Wednesday, September 9, 2009

you kata you keluar pergi dinner ~♫

oho had ikan bakar for dinner

at er cgate wtf first there's egate then now ada pulak cgate. whats next, fgate?

anyways as i was hanging around in the room enjoying my free time, ahbeng called up and ask wanna buka puasa with him at tesco or something?

(actually zoe called first (i was at the bathroom sorry >_<) and said they're going to mcds for dinner but i was broke so i declined T_T)

tesco seemed cheap so i followed je lah kekekejust as we were nearing the entrance/exit, saw weiliek & her bf, ben so we ajak them to hop in! but we had no idea where we were going for dinner pun hahahahah in the end ben suggested cgate for seafood.

i had pari bakar,
it wuz yummeh!

zee avi's kantoi is stuck in my head now! turns out, the 3 of them like that song too! whee!

OH OH OH! ahbeng finally passed me the pineapple tarts that lanci brought for us from malacca after the holidays! thanks lanci! too bad auntie is in australia hunting kangaroos, cannot shareshare T_T auntie, today i made it to the right classes myself, didnt get lost! :D

(no lah i cheated, followed huiyi to humancomtutorial and er skipped psycho teeheehee)

here are a few random RECENT pictures of my everyday life:

people sleeping in class! this ahbeng ah, for the past few days asyik sleep in class je! then everyone took pictures of him wahahhaha even the people sitting way in front! see, all different clothes=different days. oh but 2nd picture aku join skali lah :D

was frisking around in forever21 queensbay and i must say, damn i love F21!
pic #1: glamourous datin in beach-holiday mode wtf
pic #2: harry potter wannabe. eh i like the harrypotter glasses la. how??

below is what i want for my birthday. i dont care how you get it, who you are and whether you know me or not, JUST GET IT FOR ME!! *demands =p
effing NICE!

ini pun not bad! oh yah nice anot my lashes in the above picture?? :D
ini last saturday ak pi perangin & queensbay dgn itu sami. i think i looked pretty good that day (it doesnt happen often wtf) so i snapped a quick picture hehe kami shop kaukau ohohoho i bought 2 pairs of heels. total damage: RM30 sahaja!!
ni pula sebhgian dr almari ak yg telah ak decorate. i love the bottom left ad, the colours are so vibrant! and i bordered my fugly mirror with white and blue polka-dotted paper if there's one thing i cant stand, its ugliness. so im on a mission to prettisise my room!little interesting pictures with polka dotted paper again! thats my softboard and my er schedule.

er stole ahbeng's glasses and camwhored with them during interaction day hehe
oh ini pun curi brg org. tag nama ahbeng yg says: "part-time crook" damn cute,wore it the whole day ;p
our supply of snacks during a presentation discussion :D
randomly decided to go to perangin (penang's sg wang, complete with lalas and fake dvds) with auntie during a weekday to find a costume for the pantomine competition! we discovered a HongKong attire shop that is just so awesome and different from the other lala shops! i tried on this er top/dress, loved it but it costs RM79 wtf AS IF IMMA PAY SO MUCH FOR A PIECE OF SEWN-TOGETHER CLOTH.

oh today is 090909. i dont get it, whats the big deal? its only cool if its 060606 but thats not going to happen anytime soon is it now?

ok aku penat, esk ade presentation dan kelas kul 8AM Y_______Y hari yg pnjg tp xpe, lpas esk ialah FRIDAY!

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