Monday, August 3, 2009

sikap keterbukaan.

oh how i wish people would be more matured in dealing with other people.

i watch those tv series with envy at how the characters can communicate with each other with such openness, honestly, sincerity and straighforwardness about their feelings.

that no matter how flawed or superficial somebody may be, given the right situation, they could just let down their guards, to hell with their pride, to say what they need the other person to listen to. to get their message across. to let that person know what they feel, to which the other person will response in a similiar way: open and frank about their feelings.

positive or negative, it doesnt really matter. just deal with it in a open way. talk about it for goodness sake. be sensitive to others' feelings.

i also really envy the fact that they notice their every action affect other people in their lives as well. they realise its not just about one person. people's lives are connected. this means that their every action, word or gesture will, one way or another, affect others. and they take full responsibility for it. that, i admire.

gosh. pride. such a horrid thing.

its no wonder people love watching those dramas. they show them us what the ideal world would be like.


  1. wow, sangat pelik post (dont know how to say in malay :P) tang berbahasa melayu. XP

  2. hahahahah! biasakan lah diri wahai kawanku elly =p