Thursday, September 3, 2009


pantomine competition. a month ago. formed a group. not me, sami.

trying on their costume & acting silly teehee *high-pitched giggles wtf

our pantomine group plus minus one or two :D
guess what is my character! hint: wings ~
interaction day!

all the noisy talkative crazy camwhores of masscomm :D
spot the sleeping buddha ;p

poor little sick Beng turned active when a camera was in range hehe

spot the little child that is beng ;p

(grrr reminds me of my lost cardigan boohoo yah the one ahbeng is wearing! T_T)

everybuddy meet ahbeng, munchy, wakilrakyat and UK!
auntie april is already a familiar face therefore needs no mentioning hmph

everybuddy, meet lanci.

our target for bully heh heh heh

auntie & i: eh lanci, come sit here lah.
lanci: duwan!
auntie & i: why??
lanci: scared.

note: details later! no time no mood no time no goodinternet no time! T_T

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