and dresses at RM19+++ WTF

Omg I just typed out everything on Microsoft word and terclose the whole damn thing without thinking gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate technology!! *vomits blood

Someone who was supposed to bring a cake brought curry puffs, someone who advertises for the tart shop next to Mr.B’s shop bought tarts (the pastry kind), someone who is a diva shared with someone who came back and didnt tell brought snacks, someone who usually tumpang another someone’s car share to get chips & snacks, someone who is usually late brought drinks and so did someone who doesn’t eat cheese and someone who always get checked on during roadblocks. I don’t quite recall what someone who just turned 20 and someone who is a forest brought though. (someone got sick and couldnt come though boohoo)

Laid down the tikar and blanket, made ourselves comfortable, eat, drink, talk, laugh, camwhore oh and ninja-training ben by blowing bubbles towards him :D

making herself at home quite literally
everybuddy!bubbly bubbly~

then we discovered the use of a camera flash wtf

Oh as I was eating a tart, a monkey came pretty close by, so everybody quickly hid their foodstuff (reminds me of school =_=“) and I didn’t know where to hid my half-eaten tart so I just…held it behind me wtf and meiyan helped cover it was well hahahah damn obvious! As we sat there breathlessly, luckily the monkey is stupid so it went away hahahahah!

4ft9 and tart wtf



Another monkey (don’t know if it’s the same one) came and freaking STOLE A BRAND NEW PACKET OF SUPER RING WTF SUPER RING!! how can!! SUPER RING is the yummiest! Kek sei ngo! T____________T

Then as we were mourning the loss of SUPER RING, suddenly a whoe bunch of about 15 monkey came towards our pondok and stayed around the entrance of our pondok threatening us with their vicious aura, leaving us nowhere to run! Gasps of surprise (screaming would be too strong a word =p) were let out and we went slightly hysterical hahahah no lah, we all stood at one corner, discussing ways to scare them off (which includes pepper spray, blowing bubbles and using light ala HarryPotter vs. Inferi wtf), to kill them, reprimanding charan for not controlling his “people” of the forest (to which he replied these are Malaysia monkeys, not Amazonians hahahahahh) and oh we laughed at one of the monkeys coz he has balls the size of a mini coconut, like literally! Ben claims its elephantiasis hahahah damn funny but kinda sad too wtf

With all the laughing and noise, I think we scared the monkeys a little and they soon went away one by one. No way in hell are we staying there for long so we packed up and leave the pondok. The fact that even during picnics we change to a Second Place is kinda interesting, no? hahahah a twist of fate!

one sesat emo person there =p

We slowly moved to the main beach instead, right in front of the tower thingy, which gives more opportunity to camwhore hahahah :D A couple was even taking wedding pictures there and at some point we tried to copy their cheesy poses but it didn’t work, we’re too cool wtf but we did camwhored like mad hahah so fun! I haven’t camwhored like this since ngliyuen’s farewell party that day *HINTTT

escapees from hospital bahagia
mom: go to your bed!
crazy schizo infant child: grrrrrrrr!
dad: mou ngan tai wtf
why am i NOT in this pretty pic!

Did I mention, nobody wants to throw me a farewell party coz im not going to korea wtf *sulks in corner

with ben as photographer :D
ultimate lala-ness from 1 - 10!

guilty! guilty of er black hair regrowth wtf
as if i dont have less hair already hmph
can anyone guess what pose is this!

now it actually looks like a picnic hahah
them camwhoring or something =__="
nah lah, nicer pic hehenice anot the top we got her for her birthday!

ben's very weird pose
my even weirder jump-pose!
i sucketh. but it was fun hahah!
jai ho wtf pretend pic so we can get pic of wedded couple
dengan kuasa bulan (sabit) WTF
supposedly anti-les wtf

I feel so fulfilled, camwhore-wise~

Ohhhh that day I finally tried sake :D I’ve been wanting to try for sooo long hehe my ex-boss was having a little dinner party with some people that I know as well so I was chatting with them for so long my mom & aunt got tired of waiting so they left for mega for a while and so they invited me to join them and poured me some sake :D even ordered food but mom came back and I have to leave dy aaawww but :D

coming soon wtf


  1. hahahahaha! haiyaaa i cant attend ur farewell party haiyaaaaa

  2. elly: yahhh so fun! you should try it sometime =p

    lululululu: you chacha wan hmph