Tuesday, August 18, 2009

original date-to-post: 26th JULY.

so you can see how outdated this is hahahah and im only posting up like a quarter of the original post! its that long/cheong hei!

in no particular order at all. im
that lazy.

oh gosh i sense a rather melancholy/couldnt-care-less/fuck-the-world post, this one.

have i introduced my roommate? i dont remember =_=" but in case i havent, here she is! a very pretty and super photogenic girl sigh i think i've said that before huh? oh well. this pic was taken in gurney. my one and only time i had chinese hawker food in penang wtf. i simply cant recall any other times. i know i've been to super tanker many times but i have never once eat there before hahah anyways this was taken like 3 weeks ago? ah i have stopped counting the days i've been here. gosh i sound so sad/depressed. am not.

hoho hair look fab here

but i effing lost that top! fuck the bitch who stole it i hope you burn in hell. i must praise her for the good taste though WTF am i oozing sarcasm or what. moving on. pic below was taken just a couple weeks ago. friday! yes, it was right after communication class (whatever the code is), while waiting for uncle and tornado to pick us up to shop at tesco for the steamboat stuff!

awesome lighting hor auntie :D
screw the rule about collared tees, long pants and shoes only. most people wear round/v-neck tees, knee-lengh shorts and sandals to classes anyways. i even saw one girl who wore those kinda shorts that pao always wear that one. nah, actually depends on the lecturer also. my translation lecturer is particularly strict. but actually i dont really mind collared tees. i like them. they look smart and preppy. i particularly like my electric-blue one in the picture below. gosh i was so fair back then T_______T WAS. you wont believe how dark i am now, from all the walking. FML.

good darkhair/fair skintone days sigh

this was the day that sealed the deal wtf OH WAIT NO! this is the 2nd time! sorry sorry terpesong hahah what i meant is, the first time we all hung out together and got closer as a group. it was by the lake too, listening to them play and sing. it was then that Prettiest Friend was introduced to us. go find it on youtube, by jason mraz. its good, i tell you. its so good april asks for it everytime the guitar is brought out. ah but those were the good old days of nothing-to-do-ness. below is jerwin's revenge cis.

ok fine so i started it first. and yes i totally deserved it sigh. sucks being a good person wtf

top-left: april's signature pose hahahah i have tons of pics of her in similiar poses!
top-right: see all the leaves stuck in my hair THANK YOU JERWIN
bottom-right: heheeee *buat muka innocent
bottom-left: if only this pic is big enough for you to see what waiwai is doing behind hahahah! its been awhile since we gathered like that huh.

we were camwhoring like nobody's business (50+ pics wtf) when silly uncle knocked his teeth on his precious guitar hahahhahaha OLD. btw my hair has faded into this hay-like colour T_______T dah lah damn long, need to cut dy! but who do i trust with my hair?? kuantan oh kuantan~ ok must find meifong's that good friend ady when balik kuantan!

laughing at uncle's suffering/silliness =p
huge-ass signboard! see how tall i am hehe the day that we so rajin walked to the OTHER end of usm, to try try the chinese food at red house there. i suppose this is one of the first things i saw when entering into usm that fateful day sigh. ok enough sighs must put a stop to that.
omg this is very funny! the other day we were going somewhere (i forgot where, dont ask, pretend you did not notice) in the bus but it was sooooo damn packed! like a bunch or sardines. smeeelly ones too, some of them, if you know what i mean. these two hardly have space to stand so they did the next rational thing to do: sit next to the bus driver! dgn selambenya diaorg duk je kt sana cam umah sendri plak dh. dh lah buat bising x henti2, diaorg ni. tsk tsk tsk =p
random camwhore day, pre-april's-espanol-class. the bottom 2 picture damnnnn farnee omg we took loads of pics that day!

ok thats all for now! loads more left. we'll see whether im in the mood to post it up or not hehe. probably not. am unpredictable like that wtf

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