Friday, September 4, 2009

a love note.

firstly, no, this is not what you think it is despite the implication the title might well, imply.

birthday was 2 days ago! ohhh it was awesome! i know how everything in usm here is very limited and all, yet everyone did the best to give me a good no, great, birthday! and a great birthday was what i had.

pictures and detailed events later, as there are aplenty. the most important for me now is to express my appreciation :D

in no particular order at all.

to auntie april,mini zoe, uncle bowie, waiwai, roommate (uncle's roommate yejuan but we just call "roommate" coz his name is hard to pronounce ;p) , pinkyjames and candee for buying the chocolate cake and strawberry tart that i've been oogling at ever since we set food into king's confectionary hehe and planning that suprise! XD

especially to auntie and mini for trying so hard to make it a great day for me! mini was so tired somemore poor girl *pats* thanks so much i really had an awesome day!

more to auntie, mini, pinky and caindee for renting a car and going out for a little celebration at night!

oh before i forget, to pinky and candee for finally making it official omg im so happy for you guys! ok you two. lets not give anymore gay vibe than those already given by you pinky! its irrelevant to my birthday but it happened on my birthday so im happy whee~

to ciara, wakilrakyatesther and gang for wishing me! :D

omg hahah to ahbengyapasraf who suddenly burst into tutorial class (LATE!) and gave me the biggest birthday hug right in front of the lecturer wtf :D

to womanizerlumae who called at midnight and quickly hang up as to not disturb my little "party" going on omg i feel so guilty you know i love you!

to paopaopao who called as well! ohh to 4ft9meiyan who called and er sang hariraya song hahahah damn cute. but dont tell her i said that. org tu senang kembang hidungnya =p

no to mainlanderzhenru and nigechamacharan for forgetting to wish until today wtf nemai, ZR will belanja medan feri nasi lemak and char will belanja v_dk_ whoohoo so mucho ♥ to them in the end kekeke

to mari-san too for remembering my birthday! :D ok i admit, i wrote it down on the planner hahahah but so did everyone! and she didnt wish just about anybody no she didnt but she wished me and i am glad hehe

to meaniejerwin who came to egate for yumcha eventhough he was sick (suspect H1N1) and randomly hands over an angpao as present hahahah i shall never forget that!

(no i did not take it and he did offered to buy a starbucks later but i paiseh hahahah yah. me. paiseh. people change wtf no lah i was too full from...later lah i tell!)

to gangsteraya, beng, samishafiq, intanwholoveskattunomgbuthydetoosoyays, dini, budakglamouramin and elezarrizal for waiting for me for SO LONG at the cafe to come back from egate hehe AND THEN got me a cheesecake, food and everything! aku sayang korang! :D

to mrsgodliyuen for trying to call calling all the way from korea but couldnt get through goodness-knows-why. i appreciate it so much! miss you also so much!

to all you guys (and girls to of course, its just a figure of speech) who posted a message on facebook (thank goodness for facebook hahahah!) and those texted me!

and thanks to everyone!

i dont usually celebrate my birthday so yah it was really nice of everyone of my friends in usm! eventhough we've only just known each other for like 2 months, its so thoughtful of you all to think of my feelings and do everything to make me happy on my birthday. appreciate it so much! i am more than flattered~ :D

i iz happi~

ps: you might want to remember the nicknames as i dont usually mention proper names here hehehe

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