Thursday, August 27, 2009

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

ah today is a pretty good day, for i am feeling very semangat!

something borrowed~

as opposed to all the "overdue flashbacks" in my past posts, today i shall talk of the present. well, not exactly present
present but present enough to be called present. geddit?

actually hor...

i have a test tomorrow morning at 8AM.


and as usual i come here to escape the reality of it. notice how many blog posts i have during those supposedly stressful time such as STPM-month (a whopping 12 posts
wtf) compared to the nothing-to-do periods of my life (3 miserable posts wtf) . having er studied for like 30 minutes in the library just a few hours ago (looking for notes and photocopying them already took like 1hour+!!) i somehow feel inclined to reward myself. and somehow the little reward turns into a full-blast unproductive online time >__<

bad, this is real bad. my self-control only lasts for like 12 hours and then it just dies. same goes for rajinness! a temporary, but occasionally recurring disease.

but enough about me, how was your day?

hah as if.

so here's the something new: today me and auntie (who so ver
y kindly insisted to teman me :D) went to the bus terminal to get the raya holidays bus tickets. yes, bus this time coz plane tickets are double-almost triple the price we got for the previous hols boohoo but fear not for we are taking aeroline hehe supposedly luxury coach bus thing wheeee~

then then then!

we decided on the spur of the moment to go to queensbay! :D

such joy! there, we had sushiiiii more joyness ohhh wasabi is awesome! thats not all, i even had....


something old and something new =p

walked around (Forever21
) and ohhh something really funny happened! auntie had to go adjust her watch lengh so we stopped at swatch where this (ENGLISH-SPEAKING WITH NO PELAT OMG!) guy came to layan her la. he then needed his colleague's help with rescrewing back the er metal part (can you see where this is heading hahah!) and at that moment, i blurted something so simple yet so incredibly wrong HAHAHHAHA!

i said, "oh must screw together wan ah?"


(ok fine i admit, i forgot the exact sentence but i just asked auntie and she told me that this is what i said hehe)

i think it would have been harmless if i myself didnt realise the implied message of my words and laughed my ass off right in front of them hahahahaha! then auntie also laugh omg i didnt really (dare to) look at them so i didnt know their reaction hahah but i could so tell they were amused!

hence the title of the blog wtf something blue.

that shop plays good music, by the way. totally random sorry its not often that we get to go into a shop that plays good (oh to quote meanie: "jengjengjeng") english songs and have people there that speaks proper english and are friendly. serious!

ok my shoulder-back aches now so off i go. crap tomorrow got test. first semester ny hor, wont die wan hor? =p

you can take the girl out of sabs but you'll never take the sabs out of the girl.

something blue wtf

its all sabs syndrome: skipping classes, going into classes late, last minute studying (only on the important exams) , copying homework (ok i have not done that here!), copying other things (that i shall not mention here in case someone googles me wtf), extended break-times, going out in the middle of the class, makan in class, textmessaging in class (oh dont pretend you dont do that =p but i have never done that lor!) and all the other things you sabs knows so well. DAMN I MISS SABS.

cant believe i just said that but its true!

ps to mah usm peeps (if anyone at all T_T): sabs is my secondary/high school :D notorious for their not-so-examplary-student-behaviour-but-still-can-score-in-exams wtf

ps to the Leftovers: tankinleong doesnt count coz he got full attendance last year wth dont know where he come from wan duwan friend him

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