Saturday, August 29, 2009

'tis the season!

auntie and i would like to wish everybody a very merry christmas!!

all thanks to lanci who noted that auntie and i very matching yesterday, green and red. i was like, "huh, how on earth is it matching??" and he said, looks like christmas! red, green and white! :D smart also that lanci hahahah another comment from ahbeng (i think) is that auntie looks like she's representing PAS wtf coz she's wearing green and white HAHAHAHAHA!! so funny!

it has been a cold wet week here in penang. gloomy rainy days Y_Y (<- new version of T_T founded by paopao and me!) there was one day that i got like half-drenched coz i malas want to wait for our hostel bus so i took another one that stops near my hostel and walked back. just as i was approching my hostel the rain got super-heavy FML.

oh here's another fun theme to our camwhore moments: gangta lovin'

once again, everyone, have a merry christmas!

eliz navidad!

omg i love this picture its so pretty! ~♥


  1. oooo i love this post!! SO many me and auntiess! and it's so christmas-ish! yay! i muchas gracias y feliz navidad! cheers! i found u a name! tia! hahahahahhahahaha auntie in spanish with a stress on the letter 'i'! kakakaka

  2. huahua! so pretty! tang, btw, already put my blog on the line again. ;)

  3. dear, ur email please. i wanna invite you ;)

  4. auntie: yesss i love this post too! merry christmasss!! hehe tia like lia's friend like that wan T_T this auntie ah..

    elly: YESYESYES aku menang! hahahah thanksss darling aku peminat setia blog mu :D my email is