Sunday, July 26, 2009

zoe the mini: 19 going on auntie ヽ(→ܫ←♥)

planning the upcoming event of the retards, so said april. taken from a conversation a week before the mini's birthday :D

this is to show the meanie's meanness hmph.

Jerwin says:
I shall not add a contact without the respective's person's consent. It is deemed as unethical as it is stalkish.
naeus~ says:
jerwin dont crap nonsense!
aPr!L says:
add only la...why shy ah
Jerwin says:
faster add the mini

naeus~ says:
yes but what if she reads this??
ok we start new one!
Jerwin says:
she wont
naeus~ says:
Jerwin says:
once she's in here her window is a fresh one
do me a favor?
naeus~ says:
what dumb favour u want
aPr!L says:
what favour
Jerwin says:
both of pls procedd to the nearest wall and repeatedly bang your heads

aPr!L says:
how to add actually
Jerwin says:
ok 1st
go to File
then go to Sign Out

he's so mean!

but so damn funny wtf i was laughing out so loud in front of my laptop i believe waiwai suspects im crazy. which i am not. totally not. leally. i no lie wan.

(excuse me if my english suddenly turns into gibberish cinapek-talk. its the influence of uncle bowie =p)

the favour thing is classic though hahahahah! anyways right around midnight of zoe's birthday, we (shockingly) went to mcd for a meal!

auntieapril and auntiezoe. out. midnight. unbelievable. ありえないつの!

like L, only M.
april's work of

this wouldve been really nice if uncle didnt get cropped off. soli. >___<
two old people =p
crazy uncle strangling me omg (but i had to smile coz well, there is a camera in front hahahah!)

happy birthday zoe! ヽ(→ܫ←♥)
uncle's half-eaten burger. i also dunno why auntie took this pic hahah

anyways we skipped a certain so-boring-can-die class later that evening hehe so that we could have enough time to go shopping and prepare the foodstuff! (meanwhile, zoe was lead to believe that we were going out for dinner, her treat, after our that class. *coughvintagebulgariacough*)

auntie and uncle buy vege while jerwin was off somewhere emo-ing/being nice for the day.

silly uncle. oh ohh look at my eye properly! click and zoom on it too, i insist wtf. i finally can do the eyeliner-wing thing at the end! :D
reminiscent of those old kennyrogers days wtf
hard at work huh

jerwin the wind~
james! why so selious!
the banquet. (but nobody dies in this one, unlike that movie.)
let me tell you the uncle and aunty of the canteen were so nice! they let us borrow this, borrow that, let us cook the soup with their stove, let us have whatever we needed. how kind! they even offered to wash up their plates, cups and utensils that we borrowed but we bowie&waiwai did it (as punishment for going to paktor while everyone were hard at work preparing! ;p) instead.

tiramisu & stars ~♥
oh waiwai sudah balik!reluctant to hold it teehee (interesting shirt!)

we forced him to but omg he was so maluuu that in the end he got james to hold it cis
finally, everything was pretty much ready! we called her to come down and waited in suspense for so long! lighted and blew out the candle, the relighted it again =_=" we were expecting her from the back but she came from the front! luckily uncle was there so he covered her eyes and lead her to our usual cafe place hehe

pleasantly suprised! (i hope)

papa and daughter hahahahhahah!
cute hor ~♥
ok dont so cheong hei ady, time to makannnnnnnnn :D
oh yummy yummy yummy! we got all the right ingredients to make some real good stuff. duh of course good lah we bought so banyak liao, enough to feed about 4 more people i reckon! lots of veges and balls hehe balls wtf oh crap talking about it makes me hungry >___<

actually hor, we tried getting a little payback on jerwin coz "he can take it" hmph but it was so hard to NOT laugh and NOT talk to him! so tak jadi sangat T________T in the end april just nagged him a little, as proven by this picture below /wahaha
the pretty girls! *emphasis on pretty wtf

the retarded boys kekekethe aunties =p

*stomach growls >__<
like i said, we got way too much food. auntieapril stuffed jerwin so full of food as revenge hahahah damn funny. he ate until like wanna die like that, i even took a video teehee. in the end we just couldnt finish it, so we gave the remaining food to the nice uncle of the cafe. there were like half of the original food left! sigh~

uncle jerwin's stomach : after dinner. /wahaha im so glad he doesnt know the existence of my blog omg or not sure die!

good food, good times, good company. ah we even met james' dad, finally! after all the food, us girls went for a walk while the guys (except james who went back home) went to netcity.


what an unbelievable life i live now. sometimes, on one of those obscure foggy days, i wonder if this is all just an elaborate dream. its only been a month. seems more like a lifetime. am i still myself, i wonder? nah, i am still myself. just a i am not unhappy, dont get me wrong.

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