Sunday, August 2, 2009

rum&raisin iz ♥

wahai pelajar2 usm penang, tolonglah jangan pergi ke baskin robbins pada setiap 31st kerana saya tidak sanggup menunggu begitu lama lagi. tolonglah.

cuba anda tengok crowd ini.siap kena ambil nombor lagi. cuba anda spot makcik april.

maafkan jika bahasa saya sucks dan diinterrupted perkataan-perkataan inggeris yang random kerana otak saya lembab memtraslatenya ke bahasa malaysia. mampuslah, dahlah ambil course translasi.


ok enough nonsense. i am currently sitting in roti bakar, with da gang, for dinner. but of course the true motive here is to get speedy interent connection and upload a picture of two.

taking a little picture while auntie april is buying the icecream. thanks ah hehe

dont misunderstand, thanks for helping us buy, not for belanja-ing us, coz she didnt! totalled up to RM40+ though >___< but 4 people sharing so its ok i guess? once a while that i think about it we've had so many "once a while lah.." times that it ends up being something that happens quite often. this usually involves eating at expensive places! ok, cannot ady! must. be. strict. must. be. disciplined. must. be. frugal.

with zoe :D
we got 2 pints, 4 flavours. rum&raisins, worldclass chocolate, caramel crunch stmg and choc trilogy, if i remember correctly. they were GOOD OMG AWESOMENESS!

its like we took off the lids and the heavens smiled at us. such goopy-ness and sweetmelting-ness that just slides on the tongue. i think the fact that its all gooped together into a pint, just begging to be dugged in by several spoons and savoured mouthful by mouthful, irresistable. mmm orgasmic~

i think i have found a little bit of happiness that i've never experienced before. sharing icecream just one (or two, wouldn't hurt hehe) pint, a few good company, and lots of "mmm"s and "ahhh"s. absolutely delightful.

ok fine i admit, it was worth the wait hehe.

ice cream cake wasnt so good though, just so-so. not something i'd look forward too but i wouldnt mind eating it if i didnt have to pay for it. 'nah mean?

looks damn good though. but you know what they say about looks right? bloody deceiving.

after that, plans for a movie didnt work out so off to tesco then, to do some restocking on my usual junks :D so
ngam met with some coursemates as well! i feel its amazing that within this one month that im here, im able to recognise so many people already. go pasar malam, gurney plaza, tesco etc also can meet people that i know! (whether i remember their names or not is a whole other matter though =p)

real men use environmentally friendly bags!
thanks james for carrying all our stuff back for us! we're eternally grateful (recognize this quote?) ok i cannot be a hypocrite and say im all for the environment. i must confess that the main reason i got the green bag from Forever21 was because of its prettiness. i must show you sometime. its says : dream green. i like!

(hey at least
i admit my moments of superficiality)

not to say that i dont entirely NOT care for the environment. just that it slips my mind sometimes. like when i got it. i actually asked (ok not asked
asked lah they asked me and i said yes i wanted one) for a plastic bag when buying the dont-use-plactic-bag-anymore bag. how ironic. WTH.

i have learnt my lesson. i shall try to be more environmentally friendly from now on. university apex what, mesti lestari hor. hey, i reminded myself and april to bring that bag that night you know *bangga hahahah but seriously though, im trying. wouldn't want to disappoint our mini-environmentalist-in-the-making now would we? =p

oh i forgot, we had a little junkfood party after tesco hehe
of sotong balls and crabsticks and other junks. thanks auntieeeee! :D

and since we're already in the topic of good food, let me tell you what we did last night hehe jerwin brought us out for dinner, batu feringghi and coffee island yays! thank youuuuu! after being reminded of the existence of pasta a few days/weeks ago by zoe, i've been wanting it and last night seemed like a good opportunity!

(gosh i still miss mom's spaghetti though T_______T)

we went to a restaurant in egate, el...something. crap i forgot!

i look crappy here but whatever~ lalala~

the 3 of us shared a pizza margarita and a salmon something pasta. i had a vanilla milkshake mmm~ i seem to choose vanilla milkshake at whatever restaurant we go to. love vanilla hehe but cannot tanding with starbucks punya vanilla blended :D

pizza margarita. simple and good. cheese, tomato, greenthingamajig. yummeh~
it matches that table! and later at coffee island it matches the chairs pulak hahahahah!
it tried to be nice earlier that night though. tried. earlier. =p

ohh salmon! ohh pasta!

a pretty good choice, i have to say hehe then then then, i bought DVDs wheeee~ 2nd season of GossipGirl at RM24, bride wars and a mighty heart at RM4 EACH! if i had more cash i'd get more. i was down to my last RM1. FML.

then so confidently ordered a caramel hot chocolate drink while at coffee island somemore. only to realise that i have no money boohoo so had to hutang jerwin first lah. RM6.50 (including tax). i remember. it was so damn good though! really! its a really nice place one day everyone must go there and camwhore! MUSTTT!


  1. how dare u all camwhore without meeee in baskin robbinss!

    hey i like the part u campur bm & english omg damn funny haha proven old this silly auntie!

  2. the temptation of the icecream was too much for the camera to fight it >_<

    hahahaha glad u like it, moments of insanity, NOT oldness! auntieeeee! butt pain ady anot hehehe