Sunday, July 5, 2009

retards coz jerwin says so.

we're such camwhoresss! :D

there was one night when we got bored and headed to jerwin's house. it was after starbucks at egate i think?

ah lemme intro also. the guy in white is jerwin (sounds like gervenne hor, i thought it was gervenne at first wtf speaking of gervenne, oh hai gerv!). he's a friend of bowie though he's not in usm. bowie is guy in red. (yah as in david bowie siot hahahah)

still low profile wtf

jerwin doing things to the pillow hahahthe molesting begins =p
hahahahaha april damn cute here!
bowie kena electric shock!
kononnya muka serius/emo hehe
penduduk2 tetap hospital bahagia

last :D

actually we took like 101 pics but jerwin filtered everything and in the end left 18 only T_______T what la! then yesterday we retrieved it and discovered something really funny! seriously, laughed till sakit perut/teary eyes wtf it seems that in almost every pic, zoe didnt pose according to the theme! when jerwin move to and from the pics, everyone was moving but she kept still! HAHAHHAAHAH really really funny!

so we have a punishment. next time we go his house we'll ask her to recreate the poses ALONE then we photoshop it in hahahahaah :D

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