Monday, September 14, 2009

The 20s Club.

silly me, in the midst of all the birthday celebrations and an auntie-less week, i have forgotten about this post. what else but

it is not my norm to say that i enjoyed my birthday, as it has been for the past years. birthdays were a rather everyday-thing, having a simple dinner outside and thats it. with the exception of last year, of course but thats special case wtf so it is with utmost pleasure that i declare, i had a really good birthday this year! :D

started off with a midnight suprise at the cafe by The Gang, complete with a birthday cake and this strawberry tart i've been drooling at everytime we go to tesco hehe we didnt even cut the cake. just grab a fork and everybody dig in! exactly the way i like it

"dig in and get your hands dirty"

edited to minimize the crappiness of well, me wtf.

the next day it was all business and class as usual. we rented a car (or a sorry excuse for a car. it felt like it was going to fall apart anytime soon omg >__<) to have the freedom of going anywhere we liked and boy was it a rush to hold the steering wheel in my hands. power steering or no power steering, driving is driving. damn i love driving. damn i miss my car boohoo. the first thing we did after class with the car is went shopping at tesco wtf

the rest were busy so it was me, auntie, mini, pinky and candee.

kekeke who can resist the lure of the camera

CAIN + DEE = CANDY!(mini was dozing off/resting behind so er dont dare stalk her hehe)

first stop: Toy Museum

am i wholesome or what hahahah i bet you guys are like, "wha...t?" but yes, we went to the toy museum! i suggested it somemore hehe suprised? hal ini demikian kerana (chewah bahasa esei pulak dah) munchy & UK mentioned that they really enjoyed it last time so yah we decided to check it out.

ok this one cheat one, we took it AFTER we went in hehe

can you see me? the one with the white skirt. YES SKIRT. it was actually rather far from usm, almost an hour with the rush hour jam and all, situated right in front of the hotel whose name starts with a C and er rather difficult to pronounce. oh and it was right opposite jerwin's restaurant,
vintage bulgaria!

the first look - i'll have to admit, it does look rather dodgy and creepy doesnt it hahahah!
but its not! because oh lookie, captain jack sparrow! :D
comparing heights hahah damn cute these 2 lovebirds
no idea who she is. but she's got big boobs so.
the white people
with er cloppy and mike wtf ok i just made that up, i tak pernah watch monsters inc so saya tak tau nama diaorg WHY DO I KEEP WRITING IN BM, SO ROJAK AND CONFUSING BUT IT JUST NATURALLY CAME OUT!

more pirates of the carribean goodness :D

one of the best sections in the toy museum, the barbie section!
meticulously taken for the benefit of Barbie Collector Arti :D
so pretty T__Tnot an easy job, considering how they're all packed into one shelf like that. but some are so breathtakingly pretty and elegant~

oh this. right. we're on friendly terms like that.

oh check out the toilet! very cool.
imagine being trapped in there during a blackout and looking at this! dolls like this creep me out >__<
they even have a special section with a warning included, for the creepy/scary/gory/gross toys. like this Clan of Chucky.
but they tend to be very random sometimes. death note toys were in that particular section, goodness knows why.
i actually took like a gazillion pictures in that section but siao ah wanna post it all up i have used up 80% ok! means i have about 6 months of blogging here left oh noes. must. save.

oh oh oh pictures of my favourite part of the museum! no contest at all. you guys know how much i love love love it.


Boys and girls of every age
wouldn't you like to see something strange?our man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch
everyone hail to the Pumpkin King now
the corpse bride. wasnt as good as TNBC but it was very aesthetically pleasing.

tim burton is pure genius. super excited for his version of alice in wonderland! tim burton + johnny depp is utter magic ~♥

mars attack omg can anybody remember this?? it was just so bizarre. i just recently found out its by timburton too. oddness hahah!
look, they have new ones as well: gollum, chucky, stictch and wall-e.saje berposing tgh2 muzium ;p
kindly taken by the er jaga of the museum hehe

it was getting late by the time we finished so we went straight to gurney plaza for japanese food oh joy :D i had sukiyaki, and they thought it was rather peculiar-tasting hahahah! sit sit makan makan cakap cakap. it was pinky's first time having japanese omg poor boy he was on blur-mode, how amusing hehe thankyouguys!

LEPAS TU (yes cerita tak habishabis lagi), off to egate for yc at starbucks. the recovering h1n1-er jerwin joined us and what an amusing boy he is, as mentioned in this post along with my appreciation to everyone hahahah i didnt had any though coz i was just too full >__<

even before we were at egate, aya and the rest were already calling me to the aman cafe. they said they have something waiting for me hehe so we quickly went back to usm after egate and tadaa, they got a cake for me and everything T_____T

love you guys!

it was so funny, they all suddenly sang for intan too and she was super confused! apparently, ahbeng got confused with the date and thought her birthday was 3rd september when it was actually 3rd november! HAHAHAHAHA! little cute ball of confusion, we called him. aya dengan cutenyer made bread and butter for all of us, using almost 2 long loaves of bread! ah it was jolly~

oh our new friend, arja and there's sami being slutty wtf

a good good day filled with mucho loves :D

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