Tuesday, August 11, 2009


another new post. another gazillion started, uploaded, but unfinished and incomplete post.

sometimes i wish i could get out of my body and give myself a good scolding. i wonder if this is normal. being pissed at yourself and wanting to give yourself a really good scolding. i so deserve one. or maybe a couple.

this is not emo, you havent seen emo.

boohoo ran out of nutella.
they're so terribly espensive though, them bastards.

hair is ridiculously long. to cut or not to cut, that is the age-old question. im bored with it but i like the lengh too. no more using hairband to tie up my hair. and it looks great when its all wavy. but when it isnt it looks like...well, fuck. quantity still the same, probably a little less but definitely not getting any more. sigh such is life.

i sigh alot these day. i thought i've gotten over those day-dreaming days but well, guess not.


sick. ish. no fever, luckily! but tired. slept for 13 hours last night. woke up with massive headache. it still aches like crazy whenever i cough >__< still tired. berry berry tired.

here, to whet your appetite, you picture-hungry people =p
it is of those sparkling ribena days. i went mad knowing that it is sold here. the first time i had them was in perth, right after church. what was that place called again? damn i forgot. that road. with the malaysian food. and panda cafe. ah. whatever.

anyways the few of us went crazy over this sugar-filled-liquid for a while. thank goodness the phase is over though hahahah it is quite expensive, as is everything happy-inducing here.

tonight. imma step out of my comfort zone. wish me luck!

cant wait to go back kl/kuantannnnn! :D

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