Saturday, July 4, 2009

"oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!"

ohhh im so very excited!!

remember this very excited post last year?? now the time has come! :D

pictures of tim burton's alice in wonderland has been released! and they are omfg-ly AWESOME I SERIOUSLY CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!


look at these pictures, gosh they're damn gorgeous.

very typically tim burton indeed. mesmerising. i want to live in there hahah he somehow managed to give it such a dark flavor. i dont particularly like alice in wonderland though. reading the original version gave me such a headache. it was so confusing, irrelevant and nonsensical. i suppose thats the beauty of it. perhaps i shall try reading it again soon.

but check out the cast! very well-known and accomplished actors weih!

anne hathaway
helena bonham carter

and presenting...

JOHNNY DEPP as the mad hatter!!

super cool! AM. VERY. EXCITED.

(ps: i got these pics of the internet, if they belong to anyone in particular, please comment me and i will give full credits etc)

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