Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oh baby can you hear me moan


ok i have approx 5 minutes to spew whatever bullcrap i want here. dont ask why, i just feel like it.

ah damn, 4 minutes.

4 minutes till its time to go take my shower and get ready for classes etc. a little suprise for james today kekeke it will just kill him.

kate voegele is playing in my ears, her version of hallelujah is good. good music on max volume is awesome! but i hardly have the chance to do it here. half-volume means the sound can already be heard outside my earphones, if you know what i mean. so max volume = disturbing people. sigh such is life.

its not often i get time to myself here. but then again its not often i am not by myself. does that make sense? i dont know. no time to check! 1 minute! gosh i think so slowly hahahah reminds me of the racist joke that night in midnight. "i think...*zap!*"

ok blank. mind turns blank. fuck i have so much to say. i always have so much to say. too much. i'd say 95% of it gets filtered in the end. nothing productive ever comes out. hardly anything i want to say ever comes out in the end. its aching to come out.

another moment of self-doubt? pretty close. hence the music on max-volume. it helps, it always helps. that time, that time and that time. all those times. its a good feeling.

sex blood rock n roll! how long before you tell the truth! music's still on mtv! on this perfect day! ready steady cant hold me back! stairs to the seventh, running up to heaven yeah!

whoooooo music-rush :D

the free version of sugar-rush hahahah!

interesting quote i just read:

“Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, anger, jealousy, and fear, Instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we are holding back…

moment of revelation?

私は私になる! *determined

see what music can do! the mood is changed completely. well, almost. ah crap, 13 minutes late! die! bai!



few minutes to spare before i go cycling. oh tiring day, walked back from sollat WTF half-run somemore omg luckily nobody knows me wtf oh crap scratch that imma go cycle now bai. :D

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