Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oh baby can you hear me moan


ok i have approx 5 minutes to spew whatever bullcrap i want here. dont ask why, i just feel like it.

ah damn, 4 minutes.

4 minutes till its time to go take my shower and get ready for classes etc. a little suprise for james today kekeke it will just kill him.

kate voegele is playing in my ears, her version of hallelujah is good. good music on max volume is awesome! but i hardly have the chance to do it here. half-volume means the sound can already be heard outside my earphones, if you know what i mean. so max volume = disturbing people. sigh such is life.

its not often i get time to myself here. but then again its not often i am not by myself. does that make sense? i dont know. no time to check! 1 minute! gosh i think so slowly hahahah reminds me of the racist joke that night in midnight. "i think...*zap!*"

ok blank. mind turns blank. fuck i have so much to say. i always have so much to say. too much. i'd say 95% of it gets filtered in the end. nothing productive ever comes out. hardly anything i want to say ever comes out in the end. its aching to come out.

another moment of self-doubt? pretty close. hence the music on max-volume. it helps, it always helps. that time, that time and that time. all those times. its a good feeling.

sex blood rock n roll! how long before you tell the truth! music's still on mtv! on this perfect day! ready steady cant hold me back! stairs to the seventh, running up to heaven yeah!

whoooooo music-rush :D

the free version of sugar-rush hahahah!

interesting quote i just read:

“Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, anger, jealousy, and fear, Instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we are holding back…

moment of revelation?

私は私になる! *determined

see what music can do! the mood is changed completely. well, almost. ah crap, 13 minutes late! die! bai!



few minutes to spare before i go cycling. oh tiring day, walked back from sollat WTF half-run somemore omg luckily nobody knows me wtf oh crap scratch that imma go cycle now bai. :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

zoe the mini: 19 going on auntie ヽ(→ܫ←♥)

planning the upcoming event of the retards, so said april. taken from a conversation a week before the mini's birthday :D

this is to show the meanie's meanness hmph.

Jerwin says:
I shall not add a contact without the respective's person's consent. It is deemed as unethical as it is stalkish.
naeus~ says:
jerwin dont crap nonsense!
aPr!L says:
add only la...why shy ah
Jerwin says:
faster add the mini

naeus~ says:
yes but what if she reads this??
ok we start new one!
Jerwin says:
she wont
naeus~ says:
Jerwin says:
once she's in here her window is a fresh one
do me a favor?
naeus~ says:
what dumb favour u want
aPr!L says:
what favour
Jerwin says:
both of pls procedd to the nearest wall and repeatedly bang your heads

aPr!L says:
how to add actually
Jerwin says:
ok 1st
go to File
then go to Sign Out

he's so mean!

but so damn funny wtf i was laughing out so loud in front of my laptop i believe waiwai suspects im crazy. which i am not. totally not. leally. i no lie wan.

(excuse me if my english suddenly turns into gibberish cinapek-talk. its the influence of uncle bowie =p)

the favour thing is classic though hahahahah! anyways right around midnight of zoe's birthday, we (shockingly) went to mcd for a meal!

auntieapril and auntiezoe. out. midnight. unbelievable. ありえないつの!

like L, only M.
april's work of er...art.

this wouldve been really nice if uncle didnt get cropped off. soli. >___<
two old people =p
crazy uncle strangling me omg (but i had to smile coz well, there is a camera in front hahahah!)

happy birthday zoe! ヽ(→ܫ←♥)
uncle's half-eaten burger. i also dunno why auntie took this pic hahah

anyways we skipped a certain so-boring-can-die class later that evening hehe so that we could have enough time to go shopping and prepare the foodstuff! (meanwhile, zoe was lead to believe that we were going out for dinner, her treat, after our that class. *coughvintagebulgariacough*)

auntie and uncle buy vege while jerwin was off somewhere emo-ing/being nice for the day.

silly uncle. oh ohh look at my eye properly! click and zoom on it too, i insist wtf. i finally can do the eyeliner-wing thing at the end! :D
reminiscent of those old kennyrogers days wtf
hard at work huh

jerwin the wind~
james! why so selious!
the banquet. (but nobody dies in this one, unlike that movie.)
let me tell you the uncle and aunty of the canteen were so nice! they let us borrow this, borrow that, let us cook the soup with their stove, let us have whatever we needed. how kind! they even offered to wash up their plates, cups and utensils that we borrowed but we bowie&waiwai did it (as punishment for going to paktor while everyone were hard at work preparing! ;p) instead.

tiramisu & stars ~♥
oh waiwai sudah balik!reluctant to hold it teehee (interesting shirt!)

we forced him to but omg he was so maluuu that in the end he got james to hold it cis
finally, everything was pretty much ready! we called her to come down and waited in suspense for so long! lighted and blew out the candle, the relighted it again =_=" we were expecting her from the back but she came from the front! luckily uncle was there so he covered her eyes and lead her to our usual cafe place hehe

pleasantly suprised! (i hope)

papa and daughter hahahahhahah!
cute hor ~♥
ok dont so cheong hei ady, time to makannnnnnnnn :D
oh yummy yummy yummy! we got all the right ingredients to make some real good stuff. duh of course good lah we bought so banyak liao, enough to feed about 4 more people i reckon! lots of veges and balls hehe balls wtf oh crap talking about it makes me hungry >___<

actually hor, we tried getting a little payback on jerwin coz "he can take it" hmph but it was so hard to NOT laugh and NOT talk to him! so tak jadi sangat T________T in the end april just nagged him a little, as proven by this picture below /wahaha
the pretty girls! *emphasis on pretty wtf

the retarded boys kekekethe aunties =p

*stomach growls >__<
like i said, we got way too much food. auntieapril stuffed jerwin so full of food as revenge hahahah damn funny. he ate until like wanna die like that, i even took a video teehee. in the end we just couldnt finish it, so we gave the remaining food to the nice uncle of the cafe. there were like half of the original food left! sigh~

uncle jerwin's stomach : after dinner. /wahaha im so glad he doesnt know the existence of my blog omg or not sure die!

good food, good times, good company. ah we even met james' dad, finally! after all the food, us girls went for a walk while the guys (except james who went back home) went to netcity.


what an unbelievable life i live now. sometimes, on one of those obscure foggy days, i wonder if this is all just an elaborate dream. its only been a month. seems more like a lifetime. am i still myself, i wonder? nah, i am still myself. just a little...off. i am not unhappy, dont get me wrong.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

15 hours of retards.

yes i've got some spare time on my hands.

ohh it was a loooong day yesterday. the good type of long day, not the bad ones. we were out from 12PM till...3.30AM? with a 2 hour "refreshing" break in between, of course.

obsession with reflections!
to quote jerwin, "just click refresh. *click, click, click* "

let me start from the very very beginning.

jerwin had to shop for "important clothes" and we discovered that he doesnt have ANY JEANS AT ALL WTF still got this type of people in the world wan ah! uncle ong came to pick us up at 12.05PM. LATE!

stopped awhile at jerwin's house and off we went to gurney plaza~ makan first, most important =p it was decided:
sakae sushi!

have to admit, great idea.
worse camwhores than we are =p

the menu was huge, had a difficult time deciding what to eat. i had some cha soba and urgh it wasnt very good. just edible. mari-san's cha soba rocks way more! im so glad they all really like raw salmon! (not like some people in kuantan *coughfooahpaocough*) uncle ong even had 4 plates of them omg reminded me very much of a certain salmon-crazy womanizer. which then reminded me of the time when i was at home onlining studying for stpm, she went and got some for me! XD

cha indeed.


went around shopping. jerwin finally got his jeans, but kept asking "does this really count as jeans ah??" just cause it wasnt blue jeans hahahah funny! omg it was really amusing, all the way he was being so incredibly mean and teasing poor zoe to death. countless times promising to be nice only to end up saying something about her mininess at the next opportunity. no wonder she was so tired at the end of the day! oh had a huge debate with him about...uncle ong's pencil case hahah!

keminian :D

green tea ice cream was good :D

6.05PM! bon odori timeeee! oh hot damn, it was so jam! but we got a very illegal parking space so wheeee people in kawaii yukatas. that was the only interesting thing, really.

stupid coupons for stupid overpriced stuff!
(ok lah no lah not stupid lah they look pretty cool lah hahah)

it was like only 20% japanese culture, and the other 80% a typical malaysian pasar malam wtf i want good japanese food dammit! all i got with my RM10 coupon is cheese tarts and caramel pudding. nothing very japanese-y huh. how disappointing. we didnt even stayed for the fireworks.

i am easily tricked by cute things.
the crowd urgh
prettiness in the midst of chaos
pretty interesting performance
they're not japanese hahahah but still cute lah nvm la =p

sparkly bright lights, i like.
the crime is done wtf
the wind, the cinapek, the er smart.

went straight off to quensbay to check out the harry potter tickets, as gurney's were pretty much sold out, the remaining seats were too in front. got tickets for the...12.30AM movie wtf. it was only 9PM then hahahah what to do for 3 hours?? it was then decided that the guys drop us back at the hostel for a rest, to refresh ourselves as YY and zoe seemed really tired. jerwin and uncle ong were the complete opposite of tired, being so freakin hyper all thanks to the livita from bon odori hahahhaa! stupid lame-ass jokes were made all the way omg

"we do not make lame jokes. the lame jokes make us"


came back to online and took a bath. by midnight they've came to pick us up again. oh boy still so hyperrrr! gosh harry potter was...disappointing. i know its impossible to fit everything from the book in such a limited time but they left out so many important details!

#spoiler ahead#

the focus was not on the half-blood prince potions book AT ALL. there were barely anything about the book when the name of the movie itself is called harry potter and the half-blood prince wtf no explanations whatsoever! absolutly no word about the ministry as well wtf and they did not even mention nor show how dumbledore got the ring! >_____< the only good thing is draco in a suit. hot draco in a hot suit. crybaby he is, but being in a suit cures everything teehee oh arti dont go mentioning about how we all dont know what its like to be draco =p oh and the circumstances in which dumbledore died, wrong wrong wrong! where's the big fight?? sometime during the movie i wonder where the climax is. sigh. i dont like it.

#spoiler ends#

interesting day, nevertheless.

to, once again, quote jerwin: "DUMB ODORI. HARRY POTHEAD. Night full of suckiness, but love my retards so much..."

Friday, July 17, 2009

a little bite of home

ah another day. sipping my instant carrot-&-corriander-flavoured soup, right after a cup of instant noodles. you know whats worse than instant noodles? vegetarian instant noodles.

omg i swear i've only eaten penang hawker food like only ONCE since i came here, at gurney! damn sad hor but i really dont feel like eating. that and no money hahah most of the time i eat in bakti or just random junk in my room: instant noodles, soup, biscuits and juice.

you know what i feel like eating?

some yam ice cream, keropok and milo ais by the gelora lake. karipap! oh and nasi lemak served by mak nyahs. lets not forget my favourite breakfast ever, ee mai shuet and curry mee from the aunty who remembers my usual order. that, and roti planta mom always tapao mmm aliff's maggi goreng too for 2nd place.

OMG i am so wanting midnight's cendol and redcafe's ABC, sweet and just perfectly milky. mari-san's okonomiyaki and grilled salmon head! chacha's food T_____T lot66 chicken rice with lots of char siew! oldtown half boiled egg hehe longing for the pastries/bread from gemini too!

early morning
min fan gou near public bank. delicious ngau nam mee thats only available 3 times a week mmm~ a refreshing bowl of linchikang near er habibi's house wtf OMG SAI MAI LOU & JELLY ICE by the beach! >_____<

gosh i miss these food and places and atmosphere and the company that comes with it.

oh crap i think i forgot to finish some of the minipoppers left in the freezer! ohhh which reminds me of those imported chocolates just sitting there in the fridge, waiting for me. after eights and ritter sport GOSH. i have an enormous craving for rafaelo now. and good dark chocolate.

i would kill to be able to do my own cooking myself. my own style of maggi cooked with lots of carrots, tomatoes and an egg with soft yolk. my usual omelette, with cheese, tomatoes and carrots. (healthy, kononnya.) making my own pancakes, drizzled heavily in honey. or st dalfour's strawberry jam.

i miss those familiar places, words and food that i know so well.

i want to say "i want to have some keropok la" and someone would reply "ok see you in GP in 10 minutes".

i want to say "where to for 2nd place?"

i want to say "gosh i wanna go medan feri!" and someone would say, "omg me too!"

i want those times.

(not that i dont appreciate the good times i've had here ok)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

snippets of the life of an apex student wtf

am not dead or buried in assignments.

well, not yet anyways.

not that i
dont have assignments, i do. but teehee you know me. anyways stupid slow usm hotspot is making my blogging extremely difficult by refusing to upload pictures! geram! so many interesting photos and interesting days to talk about yet cannot upload pics gahhhhh >__< i recently 100% privatised my private blog. to make up for it, i shall try to be more honest and open with myself here k? (keyword here is TRY)

tutorials starting next week! quite busy by then. social activities are already considerably less compared to the first week. perhaps it is better like that. mind says yes but heart says big-fat-no hahah contradicting as always. you know me. oh did i mention? im taking masscom, translation, psychology and japanese language classes this semester. JAPANESE LANGUAGE WHEE. but le sigh invitation to go for a midnight movie tonight: Harry Potter. terribly terribly tempting! but i have a 8AM class tomorrow morning >___< despite them promising to be back before 8AM (wtf means stay out till 8AM la
wtf) , that class punya lecturer is rather strict so i dont dare yawn so many times in front of her boohoo i suck.

gahh pic still not uploaded! let me tell you how sucky the internet here is. first, they ban FML wtf. it says

"You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.

URL: www.fmylife.com/
Category: Adult Materials"

then then then, YOUTUBE also cannot access! cannot upload pictures in facebook as well! guna ares limewire torrent pun tak boleh! what lah! KEK SEI NGO! but i shall not be ungrateful for free unlimited internet *takes deep breath *coughstupidusmcough

one thing im grateful for though, i am still myself here. only less vulgar wtf. really! i dont curse as much anymore. (i can already imagine the disbelieve on you guys punya face dy hahahah especially limlulu's and nigecha's!) well, i try lah. kinda. sorta. except on particularly stressful situations where i let some words slip. but i havent said mahai in awhile so thats an improvement wtf

ohh almost 1PM! gotta get some contacts on and off to lunch, then psychology class. urgh classes. me no likey.


oooff damn full. had a can of tuna, biscuits and fruit juice for dinner. mmm i love tuna in olive oil~ wah very long never feel so full like this dy wtf usually my dinner not so satisfying wan omg i sound so sad sigh typical uni student life huh

won a bet today HAHAH this middle-aged lady was sitting behind in class, watching us carefully before the class starts and April bet RM5 she's our lecturer and i bet she isnt. tadaa turns out she isnt our lecturer, but our tutor! kekeke :D i fell asleep for like 5 mintues in that class though omg damn siennn thank goodness Sami and Aya were suplying us with candy or not early2 tido dy lor!

hohoho harry potter tonight tak jadi coz habis ticket! *grins

random: my soft board is a pretty sky blue with white polka dots. a soft effect. love. ah everyone is doing the indian accent thing hahahahaha damn funny! addicted dy, some people, until cannot stop tsk tsk tsk and everyone is calling everyone old aunty/uncle! by everybody i mean us Rebellionz lah wtf Da Gang lah wtf. we even have a mascot hehe but that one must show you wan! :D

gosh i have so many things to tell and to SHOW but freakin internet cannot upload grrrrr

oh crap got class. continue later bai


teehee just got back from tesco (after yc at khaleel's, of course :D) coz uncle bowie wants to get a pencil case coz uncle is old and left it around for people to steal. everytime we go tesco sure spend more than necessary wan! >__< now i've only a couple bucks in my recently-bought-electric-blue wallet boohoo but yays i bought a pillow hehe RM13 for 2, bargain! finally able to sleep comfortably with my er 3 pillows hehe but all my 3 pillows, the covers are all different and uber mismatched wtf. bought some tesco instant soup as well, am sipping on one :D

ohh so class ended at 10PM, super cold, freezing! >__< discovered the hidden talent of Lanci Boy: indian accent. damn freakin funny omg! uncle called and said he'd pick us up. waited at bus stand. an empty bus came. waiwai appeared beckoned us to go in wtf *suspicious mode on.

out jumps uncle and james! nobody else in bus. waiwai and james have been sitting in the bus, riding all over USM for an hour WTF crazy people omg im living with crazy people omg die die die >___<

hahahahahah nonsense people are the funnest people XD

oh speaking of which.

BEN/FRASER.oilyfishtofu says:
is whining
he wants love
BEN/FRASER.oilyfishtofu says:
cause we're trying to waste time
so that his porn will finish downloading

HAHAH di-sabotage 4ft9!

Monday, July 6, 2009

unreleased photos of early 2009

ok here are some pictures that i er uploaded but never got around blogging about them!

kirst just got back from australia! so we went hoiyin and i was really suprised that she didnt have any aussie accent at all! *coughLIMLULUcough* cute hairband and cool snake bracelet from diva :D

in memory of dead wing phonestrap wtf stupid thing kept coming off sigh so i ordered new ones off the net hehe coz they were too cute! quite some people didnt like it though but who cares ahahahah so now one's on my camera another's on my phone hehe

ohhh there was one day where we went for badminton! julianne-darling was there too. it was such a hot day it was the first time i sweat so much till it literally dripped off hahah why am i describing this omg damn disgusting!

ohhh japanese sweet-stuff! my boss just came back from japan with some goodies :D damn cute the fish bag that the few of us had to play one-two-som to see who gets it hehe

these are from my other boss. caramel! i love them caramels! got azuki flavored ones somemore XD the pretz were good too.

juli-baby was back in town err quite awhile ago we went to lepak at tc one night. amik bnyk2 gmbr la hehe i love the bottom left picture, zr & char seems to be fighting and so does mf and halim. i think this is where to "2nd place" tradition started. coz first we were at mcd, then went to saimailou THEN went to kfc pulak hehe

we camwhored kaukau dengan tak malunya at tc playground! people were looking hahahah sigh damn pretty lah my babeh who's going to US soon T_________T

ok the end hahah actually got alot more one but sigh malaslah i didnt bring that much stuff from kuantan. today's my first class in usm! but in the afternoon so now can lepak2 abit lah haha just got back from breakfast! :D