Saturday, August 22, 2009

ハチこう ものがたり~

something new i just discovered, thanks to jerwin!

no, not this hachiko ♥

at first i thought oh noes its one of those sacred japanese things that have been bastardised by those hollywood people (like ju-on. but wait a minute ju-on's not sacred wtf ok i take that sacred thing back im prejudiced like that wtf am rambling, stop me wtf) but after watching it twice (am peculiar like that wtf), it doesnt seem like it! in fact, it seems pretty good! as in, berkualiti, not all glossed/sugared over.

its amat menyentuh perasaan!

i think zoe will be interested in this hahah so randomly thought of her. oh this is wrong, i cant be associating her with dogs! ok thats even wronger, to think that its wrong to be associating her with dogs.
whats wrong with dogs! how many years have i yearned for a little dog as a pet. only to have that motion rejected for mummy doesnt like pets oh no she doesnt. pet. cjpet. hahahah! what on earth am i rambling.

oh its after midnight, no wonder.

owl. active at night.
thats my motto wtf

now can any of you guess the source of the "active at night" quote? i doubt it huh. useless. ok i just called you guys useless wtf. sowiex wtf. this is weird. i didnt have any sugar just now. oh wait i did. ice cream with raspberry jelly. kekeke. mucho loves. here's proof:


(wah damn far i terpesong-ed!)

richard gere's in it! (and he pronounces "hachi" funny =_=") oh and in case you're wondering, the song (wasurenaiyo: meaning will not forget or something like that) is sang by Thelma Aoyama!! yes the same person who sang sobaniirune! i like that song, and the words she uses are usually very easy to understand wan! not like ali project *membebel sorang2* but i doubt you know what im talking about sigh why oh why. anyways yah i was excited about that la, just so you know. just so you know...*voice trails off*

another thing you should know about me, i command you to read this wtf i cant believe i've never heard of this before, not even a single news! i mean, its a BIG thing. like, the story of hachiko made into a movie! how cool is that!

owkay except that its not a japanese movie. its in english. or something like that. with richard gere. but definitely not japanese. am abit unpleased about this little fact in fact. but it still looks good. I WANT TO WATCH It! there, i've said it. now take me to your leader it!

wow i cant believe i wrote so much about a freaking TRAILER. haha are you scared what i'd write if i'd watched the whole movie? oh? you didnt know i am only talking about the trailer and have yet to watch it actual movie? HAHA.

here, another picture of another version of hachiko
(if you know what i mean *wink*) before i end your misery and show you mercy.

gawd i miss NANA

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