Saturday, August 29, 2009

'tis the season!

auntie and i would like to wish everybody a very merry christmas!!

all thanks to lanci who noted that auntie and i very matching yesterday, green and red. i was like, "huh, how on earth is it matching??" and he said, looks like christmas! red, green and white! :D smart also that lanci hahahah another comment from ahbeng (i think) is that auntie looks like she's representing PAS wtf coz she's wearing green and white HAHAHAHAHA!! so funny!

it has been a cold wet week here in penang. gloomy rainy days Y_Y (<- new version of T_T founded by paopao and me!) there was one day that i got like half-drenched coz i malas want to wait for our hostel bus so i took another one that stops near my hostel and walked back. just as i was approching my hostel the rain got super-heavy FML.

oh here's another fun theme to our camwhore moments: gangta lovin'

once again, everyone, have a merry christmas!

eliz navidad!

omg i love this picture its so pretty! ~♥

cuti mid-sem versi kedua: kl.

wah this month damn rajin update! can pecah record ady heheh later 31st august confirm got one more post wan hehe can't wait!

back in kuantan, having nothing to do and nowhere to go, me and tkl went to tjantek for a little snack! :D i think this was after watching UP? am not sure. i've never been there before so it was pretty cool hahah that place is so nice! love the ambiance~

its a very cosy little spot in an old building and they play good music!
we had some chocolate cake, fries and other random things that i totally forgot hahah ask tkl lah if you're that curious wth but omg that cake was yummy! so moist and creamy and covered in chocolate sauce mmm~

cake iz yummeh

ok on to the kl-part of the holidays hehe met up with meifong, gooseberry and mainlander! (womanizer went ice-skating wtf) meifong was, as usual, late =_=" everyone is still pretty much the same hahah so the two foodies took us to some shop in SSsometing for chicken chop rice! nice~

the potato wedges was goooood! lots of mayo-sauce thing whee~
after that we headed to oneutama and the curve~ ohh i couldnt tahan and got myself a baskin robbins rum&raisins >__< meifong had icecream too! so deprived, we are.

mainlander & gooseberry ;p
of all places to camwhore, we did it right outside the bathroon wth


we went to cupcakes chic and got ourselves some pretty yummy cupcakes! look at them, so gorgeous and just pleading not to be bitten into. ahhh~

if i recall correctly, i had lemon meringue and red velvet. i forgot what the others had T_T

not too long after that day, i followed pongpong to his work thing at KBU. who knew there was such a thing as KBU hahah i only know got KDU! they were having a f&n fruittree promo where you can get free drinks just like that, dont even have to do anything much! there's even a contest where you could win a laptop, just by counting the total amount of some fruit on the board omg why am i even advertising them i dont even get paid wth but i got free drinks and thats all that matters :D

silly boy =_="

then we went to italiannes! i've always wanted to try their food! was given a choice (by myself wtf) between Delicious and Italiannes, i went for Italiannes boohoo should have went for Delicious coz the food there really damn the delicious!

not that italiannes sucked la just that it wasnt that good. maybe wrong choice of food lah T_T however, the mushroom soup was best! usually we go to those restaurants and when they serve soup you can so tell its campbells or whatever instant soup it is but with italiannes, either they covered up the instantness well or they actually made it themselves! yummy
laaaa~ love the bread and flavoured-olive oil concept too hehe

what else did i have in kl...aiks forgot lah! as you can see, i have lousy memory T_T


damn many blog posts man wtf coz im in mcd now and the connection damn good and i am semangat RAWR!


Friday, August 28, 2009

resident evil.

to all the moronic fuckers of aman damai residence usm penang,

you idiots you. do you not know the concept of a toilet flush? let me enlighten you, its quite simple really. so simple in fact that anyone with a quarter of a brain could accomplish it. however, your actions, or the lack of it, has proven that you do not own even a quarter of a brain. you poor thing you. nevermind, i shall educate you instead.

flush. its a device people use to make their poopoo and peepee go way forever into the faraway land of Poopee. all you have to do is pull that little chain hanging around the container thing. if you do that, the next person who uses the toilet will love you for it. trust me. i mean, you do want to be loved, dont you, however much of a dumbass you are? yes, you do.

now dont go giving excuses that the person before you just flushed therefore you couldnt flush. here's the thing, the toilets here, they are able to generate a full flush even right after a flush. yes, i tested it myself after you imcompetent morons did not bother to test it. even so, here's a thought: why dont you just turn on the pipe water on full blast towards the toiletbowl? yah, didnt thought of that did you? no worries, its alright. common sense is not so common after all huh.

with that chapter done,thank goodness, lets now talk about the issue with the cats.

these cats around usm, they're STRAY. it means they wander around without a home, getting themselves dirty and infected with parasites (HAHA) and all sorts of nasty diseases. therefore touching them and luring them into the hostel is a fucking nasty thing to do!

here's the thing. if you want to feed them cats, you have to be responsible towards them. not simply leave food around the floor in the hall and call it a day. you think you're being oh-so-compassionate and loving towards these poor creatures but the truth is, you couldnt be even more deluded.

does not gain you good karma or whatever your purposes are!

its fucking dirtying the place! you think its so fun for others to step into the hall to find scrapes of food everyfuckingwhere and the stench (and not to mention SIGHT) of cat pee and poop? you fuckwitted deluded morons you. if you really want to prove to people how kind you are, take them cats in as your pet. keep them under your care. keep them in your room. neuter/spay them. play with them. take good care of them. feed them consistently and for goodness' sake potty-train them!

(ok i think potty-train is the wrong phrase for cats =_=" i dont recall the correct term for it but i'll let you know. heh its not like you dumbwits will even notice it if i didnt mention it now right?)

point is, loving animals dont simply consist of petting them and feeding them whenever the hell you like it. loving animals means taking care of them on every aspect. so stop pretending you love these animals and stop indulging them! these cats are doing whatever they please, pooping and peeing everywhere because you keep feeding them! you want to feed them you clean up after them lah bloody hell. such idiots i have never seen before.

ok this is not even 100% my experience, its from the tragic tale of a mini friend. but you morons from my block do the same too dont you? i know you do. brown papers with scrapes of food on the floor. traces of food here and there. urgh gross. seriously, go grow a brain or something.

ok next topic. you foolish people who wash things in the toilet, what the hell is that! you dont fucking wash oily cutleries and pots and pans in the freaking toilet washbasins! i dont care if its Curry Night or if the pantry is too far, just dont wash them in the toilets! in case it didnt cross your mind, these washbasins in the toilet are actually meant for face-washing, teeth-brushing and after-toilet-hand-washing (which i doubt you do anyways, considering your lack of both brain matter and common sense) needs. suprised much? didnt thought of that earlier did you now?

so the moral is, go buy (or better yet, grow. saves money wtf.) some brains and common sense. i hear they dont come in the same package anymore. no more buy 1 free 1. too bad, isnt it.

sincerely from the bottom of my heart,


ok end of rant. if you get offended by this, by all means go ahead and be offended. its not my problem. like how you are being inconsiderate, well so am i. if you're not the target of this post and you get offended then you just categorised yourself as a moronic fucker along with the rest o
f them. good luck with that.

gawd i could be so mean sometimes! well, they deserved it, them dumbwits.

ps: are you kidding me, i love cats!
just not dirty disease-infested ones that pees everywhere.

i ♥ kuantan!

i am now in penang. oh the one-week holiday did wonders! i admit, the past few weeks werent that great for me, i was feeling rather down. its not that i hate my life here (the first few weeks were, in fact, awesome) its just that after all the excitement losses its well, excitement and everything settled down, things just seemed rather gloomy. i have no idea...

ok i lied, i so know but as if im going to tell. HAHA!

anyways, this is not a story of falling down.

its a story of food wtf.

i first went to kl for a couple of days, then back to kuantan then back to kl again then only landed in penang. in kl, i had a chance to meet up with some of the Leftovers! (more about that later, pictures still in my camera hehe) :D


whee was supposed to attend the reached home to discover a little anugerah from the sab school for good scores in stpm! hahahah who would ever believe it huh hehe i was supposed to attend the hari anugerah cemerlang to receive it but as if imma go back all the way from penang to get it personally! so papa got it for me instead keke so happy! *brags


prior to going home, i had so many food cravings! ironic, isnt it, being in penang the supposedly Food Heaven yet craving for this and that. and its not only me, the others also had food cravings! min fan gou lah (apparently klang people call it mi hun ke hehe), pasta lahlah
(oh mami's!), pork lah, bak kut teh lah, dim sum lah etc etc etc.

i had an awesome time makan-ing here and there with itu tankinleong! we even went and watched UP, such a good animation, heartbreaking during certain parts T_T

here's the food i had been craving for and finally got it!

cheesy wedges omg smothered in cheese, this one! ok tau la luar pintu usm got kfc but kemalasan hehe go drive-thru better! had them twice, both times with the kfc-king tkl :D

vanilla icecream with raspberry jelly, as mentioned in last post.jelly from perth-era wtf luckily still not yet expired! in powder form lah originally,not in jelly form lah hahah i made it myself *bangga


with ee mai shuet, as usual =) i had it twice, two mornings in a row. oh such happiness!
on the first morning, i was sitting the outside table there and that leeboon just walked past, without acknowledging my existence wth so blur hahahahah!

midnight cendol!! had been craving for it since convex, where they were selling cendol and auntie dont let me buy coz i had a cough hahah but NOT ANYMORE WHEEEE~ right after this, we went straight for....

GP keropok!
with the usual milo ais, of course! but i was so excited i forgot to order my beloved yam ice cream boohoo T_T and and and! RIGHT AFTER THIS, we went for...

gelora karipap!!
yummyness! had to wait quite awhile though but we had patience hehe went to the squash court punya beach there to makan and enjoy the scenery~

some things i did not take pictures of though. like mami's spaghetti omg love! oh i also had so much chocolate i could just die a happy girl wtf i single-handedly finished a quarter of a large box of my favourite After Eights (from yeemah's trip back) and half a dozen of Ferrero Rocher
imported chocolates rock! and back in kl i had loads of those cadbury bournville dark chocolates coz pongpongboy got like 4 dozens of them free WTF

life is not just about simple pleasures, sometimes its about the luxurious pleasures as well heheh there was one day we went to starbucks (where we got spotted by gossipguy wtf) and instead of my usual vanilla cream blended, i took a risk and went with a caramel hot chocolate instead (coz you know how freaking cold ECM is). OMG WORTH EVERY CENT! such caramelly sweetness!

this is my new favourite for cold days!

sat there for a couple hours to supposedly do assignment and study but once i opened facebook there's no turning back wtf why am i so lacking in self-discipline T_T in the end of that day i accomplished nothing except for discovering a new favourite drink T_T

ohh padini had a sale! :D
no i didnt get this despite only costing RM9!

instead i got a white cardi and a black racerback top. RM29 for the former and RM9 for the latter. so you see why i did not get this. sigh. wait lah next sale, they always have these kind of tops on sale. mami bought them for me, suprisingly!

gosh i had such a good time back home! too bad the rest weren't back in kuantan or else we could have had such a crazyyy time! having tkl for company for most of the time isnt that bad though, not bad at all *pats* :D

OH OH OHH i forgot! we went to somewhere nice that i've never been before! will tell later coz will upload pics only later hehe

ps: i cursed like nobody's business =p

i kuantan!

cant wait for raya holidays when EVERYBODY will be back in kuantan! miss you guys mucho! mwahhh!

especially this little diva :D

Thursday, August 27, 2009

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

ah today is a pretty good day, for i am feeling very semangat!

something borrowed~

as opposed to all the "overdue flashbacks" in my past posts, today i shall talk of the present. well, not exactly present
present but present enough to be called present. geddit?

actually hor...

i have a test tomorrow morning at 8AM.


and as usual i come here to escape the reality of it. notice how many blog posts i have during those supposedly stressful time such as STPM-month (a whopping 12 posts
wtf) compared to the nothing-to-do periods of my life (3 miserable posts wtf) . having er studied for like 30 minutes in the library just a few hours ago (looking for notes and photocopying them already took like 1hour+!!) i somehow feel inclined to reward myself. and somehow the little reward turns into a full-blast unproductive online time >__<

bad, this is real bad. my self-control only lasts for like 12 hours and then it just dies. same goes for rajinness! a temporary, but occasionally recurring disease.

but enough about me, how was your day?

hah as if.

so here's the something new: today me and auntie (who so ver
y kindly insisted to teman me :D) went to the bus terminal to get the raya holidays bus tickets. yes, bus this time coz plane tickets are double-almost triple the price we got for the previous hols boohoo but fear not for we are taking aeroline hehe supposedly luxury coach bus thing wheeee~

then then then!

we decided on the spur of the moment to go to queensbay! :D

such joy! there, we had sushiiiii more joyness ohhh wasabi is awesome! thats not all, i even had....


something old and something new =p

walked around (Forever21
) and ohhh something really funny happened! auntie had to go adjust her watch lengh so we stopped at swatch where this (ENGLISH-SPEAKING WITH NO PELAT OMG!) guy came to layan her la. he then needed his colleague's help with rescrewing back the er metal part (can you see where this is heading hahah!) and at that moment, i blurted something so simple yet so incredibly wrong HAHAHHAHA!

i said, "oh must screw together wan ah?"


(ok fine i admit, i forgot the exact sentence but i just asked auntie and she told me that this is what i said hehe)

i think it would have been harmless if i myself didnt realise the implied message of my words and laughed my ass off right in front of them hahahahaha! then auntie also laugh omg i didnt really (dare to) look at them so i didnt know their reaction hahah but i could so tell they were amused!

hence the title of the blog wtf something blue.

that shop plays good music, by the way. totally random sorry its not often that we get to go into a shop that plays good (oh to quote meanie: "jengjengjeng") english songs and have people there that speaks proper english and are friendly. serious!

ok my shoulder-back aches now so off i go. crap tomorrow got test. first semester ny hor, wont die wan hor? =p

you can take the girl out of sabs but you'll never take the sabs out of the girl.

something blue wtf

its all sabs syndrome: skipping classes, going into classes late, last minute studying (only on the important exams) , copying homework (ok i have not done that here!), copying other things (that i shall not mention here in case someone googles me wtf), extended break-times, going out in the middle of the class, makan in class, textmessaging in class (oh dont pretend you dont do that =p but i have never done that lor!) and all the other things you sabs knows so well. DAMN I MISS SABS.

cant believe i just said that but its true!

ps to mah usm peeps (if anyone at all T_T): sabs is my secondary/high school :D notorious for their not-so-examplary-student-behaviour-but-still-can-score-in-exams wtf

ps to the Leftovers: tankinleong doesnt count coz he got full attendance last year wth dont know where he come from wan duwan friend him

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ハチこう ものがたり~

something new i just discovered, thanks to jerwin!

no, not this hachiko ♥

at first i thought oh noes its one of those sacred japanese things that have been bastardised by those hollywood people (like ju-on. but wait a minute ju-on's not sacred wtf ok i take that sacred thing back im prejudiced like that wtf am rambling, stop me wtf) but after watching it twice (am peculiar like that wtf), it doesnt seem like it! in fact, it seems pretty good! as in, berkualiti, not all glossed/sugared over.

its amat menyentuh perasaan!

i think zoe will be interested in this hahah so randomly thought of her. oh this is wrong, i cant be associating her with dogs! ok thats even wronger, to think that its wrong to be associating her with dogs.
whats wrong with dogs! how many years have i yearned for a little dog as a pet. only to have that motion rejected for mummy doesnt like pets oh no she doesnt. pet. cjpet. hahahah! what on earth am i rambling.

oh its after midnight, no wonder.

owl. active at night.
thats my motto wtf

now can any of you guess the source of the "active at night" quote? i doubt it huh. useless. ok i just called you guys useless wtf. sowiex wtf. this is weird. i didnt have any sugar just now. oh wait i did. ice cream with raspberry jelly. kekeke. mucho loves. here's proof:


(wah damn far i terpesong-ed!)

richard gere's in it! (and he pronounces "hachi" funny =_=") oh and in case you're wondering, the song (wasurenaiyo: meaning will not forget or something like that) is sang by Thelma Aoyama!! yes the same person who sang sobaniirune! i like that song, and the words she uses are usually very easy to understand wan! not like ali project *membebel sorang2* but i doubt you know what im talking about sigh why oh why. anyways yah i was excited about that la, just so you know. just so you know...*voice trails off*

another thing you should know about me, i command you to read this wtf i cant believe i've never heard of this before, not even a single news! i mean, its a BIG thing. like, the story of hachiko made into a movie! how cool is that!

owkay except that its not a japanese movie. its in english. or something like that. with richard gere. but definitely not japanese. am abit unpleased about this little fact in fact. but it still looks good. I WANT TO WATCH It! there, i've said it. now take me to your leader it!

wow i cant believe i wrote so much about a freaking TRAILER. haha are you scared what i'd write if i'd watched the whole movie? oh? you didnt know i am only talking about the trailer and have yet to watch it actual movie? HAHA.

here, another picture of another version of hachiko
(if you know what i mean *wink*) before i end your misery and show you mercy.

gawd i miss NANA

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


helllo own bathroom!

hello marble-floor!

hello air cond!

hello water heater!

hello proper meals!

hello car!

hello yumcha!

hello buddies!

hello queen-sized bed!

hello cantonese everywhere!

hello a gazillion pillows!

hello tv!

hello bukak musik kuat2!

hello tons of imported chocolates in the fridge!

hello fridge!

hello cold drinks! (cough sudah ilek wheeeee :D)

hello non-revolving fan! (as in kipas, not peminat wtf)

hello home-of-gp-medanferi-tc-saimailou-jellyice!

hello HOME!

ただいま! :D

but byebye darling julianne =(

original date-to-post: 26th JULY.

so you can see how outdated this is hahahah and im only posting up like a quarter of the original post! its that long/cheong hei!

in no particular order at all. im
that lazy.

oh gosh i sense a rather melancholy/couldnt-care-less/fuck-the-world post, this one.

have i introduced my roommate? i dont remember =_=" but in case i havent, here she is! a very pretty and super photogenic girl sigh i think i've said that before huh? oh well. this pic was taken in gurney. my one and only time i had chinese hawker food in penang wtf. i simply cant recall any other times. i know i've been to super tanker many times but i have never once eat there before hahah anyways this was taken like 3 weeks ago? ah i have stopped counting the days i've been here. gosh i sound so sad/depressed. am not.

hoho hair look fab here

but i effing lost that top! fuck the bitch who stole it i hope you burn in hell. i must praise her for the good taste though WTF am i oozing sarcasm or what. moving on. pic below was taken just a couple weeks ago. friday! yes, it was right after communication class (whatever the code is), while waiting for uncle and tornado to pick us up to shop at tesco for the steamboat stuff!

awesome lighting hor auntie :D
screw the rule about collared tees, long pants and shoes only. most people wear round/v-neck tees, knee-lengh shorts and sandals to classes anyways. i even saw one girl who wore those kinda shorts that pao always wear that one. nah, actually depends on the lecturer also. my translation lecturer is particularly strict. but actually i dont really mind collared tees. i like them. they look smart and preppy. i particularly like my electric-blue one in the picture below. gosh i was so fair back then T_______T WAS. you wont believe how dark i am now, from all the walking. FML.

good darkhair/fair skintone days sigh

this was the day that sealed the deal wtf OH WAIT NO! this is the 2nd time! sorry sorry terpesong hahah what i meant is, the first time we all hung out together and got closer as a group. it was by the lake too, listening to them play and sing. it was then that Prettiest Friend was introduced to us. go find it on youtube, by jason mraz. its good, i tell you. its so good april asks for it everytime the guitar is brought out. ah but those were the good old days of nothing-to-do-ness. below is jerwin's revenge cis.

ok fine so i started it first. and yes i totally deserved it sigh. sucks being a good person wtf

top-left: april's signature pose hahahah i have tons of pics of her in similiar poses!
top-right: see all the leaves stuck in my hair THANK YOU JERWIN
bottom-right: heheeee *buat muka innocent
bottom-left: if only this pic is big enough for you to see what waiwai is doing behind hahahah! its been awhile since we gathered like that huh.

we were camwhoring like nobody's business (50+ pics wtf) when silly uncle knocked his teeth on his precious guitar hahahhahaha OLD. btw my hair has faded into this hay-like colour T_______T dah lah damn long, need to cut dy! but who do i trust with my hair?? kuantan oh kuantan~ ok must find meifong's that good friend ady when balik kuantan!

laughing at uncle's suffering/silliness =p
huge-ass signboard! see how tall i am hehe the day that we so rajin walked to the OTHER end of usm, to try try the chinese food at red house there. i suppose this is one of the first things i saw when entering into usm that fateful day sigh. ok enough sighs must put a stop to that.
omg this is very funny! the other day we were going somewhere (i forgot where, dont ask, pretend you did not notice) in the bus but it was sooooo damn packed! like a bunch or sardines. smeeelly ones too, some of them, if you know what i mean. these two hardly have space to stand so they did the next rational thing to do: sit next to the bus driver! dgn selambenya diaorg duk je kt sana cam umah sendri plak dh. dh lah buat bising x henti2, diaorg ni. tsk tsk tsk =p
random camwhore day, pre-april's-espanol-class. the bottom 2 picture damnnnn farnee omg we took loads of pics that day!

ok thats all for now! loads more left. we'll see whether im in the mood to post it up or not hehe. probably not. am unpredictable like that wtf

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

monsoon history

ok so i realized that i cant possible blog about all the 60+ pictures i've uploaded quite a while ago at once. its impossible. the mood changes so quickly! so imma extract some here and there into seperate posts. less pressure.

like this!

random picture with amin the budak glamor, when he merajuks damn cute :D


no classes today due to convocation! :D

so we had a breakfast gathering today. baked beans, bread, milo, crackers and banana cakes. a perfect breakfast compared to the usual non-existent one hehe a gloomy day though, today is. so weird i noticed that these days i tend to say the subject of a sentence first then only followed by the other compulsary words in a proper sentence. like the gloomy day sentence. awkward.

whatever. music plays. ish happy. happyhappyhappyhappyhappy *chantsdeterminedly*

vintage bulgaria
oh good old red hair days~

did i tell you about the dinner we had there? i know i mms-ed some of you though hehe it was a little after orientation week and we were starved for good food and outings =p plus, we wanted to pay jerwin a little visit, coz he works there. i've never even heard of bulgarian food before so yays tried something new!

bulgaria bvlgari bulgaria bvlgari. tongue twister of the year award.

the. food. was. awesome.

ribs = ♥

i had them ribs, vanilla milkshake and a little salad. all uber yummeh! hehe faster come penang la you people and i'll take you there.

(say until so confident, as if i even know the way there.)

last night was allegedly the night of the meteor shower! me and waiwai went outside to look around for it only to see absolutely nothing T_____T waited till like 3.15AM then got too hungry, balik bilik makan teehee

ps: eh my blog very boring dy hor =((((( the last interesting one was the baskinrobbins one =((( ages ago =((((


another new post. another gazillion started, uploaded, but unfinished and incomplete post.

sometimes i wish i could get out of my body and give myself a good scolding. i wonder if this is normal. being pissed at yourself and wanting to give yourself a really good scolding. i so deserve one. or maybe a couple.

this is not emo, you havent seen emo.

boohoo ran out of nutella.
they're so terribly espensive though, them bastards.

hair is ridiculously long. to cut or not to cut, that is the age-old question. im bored with it but i like the lengh too. no more using hairband to tie up my hair. and it looks great when its all wavy. but when it isnt it looks like...well, fuck. quantity still the same, probably a little less but definitely not getting any more. sigh such is life.

i sigh alot these day. i thought i've gotten over those day-dreaming days but well, guess not.


sick. ish. no fever, luckily! but tired. slept for 13 hours last night. woke up with massive headache. it still aches like crazy whenever i cough >__< still tired. berry berry tired.

here, to whet your appetite, you picture-hungry people =p
it is of those sparkling ribena days. i went mad knowing that it is sold here. the first time i had them was in perth, right after church. what was that place called again? damn i forgot. that road. with the malaysian food. and panda cafe. ah. whatever.

anyways the few of us went crazy over this sugar-filled-liquid for a while. thank goodness the phase is over though hahahah it is quite expensive, as is everything happy-inducing here.

tonight. imma step out of my comfort zone. wish me luck!

cant wait to go back kl/kuantannnnn! :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i heard there was a secret chord
that david played and it pleased the lord
but you don't really care for music, do you
well it goes like this the fourth, the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the baffled king composing hallelujah


well your faith was strong but you needed proof
you saw her bathing on the roof
her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
she tied you to her kitchen chair
she broke your throne and she cut your hair
and from your lips she drew the hallelujah


baby i've been here before
i've seen this room and i've walked this floor
i used to live alone before i knew you
i've seen your flag on the marble arch
but love is not a victory march
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah


well there was a time when you let me know
what's really going on below
but now you never show that to me do you
but remember when i moved in you
and the holy dove was moving too
and every breath we drew was hallelujah

well, maybe there's a god above
but all i've ever learned from love
was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you
it's not a cry that you hear at night
it's not somebody who's seen the light
it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah


favourite version: kate voegele.

oh gawd im one of those people who put lyrics in a post and call it a post. (no offense wtf) its one thing to quote part of a song (which i do all the time) but its a whole other thing to put the whole bloody song lyric. urgh.

mary mary little miss contrary.

i really couldnt help it. trying my best to fall asleep an hour earlier than my usual 4AM. lying on the bed, listening to soothing music but the moment this song played, i knew i had to say something. i just dont know what wtf.

today, i discovered a whole lot of books in the library. books i've always heard of by authors i've always heard of. maugham, hemmingway, frost and the likes. even vladimir nabokov. heavily bound, gorgeously worn and mmm the scent of books. i took my time looking at them one by one, touching the letters, taking them out, wondering about the potential in them. bliss.

i am such a nerd.

Monday, August 3, 2009

sikap keterbukaan.

oh how i wish people would be more matured in dealing with other people.

i watch those tv series with envy at how the characters can communicate with each other with such openness, honestly, sincerity and straighforwardness about their feelings.

that no matter how flawed or superficial somebody may be, given the right situation, they could just let down their guards, to hell with their pride, to say what they need the other person to listen to. to get their message across. to let that person know what they feel, to which the other person will response in a similiar way: open and frank about their feelings.

positive or negative, it doesnt really matter. just deal with it in a open way. talk about it for goodness sake. be sensitive to others' feelings.

i also really envy the fact that they notice their every action affect other people in their lives as well. they realise its not just about one person. people's lives are connected. this means that their every action, word or gesture will, one way or another, affect others. and they take full responsibility for it. that, i admire.

gosh. pride. such a horrid thing.

its no wonder people love watching those dramas. they show them us what the ideal world would be like.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

rum&raisin iz ♥

wahai pelajar2 usm penang, tolonglah jangan pergi ke baskin robbins pada setiap 31st kerana saya tidak sanggup menunggu begitu lama lagi. tolonglah.

cuba anda tengok crowd ini.siap kena ambil nombor lagi. cuba anda spot makcik april.

maafkan jika bahasa saya sucks dan diinterrupted perkataan-perkataan inggeris yang random kerana otak saya lembab memtraslatenya ke bahasa malaysia. mampuslah, dahlah ambil course translasi.


ok enough nonsense. i am currently sitting in roti bakar, with da gang, for dinner. but of course the true motive here is to get speedy interent connection and upload a picture of two.

taking a little picture while auntie april is buying the icecream. thanks ah hehe

dont misunderstand, thanks for helping us buy, not for belanja-ing us, coz she didnt! totalled up to RM40+ though >___< but 4 people sharing so its ok i guess? once a while that i think about it we've had so many "once a while lah.." times that it ends up being something that happens quite often. this usually involves eating at expensive places! ok, cannot ady! must. be. strict. must. be. disciplined. must. be. frugal.

with zoe :D
we got 2 pints, 4 flavours. rum&raisins, worldclass chocolate, caramel crunch stmg and choc trilogy, if i remember correctly. they were GOOD OMG AWESOMENESS!

its like we took off the lids and the heavens smiled at us. such goopy-ness and sweetmelting-ness that just slides on the tongue. i think the fact that its all gooped together into a pint, just begging to be dugged in by several spoons and savoured mouthful by mouthful, irresistable. mmm orgasmic~

i think i have found a little bit of happiness that i've never experienced before. sharing icecream just one (or two, wouldn't hurt hehe) pint, a few good company, and lots of "mmm"s and "ahhh"s. absolutely delightful.

ok fine i admit, it was worth the wait hehe.

ice cream cake wasnt so good though, just so-so. not something i'd look forward too but i wouldnt mind eating it if i didnt have to pay for it. 'nah mean?

looks damn good though. but you know what they say about looks right? bloody deceiving.

after that, plans for a movie didnt work out so off to tesco then, to do some restocking on my usual junks :D so
ngam met with some coursemates as well! i feel its amazing that within this one month that im here, im able to recognise so many people already. go pasar malam, gurney plaza, tesco etc also can meet people that i know! (whether i remember their names or not is a whole other matter though =p)

real men use environmentally friendly bags!
thanks james for carrying all our stuff back for us! we're eternally grateful (recognize this quote?) ok i cannot be a hypocrite and say im all for the environment. i must confess that the main reason i got the green bag from Forever21 was because of its prettiness. i must show you sometime. its says : dream green. i like!

(hey at least
i admit my moments of superficiality)

not to say that i dont entirely NOT care for the environment. just that it slips my mind sometimes. like when i got it. i actually asked (ok not asked
asked lah they asked me and i said yes i wanted one) for a plastic bag when buying the dont-use-plactic-bag-anymore bag. how ironic. WTH.

i have learnt my lesson. i shall try to be more environmentally friendly from now on. university apex what, mesti lestari hor. hey, i reminded myself and april to bring that bag that night you know *bangga hahahah but seriously though, im trying. wouldn't want to disappoint our mini-environmentalist-in-the-making now would we? =p

oh i forgot, we had a little junkfood party after tesco hehe
of sotong balls and crabsticks and other junks. thanks auntieeeee! :D

and since we're already in the topic of good food, let me tell you what we did last night hehe jerwin brought us out for dinner, batu feringghi and coffee island yays! thank youuuuu! after being reminded of the existence of pasta a few days/weeks ago by zoe, i've been wanting it and last night seemed like a good opportunity!

(gosh i still miss mom's spaghetti though T_______T)

we went to a restaurant in egate, el...something. crap i forgot!

i look crappy here but whatever~ lalala~

the 3 of us shared a pizza margarita and a salmon something pasta. i had a vanilla milkshake mmm~ i seem to choose vanilla milkshake at whatever restaurant we go to. love vanilla hehe but cannot tanding with starbucks punya vanilla blended :D

pizza margarita. simple and good. cheese, tomato, greenthingamajig. yummeh~
it matches that table! and later at coffee island it matches the chairs pulak hahahahah!
it tried to be nice earlier that night though. tried. earlier. =p

ohh salmon! ohh pasta!

a pretty good choice, i have to say hehe then then then, i bought DVDs wheeee~ 2nd season of GossipGirl at RM24, bride wars and a mighty heart at RM4 EACH! if i had more cash i'd get more. i was down to my last RM1. FML.

then so confidently ordered a caramel hot chocolate drink while at coffee island somemore. only to realise that i have no money boohoo so had to hutang jerwin first lah. RM6.50 (including tax). i remember. it was so damn good though! really! its a really nice place one day everyone must go there and camwhore! MUSTTT!