Sunday, July 19, 2009

15 hours of retards.

yes i've got some spare time on my hands.

ohh it was a loooong day yesterday. the good type of long day, not the bad ones. we were out from 12PM till...3.30AM? with a 2 hour "refreshing" break in between, of course.

obsession with reflections!
to quote jerwin, "just click refresh. *click, click, click* "

let me start from the very very beginning.

jerwin had to shop for "important clothes" and we discovered that he doesnt have ANY JEANS AT ALL WTF still got this type of people in the world wan ah! uncle ong came to pick us up at 12.05PM. LATE!

stopped awhile at jerwin's house and off we went to gurney plaza~ makan first, most important =p it was decided:
sakae sushi!

have to admit, great idea.
worse camwhores than we are =p

the menu was huge, had a difficult time deciding what to eat. i had some cha soba and urgh it wasnt very good. just edible. mari-san's cha soba rocks way more! im so glad they all really like raw salmon! (not like some people in kuantan *coughfooahpaocough*) uncle ong even had 4 plates of them omg reminded me very much of a certain salmon-crazy womanizer. which then reminded me of the time when i was at home onlining studying for stpm, she went and got some for me! XD

cha indeed.


went around shopping. jerwin finally got his jeans, but kept asking "does this really count as jeans ah??" just cause it wasnt blue jeans hahahah funny! omg it was really amusing, all the way he was being so incredibly mean and teasing poor zoe to death. countless times promising to be nice only to end up saying something about her mininess at the next opportunity. no wonder she was so tired at the end of the day! oh had a huge debate with him about...uncle ong's pencil case hahah!

keminian :D

green tea ice cream was good :D

6.05PM! bon odori timeeee! oh hot damn, it was so jam! but we got a very illegal parking space so wheeee people in kawaii yukatas. that was the only interesting thing, really.

stupid coupons for stupid overpriced stuff!
(ok lah no lah not stupid lah they look pretty cool lah hahah)

it was like only 20% japanese culture, and the other 80% a typical malaysian pasar malam wtf i want good japanese food dammit! all i got with my RM10 coupon is cheese tarts and caramel pudding. nothing very japanese-y huh. how disappointing. we didnt even stayed for the fireworks.

i am easily tricked by cute things.
the crowd urgh
prettiness in the midst of chaos
pretty interesting performance
they're not japanese hahahah but still cute lah nvm la =p

sparkly bright lights, i like.
the crime is done wtf
the wind, the cinapek, the er smart.

went straight off to quensbay to check out the harry potter tickets, as gurney's were pretty much sold out, the remaining seats were too in front. got tickets for the...12.30AM movie wtf. it was only 9PM then hahahah what to do for 3 hours?? it was then decided that the guys drop us back at the hostel for a rest, to refresh ourselves as YY and zoe seemed really tired. jerwin and uncle ong were the complete opposite of tired, being so freakin hyper all thanks to the livita from bon odori hahahhaa! stupid lame-ass jokes were made all the way omg

"we do not make lame jokes. the lame jokes make us"


came back to online and took a bath. by midnight they've came to pick us up again. oh boy still so hyperrrr! gosh harry potter was...disappointing. i know its impossible to fit everything from the book in such a limited time but they left out so many important details!

#spoiler ahead#

the focus was not on the half-blood prince potions book AT ALL. there were barely anything about the book when the name of the movie itself is called harry potter and the half-blood prince wtf no explanations whatsoever! absolutly no word about the ministry as well wtf and they did not even mention nor show how dumbledore got the ring! >_____< the only good thing is draco in a suit. hot draco in a hot suit. crybaby he is, but being in a suit cures everything teehee oh arti dont go mentioning about how we all dont know what its like to be draco =p oh and the circumstances in which dumbledore died, wrong wrong wrong! where's the big fight?? sometime during the movie i wonder where the climax is. sigh. i dont like it.

#spoiler ends#

interesting day, nevertheless.

to, once again, quote jerwin: "DUMB ODORI. HARRY POTHEAD. Night full of suckiness, but love my retards so much..."

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