Friday, September 25, 2009

Enchanted Garden + Sang Pengcinta

so im back in kuantan! raya hols for a week yays! everything feels so right here :D

let me post some pictures that is terribly outdated. so about a couple weeks ago, auntie had some theatre assignment-thing. damn fun ok their assignment is to watch something and write a report about it! dahlah classes in the afternoon cis not like my translation classes all in the morning *bitter

but theatre clashes with japanese so i chose japanese in the end. like, OBVIOUSLY. no contest man hahahhaha! anyways one of their theatre thingy was to go to this ballet performance by the elizabeth ballet school (or something like that), titled Our Enchanted Garden (not the most original title huh =p)

it was held in er somewhere in town. auntie and i went together with ciara and gang in two cars. but before that we had to wait for like AN HOUR OUTSIDE >__<
we totally made use of the time we had. productive arent we hehe

but due to some miscommunication, i had to pay like full price for it the tickets = RM30 T______T sigh bayar la jugak. takkan dress up nice nice go all the way there and not watch it meh T_____T

ini dewannya.all the other budak2 theatre/masscom were there as well. beng sami intan aya semua. and so we all started camwhoring before, during and after the show. typical. (not complaining though hehe)
thats pwetty ciara! so many random things in common with her hahah we have the same victoriassecret tee, vinccibracelet and tried on the same dress in F21 before! and we totally love the ISOS shop in perangin whoohoo must go shopping together next time ;p

the other girls: cherie natalia yi ling jik jane and er sorry i forgot her name >___<
everyone dressed up so prettily! i think its coz we rarely have any chance to dress up so took advantage of this event hahah this auntie needs no mentioning ;p
with dini aya and jacqueline! this was half-time hahah and we were scouting for better seats for clearer view.
crazyyy ahbeng!

i took LOADS of pictures and videos of the whole show but most of the pictures turned out blurry T_T ok so the storyline may be terribly cliche but the costume design and the choreographing (spelling btul x?) were
AWESOME. sparkly pretty costumes for every character, however small their part may be. gorgeous dances and tinkling music. the effort to put on a great show was definitely there. and it worked.

the usual good vs. evil story

i love the little kids characters costumes most. they were so cute! there were bumblebees, trees, faeries, rainbows, birds (that intan insists were chickens =_=") and others. every time they come out on stage we squeal in delight and aww-ed at their oozing cuteness. kecomelan yang teramat sangat!

there were a couple little girls sitting right behind us and all through the 2nd half part they were asking their parents so many questions. it would've been very annoying if they hadn't had such cute voices/faces and random innocent questions. but because they do, it was just annoying, though not the murderous kind hahahah!

the final bow~thats the what-i-assume-to-be-the-fairy-princess on the left, the bad guy in the middle and the sun goddess on the right.

oh lawd i have to mention the pengacara/emcee. he. was. so. fake! he was giving little bits of the introduction, story plot and all in such a fake cheesy tone of voice omg cannot tahan!! but it was very kind of them to be so considerate of the deaf that were there for the show. tadaa show ended. moving on to more camwhoring lalala~

the outsides are rather pretty~ theres even real peacocks around if i remember correctly.
then there's like a random hut in the middle of the pond @_@
fuh macam pageant je :D
auntie and i saw the 3 of them camwhoring there and we totally speed-walked towards them to memyibuk bersama hahahahha!
see the look on sami's face /wahaha



one fine day, sami decided to form a group of masscommers to join the upcoming pantomine competition. (but it wasnt all masscommers in the end coz we got uncle mini and pinky to join in as well!)

we had one week to prepare. oh sweet lawd im too bloody tired to finish this long-ass post.


usually in the middle of random places. like padang kawad. and kaki lima dewan.

suddenly auntie started teaching them chacha and then they all did the pocopoco =_=""
auntie iz headless.

just messing around and camwhoring the brialliant makeup artist whoohoo

the hasil kerja.
the whole group. well, pretty much.
love this picture!
amin being the glamour-boy hehe


can i die now?
i swear im never going to write about something i dont want to write about anymore!

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