Saturday, June 13, 2009

sathya swimming nude muka tang angry

oh oh and also : tang goreng brain arti horny.

quotes of the day =p

pretty people!

ah it was a silly little funny game, along with..what is it called again, playroll?

anyways birthday wishes to chowzhenru! :D

charan we threw a suprise birthday party for her hehe

everyone got assigned to bring this&that and met up at char's house about 7PM

to camwhore wtf
kiwi cheesecake! it was good. great job, nigecha!
i think the theme for the day was green forest. cake was green, nigecha wore green and so did the birthday girl. ohh and lots of people were wearing stripes, how odd hahahaha!

see! this is not even all of it!
this is as far as suprise goes hahah
coz she ter-saw someone she knew outside char's house! gahhh kek sei! char was annoyed though coz people kept calling him up when he's with her, asking what time etc etc how funny hahah! but innocent zhenru never suspected a thing! so naive =_=" later go kl study sure kena tipu wan omg

so happy~♥
very nice pic, no? :D
this pic also niceee!!
this is just so ben hahah he made me promise not to post it on facebook! but this aint facebook heheheheeee

making themselves quite at home, these, tribute to all the people who did all the hard work and shame on you people who sat inside and did nothing (me wtf)
can you spot the nigecha? =p
ohh yummy yummy chicken! you know there was once my mom and i went to this restaurant and i requested for chicken wings. then the hawker guy said to me, nah give you eat chicken wing ady then you WIN bnyk2 wtf but er kind of him lah haha
the 3 of us : chicken in.
chicken out! perfect timing hehe

damn full until nothing to do nothing to say anymore so we decided to play a game! 2 game actually. ohh and i KNEW char was going to suggest the uggliuggliwhooshwhoosh game but
thank goodness we did not play coz i suck at it hahahah i already mention one game suggested by 4ft9. aqid suggested this game too where we write something random on a paper and pass it around to let others write something on it to to finally form a sentence. hence the title of the post hahah!

damn funny! got more funny ones but i forgot =(

after that.....we wanted to go yc but nobody could decide/suggest where to go so we malaslah and decided to head back home. it was RIGHT OUTSIDE OF CHARAN's house when everybody is just walking to their car that tkl suddenly said he wanted to go TC and everyone decided to go as well hahah it was a funny moment, everyone so spontan! so we lepak2 and i had my first cornetto sundae!! ohmigosh its GOOD.

sorry for lacking in interesting photographs. here, have one more.

anyways im glad i got invited wtf no lah because char said its only for people who actually know her quite well (sorry terri hahah =p) so it got me thinking lah like how last year we werent really close and even when char bring her go yc with us i couldnt really talk to her coz er shy wtf =p its CHOWZHENRU! one of the prettiest girl in school to the point that on some mornings in school some of us would stand on the corridor and ter-saw her and go "wahhhh really damn pretty lah her" and give one long long melancholy sigh HAHAHAHHA!

but anyways i think its this year that i started getting along with her really well (she speaks english omg heheh ;p) and now we go yc practically 3-4 times a week! i really shouldve talked to her more before coz she's really a very funny/nice person to hang out with. damn funny HAHAHAH my best mainlander friend wtf the only mainlander friend lah actually kekeke anyways


totally sorry for this overdue post hahah i've been busy er watching...jap drama.

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