Monday, June 1, 2009

prawns? utilized!

ok fine i lied.

of course im not going to quit blogging! *avoids eye contact wtf

still alive and well! nevermind the fact that this picture is about 2 months old

i have just been very very busy. much busier than my stpm times huh honestly though, my priorities are pretty much screwed up! such as while others are busy applying this and that after getting their STPM results, all i did was go out yc yc yc sighhhh~


this was the night we finally utilized those CNY prawns hahahah after planning to many times and this and that, it finally happened! our BBQ!

peserta2 majlis tersebut
first group pic with everyone in it! taken by teacher, of course.

(see, its so overdue! my hair was still in its blonde-phase!)

ok i dont have many publishable pictures coz they were all pretty much the same and we had our hands dirty most of the time hehe good food, good food.

BUTTER PRAWNS!! these pic is dedicated to mrs god who's in korea missing our deliciously unhealthy malaysian food! whats left of the prawns about 30 mintues later >_< it was a whole lot of prawns, i can assure you.

anyways before that, nigecha being the excellent host he is, offered me + meifong a little concoction he randomly created! anyone who knows nigecha knows that any mix made by him is not exactly as innocent as it looks hahahahah!

perfectly blurrred ;pits called ChaCha!
named after him and my err workplace wtf

even pao drank some! hahah no lah it was just mirinda, juices and some other random things lying around. teehee.

anyways credits goes to the 2 person who did most of the dirty work! san fu sai nei tei..

moving on. no credit at all goes to some people who utilized the bbq as a camwhore-prop. i dont think the names need any mentioning at all huh

especially the one in the middle wheee~

blonde blonde blonde loved it blonde blonde blonde

funny thing concerning the prawns (i cant stop mentioning the prawns can i hahahah)! after mf and i went to pick it up from the restaurant, we brought it back to the kitchen, where everyone is NOT at. we er testing the prawns sikit. then pao caught us came in and join us in the er testing session wtf

then only we brought it out eheh

gosh they were gooood! kept picking at those little bits of batter mmm~

of course, chicken was good too! very deliciously marinated :D by nigecha i think? yah should be lah. speaking of nigecha, he made this fruit salad too, a family recipe apparently, and it was oh-so-good! we were all so full already but at the first taste of the fruit salad...some of us had like 2 cups hahahhaha!

i want moreeeeeeeeeeee!

blablabla we ate we they cleaned up and we left. hmm did we go yc somewhere after that? not too sure. can't remember! like i said, way overdue >__<

quote of that day:

"hello char. are you domesticated yet?"

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