Friday, July 17, 2009

a little bite of home

ah another day. sipping my instant carrot-&-corriander-flavoured soup, right after a cup of instant noodles. you know whats worse than instant noodles? vegetarian instant noodles.

omg i swear i've only eaten penang hawker food like only ONCE since i came here, at gurney! damn sad hor but i really dont feel like eating. that and no money hahah most of the time i eat in bakti or just random junk in my room: instant noodles, soup, biscuits and juice.

you know what i feel like eating?

some yam ice cream, keropok and milo ais by the gelora lake. karipap! oh and nasi lemak served by mak nyahs. lets not forget my favourite breakfast ever, ee mai shuet and curry mee from the aunty who remembers my usual order. that, and roti planta mom always tapao mmm aliff's maggi goreng too for 2nd place.

OMG i am so wanting midnight's cendol and redcafe's ABC, sweet and just perfectly milky. mari-san's okonomiyaki and grilled salmon head! chacha's food T_____T lot66 chicken rice with lots of char siew! oldtown half boiled egg hehe longing for the pastries/bread from gemini too!

early morning
min fan gou near public bank. delicious ngau nam mee thats only available 3 times a week mmm~ a refreshing bowl of linchikang near er habibi's house wtf OMG SAI MAI LOU & JELLY ICE by the beach! >_____<

gosh i miss these food and places and atmosphere and the company that comes with it.

oh crap i think i forgot to finish some of the minipoppers left in the freezer! ohhh which reminds me of those imported chocolates just sitting there in the fridge, waiting for me. after eights and ritter sport GOSH. i have an enormous craving for rafaelo now. and good dark chocolate.

i would kill to be able to do my own cooking myself. my own style of maggi cooked with lots of carrots, tomatoes and an egg with soft yolk. my usual omelette, with cheese, tomatoes and carrots. (healthy, kononnya.) making my own pancakes, drizzled heavily in honey. or st dalfour's strawberry jam.

i miss those familiar places, words and food that i know so well.

i want to say "i want to have some keropok la" and someone would reply "ok see you in GP in 10 minutes".

i want to say "where to for 2nd place?"

i want to say "gosh i wanna go medan feri!" and someone would say, "omg me too!"

i want those times.

(not that i dont appreciate the good times i've had here ok)


  1. gosh. you made me drool for some yow chow kuai (is that how it spell?) at pasar the store there. :P

  2. ohhh i totally forgot about pasar food! taufoofah omg kerinduan yg teramat sngt >________<

  3. I WAN TO GO GP!! I WAN! I WAN!! *sulks
    sigh, fml.

  4. lulu: ME TOOOOOOOOOO!! *sulks harder FOL

  5. lulu: ME TOOOOOOOOOO!! *sulks harder FOL

  6. lulu: ME TOOOOOOOOOO!! *sulks harder FOL

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