Friday, August 28, 2009

resident evil.

to all the moronic fuckers of aman damai residence usm penang,

you idiots you. do you not know the concept of a toilet flush? let me enlighten you, its quite simple really. so simple in fact that anyone with a quarter of a brain could accomplish it. however, your actions, or the lack of it, has proven that you do not own even a quarter of a brain. you poor thing you. nevermind, i shall educate you instead.

flush. its a device people use to make their poopoo and peepee go way forever into the faraway land of Poopee. all you have to do is pull that little chain hanging around the container thing. if you do that, the next person who uses the toilet will love you for it. trust me. i mean, you do want to be loved, dont you, however much of a dumbass you are? yes, you do.

now dont go giving excuses that the person before you just flushed therefore you couldnt flush. here's the thing, the toilets here, they are able to generate a full flush even right after a flush. yes, i tested it myself after you imcompetent morons did not bother to test it. even so, here's a thought: why dont you just turn on the pipe water on full blast towards the toiletbowl? yah, didnt thought of that did you? no worries, its alright. common sense is not so common after all huh.

with that chapter done,thank goodness, lets now talk about the issue with the cats.

these cats around usm, they're STRAY. it means they wander around without a home, getting themselves dirty and infected with parasites (HAHA) and all sorts of nasty diseases. therefore touching them and luring them into the hostel is a fucking nasty thing to do!

here's the thing. if you want to feed them cats, you have to be responsible towards them. not simply leave food around the floor in the hall and call it a day. you think you're being oh-so-compassionate and loving towards these poor creatures but the truth is, you couldnt be even more deluded.

does not gain you good karma or whatever your purposes are!

its fucking dirtying the place! you think its so fun for others to step into the hall to find scrapes of food everyfuckingwhere and the stench (and not to mention SIGHT) of cat pee and poop? you fuckwitted deluded morons you. if you really want to prove to people how kind you are, take them cats in as your pet. keep them under your care. keep them in your room. neuter/spay them. play with them. take good care of them. feed them consistently and for goodness' sake potty-train them!

(ok i think potty-train is the wrong phrase for cats =_=" i dont recall the correct term for it but i'll let you know. heh its not like you dumbwits will even notice it if i didnt mention it now right?)

point is, loving animals dont simply consist of petting them and feeding them whenever the hell you like it. loving animals means taking care of them on every aspect. so stop pretending you love these animals and stop indulging them! these cats are doing whatever they please, pooping and peeing everywhere because you keep feeding them! you want to feed them you clean up after them lah bloody hell. such idiots i have never seen before.

ok this is not even 100% my experience, its from the tragic tale of a mini friend. but you morons from my block do the same too dont you? i know you do. brown papers with scrapes of food on the floor. traces of food here and there. urgh gross. seriously, go grow a brain or something.

ok next topic. you foolish people who wash things in the toilet, what the hell is that! you dont fucking wash oily cutleries and pots and pans in the freaking toilet washbasins! i dont care if its Curry Night or if the pantry is too far, just dont wash them in the toilets! in case it didnt cross your mind, these washbasins in the toilet are actually meant for face-washing, teeth-brushing and after-toilet-hand-washing (which i doubt you do anyways, considering your lack of both brain matter and common sense) needs. suprised much? didnt thought of that earlier did you now?

so the moral is, go buy (or better yet, grow. saves money wtf.) some brains and common sense. i hear they dont come in the same package anymore. no more buy 1 free 1. too bad, isnt it.

sincerely from the bottom of my heart,


ok end of rant. if you get offended by this, by all means go ahead and be offended. its not my problem. like how you are being inconsiderate, well so am i. if you're not the target of this post and you get offended then you just categorised yourself as a moronic fucker along with the rest o
f them. good luck with that.

gawd i could be so mean sometimes! well, they deserved it, them dumbwits.

ps: are you kidding me, i love cats!
just not dirty disease-infested ones that pees everywhere.

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