Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Chapter: USM Penang

so i've been in usm for like a week. exactly a week, in fact. we were just discussing about how it is that we have only met each other for a week and already we went "joyriding" all around penang the whole night long till morning :D

thanks boey bowie!

journeyed from ipoh. (me, not bowie lah)

but those activities deserve a post of their own. so today i shall talk about USM. gosh i didnt even notice that we were already crossing the bridge! and it was jam from a little after the bridge to USM itself. damn bloody far and had to wait so long!

at first i was like wahhh so HUGE and i really liked the fact that they had loads of huge leafy trees planted all over the uni. i like big shady trees~

damn fucking big everyday walk damn bloody far! am darker by 3 shades ady FML

but then when reached the hostel.


like fuck. only worse. much worse. gahh words couldnt describe my feelings the moment i opened the door and stepped into what that would be my room for this year!

sulking boohoo

i just sat there, dumb with...shock i suppose. its horrible, damn old and musty and dirty urgh. remnants of old cellotapes stuck on every surface and old old table with old old bed. >____< utter horridness. and i see that i already have a roommate! was scared of how she'd turn out to be! what if she cannot speak english, loves playing death metal on max volume and has a tendency to do high-fives every 7.5 minutes?? (luckily it didnt turned out that way phew my roommate is a good normal person!)

walk to this bloody far dewan almost everyday!
random taklimat. all so long and
cheong hei sigh
to cut a long story short, i soon got used to it. i had to. its not like i had any other choice. having to wear formal clothes for a week is a pain in the ass. ohhh i makan damn banyak dy since i came here! usually eat rice few times a week, now EVERYDAY! >___< coz walk so much very fast hungry!

deja vu first i eat at the hostel's cafeteria, onely 2 stalls open: 1 food 1 drinks. fine. then heard people say another hostel (we have like 6-7 hostels wtf) got chinese food so we went there. omfg yummy chap fan style dishes and interesting drinkssss! we were all so damn excited/jakun at every little thing hahah every the veges are green and fresh-looking here! they even have a fresh fruit store omg fruitssss!

happy noms :D
ok let me intro2 abit hehe leftest is your truly in formal clothes, middle is cute munchee (yes, pronounced like the biscuit brand! damn cute i love saying her name hahahah) and right is peili aka zoe, a really cute tiny little girl =p

below pulak: on the left is esther, our wakil rakyat always seen with different people, going around PR-ing hehe middle is a very amusingly funny & always worrying punya yuit khey (but i call UK coz its easier to pronounce and it sound pretty much the same hehe) and left is a very pretty & sweet girl, april tan honey (her last name sounds like honey!) :D
i dont know why but alot people that i met here are cute! really wan! like that day zoe was getting teased by jerwin and she balas-ed by doing this little mock-punch gesture omg damn cuteeee hahahahahimnotlaughinghahahaha :D

them being all purply!
oh thats yap ah beng. ashraf yg lgsg x cute cam ashraf sinclair =p ah beng coz his driverslicence pic looks damn ah beng! but his dressing sense is really good! damn funny also hahahah my "socially" kaki!

walking to the pusat pengajian komunikasi, got tired, got some milo ais and rest in the shade for a while hehe

there was one night where we had a dinner at our hostel. it was pretty good. tables set up under tents in the field, nasi minyak, fruit punch thing, funny speech by our penggawa. thats my block behind there.
quote of the day: "na na na na~"
HAHAHAHAH we're still quoting him even till today! damn funny!

my very photogenic roommate! really, this girl looks good in EVERY picture! jealous btul hmph.

everyone so pretty/cute sighhh FML =pi really like wearing this particular shirt! coz the material is different than normal ones and looks really smart when layered.

on the day we had the dinner thing, before that was a "walkrobik". more like battle of the hostel cheers. for the past days we had been practising/inventing cheers to fight with other hostels. silly ridiculous sayings and actions like "kami serius" "gegar huh!" etc etc other hostels' were that ridiculous too hahahah so everyone walked to the stadium.

our PPSL ( according to waiwai: "i know its something program siswa lestari" HAHAH i just asked her) cheated us by telling us our hostel has won for the past 7 years WTF but in fact its other hostels that have been winning for the past years wtf

ohh milo truck! when was the last time you had one hehe we got really excited! mmm! truck-milo is always the best! perfect~
(reminded me of charan wtf whose mom always tapao a few huge bottles of milo everytime a milo truck comes to their primary school hmph UNFAIR. now all galing people who tak sempat get a cup can blame him ohohohoho)

this is our hostel mascot!
yah my hostel name is aman damai. its like a little community on its on, same like every hostels. a few blocks (mine has around 11 i think) of living quarters, cafe, field, some even with mini marts and top-up shops cis.

see those bloacks of building behind? those are the new hostels, damn bloody far, across the main road, out of the main campus. the rooms, i heard are really big nice and new (expensive also!) but the walk to campus is a pain man ahah i dont feel that bad about aman anymore wtf baktipermai is my ideal hostel wtf

sorry ah pics so small, gotta save. i've used up 72% of the space WTF

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