Friday, August 28, 2009

i ♥ kuantan!

i am now in penang. oh the one-week holiday did wonders! i admit, the past few weeks werent that great for me, i was feeling rather down. its not that i hate my life here (the first few weeks were, in fact, awesome) its just that after all the excitement losses its well, excitement and everything settled down, things just seemed rather gloomy. i have no idea...

ok i lied, i so know but as if im going to tell. HAHA!

anyways, this is not a story of falling down.

its a story of food wtf.

i first went to kl for a couple of days, then back to kuantan then back to kl again then only landed in penang. in kl, i had a chance to meet up with some of the Leftovers! (more about that later, pictures still in my camera hehe) :D


whee was supposed to attend the reached home to discover a little anugerah from the sab school for good scores in stpm! hahahah who would ever believe it huh hehe i was supposed to attend the hari anugerah cemerlang to receive it but as if imma go back all the way from penang to get it personally! so papa got it for me instead keke so happy! *brags


prior to going home, i had so many food cravings! ironic, isnt it, being in penang the supposedly Food Heaven yet craving for this and that. and its not only me, the others also had food cravings! min fan gou lah (apparently klang people call it mi hun ke hehe), pasta lahlah
(oh mami's!), pork lah, bak kut teh lah, dim sum lah etc etc etc.

i had an awesome time makan-ing here and there with itu tankinleong! we even went and watched UP, such a good animation, heartbreaking during certain parts T_T

here's the food i had been craving for and finally got it!

cheesy wedges omg smothered in cheese, this one! ok tau la luar pintu usm got kfc but kemalasan hehe go drive-thru better! had them twice, both times with the kfc-king tkl :D

vanilla icecream with raspberry jelly, as mentioned in last post.jelly from perth-era wtf luckily still not yet expired! in powder form lah originally,not in jelly form lah hahah i made it myself *bangga


with ee mai shuet, as usual =) i had it twice, two mornings in a row. oh such happiness!
on the first morning, i was sitting the outside table there and that leeboon just walked past, without acknowledging my existence wth so blur hahahahah!

midnight cendol!! had been craving for it since convex, where they were selling cendol and auntie dont let me buy coz i had a cough hahah but NOT ANYMORE WHEEEE~ right after this, we went straight for....

GP keropok!
with the usual milo ais, of course! but i was so excited i forgot to order my beloved yam ice cream boohoo T_T and and and! RIGHT AFTER THIS, we went for...

gelora karipap!!
yummyness! had to wait quite awhile though but we had patience hehe went to the squash court punya beach there to makan and enjoy the scenery~

some things i did not take pictures of though. like mami's spaghetti omg love! oh i also had so much chocolate i could just die a happy girl wtf i single-handedly finished a quarter of a large box of my favourite After Eights (from yeemah's trip back) and half a dozen of Ferrero Rocher
imported chocolates rock! and back in kl i had loads of those cadbury bournville dark chocolates coz pongpongboy got like 4 dozens of them free WTF

life is not just about simple pleasures, sometimes its about the luxurious pleasures as well heheh there was one day we went to starbucks (where we got spotted by gossipguy wtf) and instead of my usual vanilla cream blended, i took a risk and went with a caramel hot chocolate instead (coz you know how freaking cold ECM is). OMG WORTH EVERY CENT! such caramelly sweetness!

this is my new favourite for cold days!

sat there for a couple hours to supposedly do assignment and study but once i opened facebook there's no turning back wtf why am i so lacking in self-discipline T_T in the end of that day i accomplished nothing except for discovering a new favourite drink T_T

ohh padini had a sale! :D
no i didnt get this despite only costing RM9!

instead i got a white cardi and a black racerback top. RM29 for the former and RM9 for the latter. so you see why i did not get this. sigh. wait lah next sale, they always have these kind of tops on sale. mami bought them for me, suprisingly!

gosh i had such a good time back home! too bad the rest weren't back in kuantan or else we could have had such a crazyyy time! having tkl for company for most of the time isnt that bad though, not bad at all *pats* :D

OH OH OHH i forgot! we went to somewhere nice that i've never been before! will tell later coz will upload pics only later hehe

ps: i cursed like nobody's business =p

i kuantan!

cant wait for raya holidays when EVERYBODY will be back in kuantan! miss you guys mucho! mwahhh!

especially this little diva :D

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