Wednesday, July 15, 2009

snippets of the life of an apex student wtf

am not dead or buried in assignments.

well, not yet anyways.

not that i
dont have assignments, i do. but teehee you know me. anyways stupid slow usm hotspot is making my blogging extremely difficult by refusing to upload pictures! geram! so many interesting photos and interesting days to talk about yet cannot upload pics gahhhhh >__< i recently 100% privatised my private blog. to make up for it, i shall try to be more honest and open with myself here k? (keyword here is TRY)

tutorials starting next week! quite busy by then. social activities are already considerably less compared to the first week. perhaps it is better like that. mind says yes but heart says big-fat-no hahah contradicting as always. you know me. oh did i mention? im taking masscom, translation, psychology and japanese language classes this semester. JAPANESE LANGUAGE WHEE. but le sigh invitation to go for a midnight movie tonight: Harry Potter. terribly terribly tempting! but i have a 8AM class tomorrow morning >___< despite them promising to be back before 8AM (wtf means stay out till 8AM la
wtf) , that class punya lecturer is rather strict so i dont dare yawn so many times in front of her boohoo i suck.

gahh pic still not uploaded! let me tell you how sucky the internet here is. first, they ban FML wtf. it says

"You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.

Category: Adult Materials"

then then then, YOUTUBE also cannot access! cannot upload pictures in facebook as well! guna ares limewire torrent pun tak boleh! what lah! KEK SEI NGO! but i shall not be ungrateful for free unlimited internet *takes deep breath *coughstupidusmcough

one thing im grateful for though, i am still myself here. only less vulgar wtf. really! i dont curse as much anymore. (i can already imagine the disbelieve on you guys punya face dy hahahah especially limlulu's and nigecha's!) well, i try lah. kinda. sorta. except on particularly stressful situations where i let some words slip. but i havent said mahai in awhile so thats an improvement wtf

ohh almost 1PM! gotta get some contacts on and off to lunch, then psychology class. urgh classes. me no likey.


oooff damn full. had a can of tuna, biscuits and fruit juice for dinner. mmm i love tuna in olive oil~ wah very long never feel so full like this dy wtf usually my dinner not so satisfying wan omg i sound so sad sigh typical uni student life huh

won a bet today HAHAH this middle-aged lady was sitting behind in class, watching us carefully before the class starts and April bet RM5 she's our lecturer and i bet she isnt. tadaa turns out she isnt our lecturer, but our tutor! kekeke :D i fell asleep for like 5 mintues in that class though omg damn siennn thank goodness Sami and Aya were suplying us with candy or not early2 tido dy lor!

hohoho harry potter tonight tak jadi coz habis ticket! *grins

random: my soft board is a pretty sky blue with white polka dots. a soft effect. love. ah everyone is doing the indian accent thing hahahahaha damn funny! addicted dy, some people, until cannot stop tsk tsk tsk and everyone is calling everyone old aunty/uncle! by everybody i mean us Rebellionz lah wtf Da Gang lah wtf. we even have a mascot hehe but that one must show you wan! :D

gosh i have so many things to tell and to SHOW but freakin internet cannot upload grrrrr

oh crap got class. continue later bai


teehee just got back from tesco (after yc at khaleel's, of course :D) coz uncle bowie wants to get a pencil case coz uncle is old and left it around for people to steal. everytime we go tesco sure spend more than necessary wan! >__< now i've only a couple bucks in my recently-bought-electric-blue wallet boohoo but yays i bought a pillow hehe RM13 for 2, bargain! finally able to sleep comfortably with my er 3 pillows hehe but all my 3 pillows, the covers are all different and uber mismatched wtf. bought some tesco instant soup as well, am sipping on one :D

ohh so class ended at 10PM, super cold, freezing! >__< discovered the hidden talent of Lanci Boy: indian accent. damn freakin funny omg! uncle called and said he'd pick us up. waited at bus stand. an empty bus came. waiwai appeared beckoned us to go in wtf *suspicious mode on.

out jumps uncle and james! nobody else in bus. waiwai and james have been sitting in the bus, riding all over USM for an hour WTF crazy people omg im living with crazy people omg die die die >___<

hahahahahah nonsense people are the funnest people XD

oh speaking of which.

BEN/FRASER.oilyfishtofu says:
is whining
he wants love
BEN/FRASER.oilyfishtofu says:
cause we're trying to waste time
so that his porn will finish downloading

HAHAH di-sabotage 4ft9!


  1. welcome to USM tang. that's how the wireless works. its the same here at health campus too!


  2. yahh amat menyakitkan hati >__<