Wednesday, June 3, 2009

much ado about nothing

ok to make up for my total lack of posts in the past 2 months imma write a totally irrelevant post about absolutely nothing at all!

exciting isn't it!

actually, i have uploaded several pictures but but...lazy lah hahah just feel like writing nonsense like this! anyways just got back from yc. today is expensive places day hahahhah and we kept to our new trend of minimum 2 yc places a night. yes yes crazy isnt it? these days we've been going to more than 1 place to yc each time we go out! hahahah its fun! so far, record havent been broken yet! anyways more about it later! and by more i mean picturesss hehe

i quit my job! i dont know to be sad or happy! quite sad actually T___________T i miss them kind friendly nice people T____________T but it was the right time to do so sigh yah lah i had to.

and remember how i used to be rather blonde?

then i dyed it to this dark maroon red that looks much better/darker/redder than this pic

but it soon faded to this nice rich brown that i quite liked hehe

but but nows its even more faded sigh once you start dying your hair, you get addicted to it! im really thinking of what colour should i go next hahah i feel like micheleleekitmun wtf so anyways there you go, chronicles of my hair colour.

today is 2nd june!! means tomorrow is 3rd hahahahah santa is coming back :D so i'll be going to kl tomorrow wheee i wonder what lays in store for me?

anyways despite the whole USM scandal thing, i am the unfortunate non-victim of it all sigh~ part of me dont want to go all the way to penang but part of me feels excited to be having such an adventure! despite being separated with my friends, family and large shopping malls and clubs, i have decided to make the best of it. it anyone can, i can. it will be quite an adventure. so i hereby stop all whining and bisinging and embrace what life has thrown at me. this is only a tiny part of the big plan that is my life. i will, to quote walter blythe, have faith.


fuck i just spilled some green tea on my er keyboard? typeboard? the object on which i am typing these words on lah!

these days my skin is messed up >___< my past few months of clear skin ALL THANKS TO CLEAN&CLEAR MORNING BURST CLEANSER have evaporated into thin air, to be replaced with tiny spots forming everywhere boohoo and i have to wait till december to get another bottle coz its not effing available here in malaysia boohoo so anyone coming back from australia/america soon???

*in tiny voice : limlulu..........*


thank goodness for my lovingminerals mineral makeup oh THANK GOODNESS INDEED.

blogshopping is evil! i spent way too much on blogshops lately! bad influence from teacher Chow sighhhh but how can you resist a RM22 kimono dress of good cotton material or a RM15 kimono top with dozens of colour to choose from? YOU DON'T, THATS WHY!

ohhh something interesting that day! we all had a group-conversation on msn that day: me tkl fps czr, ll and cr. so naturally, me fps ll & czr started talking about blogshoppingblablabla much to the annoyance of tkl & cr hahahah till one point cr merajuk and left the conversation wtf but came back soon to talk about ultimate hentai with tkl wtf (its a manga about powerrangers having sex WTF)(no lah kidding! go read yourself if you pat enough hehe)

had lots of jambu in the past few weeks! like, those pink ones. i love them! they're one of my most favourite fruit! hmm one day imma write a post about the things most people dont know about me! like how i just told pao just now that i dont really fancy char kuey teow and she was shocked.

naeus~ says:
i dont really eat char kuey teow you know hahaha!!

p : says:
THEN WHAT U EAT???????????
nasi lemak only meh!!!!!!! so cham????

ohh ohhh that day i had tomyam for the first time in my life! (fusion tomyam does not count) salmon head tomyam ahahahah damn good! free somemore wheeee~

this reminds me, i've gotta write a post on what i have achieved in the past half a year hehe lots, i can tell you. personal achievements/dreamscometrue that most probably seem like nothing to you but means quite a lot to me! wait lah :D

is this update enough? byeee~ off to watch another much-overdue must-watch movie! :D

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