Tuesday, August 11, 2009

monsoon history

ok so i realized that i cant possible blog about all the 60+ pictures i've uploaded quite a while ago at once. its impossible. the mood changes so quickly! so imma extract some here and there into seperate posts. less pressure.

like this!

random picture with amin the budak glamor, when he merajuks damn cute :D


no classes today due to convocation! :D

so we had a breakfast gathering today. baked beans, bread, milo, crackers and banana cakes. a perfect breakfast compared to the usual non-existent one hehe a gloomy day though, today is. so weird i noticed that these days i tend to say the subject of a sentence first then only followed by the other compulsary words in a proper sentence. like the gloomy day sentence. awkward.

whatever. music plays. ish happy. happyhappyhappyhappyhappy *chantsdeterminedly*

vintage bulgaria
oh good old red hair days~

did i tell you about the dinner we had there? i know i mms-ed some of you though hehe it was a little after orientation week and we were starved for good food and outings =p plus, we wanted to pay jerwin a little visit, coz he works there. i've never even heard of bulgarian food before so yays tried something new!

bulgaria bvlgari bulgaria bvlgari. tongue twister of the year award.

the. food. was. awesome.

ribs = ♥

i had them ribs, vanilla milkshake and a little salad. all uber yummeh! hehe faster come penang la you people and i'll take you there.

(say until so confident, as if i even know the way there.)

last night was allegedly the night of the meteor shower! me and waiwai went outside to look around for it only to see absolutely nothing T_____T waited till like 3.15AM then got too hungry, balik bilik makan teehee

ps: eh my blog very boring dy hor =((((( the last interesting one was the baskinrobbins one =((( ages ago =((((

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